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  1. 583 downloads
    osteele-ropenlaszlo (0.7.0) ROpenLaszlo is an interface to the OpenLaszlo compiler.
  2. 897 downloads
    ostend (0.0.2) This is a set of tools to help instantiating objects with a hash
  3. 100 downloads
    osth (1.0.0) How Harmoni runs Ost
  4. 183 downloads
    ost-job (0.0.1) Job base classes for Ost
  5. 367 downloads
    ostrica (0.1.2) Bayesian filtration
  6. 4,823 downloads
    ostrichpoll (0.0.5) Ostrichpoll is a tiny utility for monitoring Twitter Ostrich services. Effectively it can monitor...
  7. 4,923 downloads
    ostruct2 ( OStruct2 is a reimplementation of Ruby's standard ostruct.rb library. This new OpenStruct class a...
  8. 1,099 downloads
    ostructer (0.1) Lets you build open structs from nested hashes, arrays and strings.
  9. 7,447 downloads
    osub (0.0.7) This is a simple implementation of a subscriber in the PubSubHubbub protocol.
  10. 694 downloads
    osu-db (0.1.0) A tool to manipulate osu! beatmap and local scores database.
  11. 10,509 downloads
    osvt (1.8.0) Open Source Version Tracker
  12. 660 downloads
    osx-copy-tags (0.0.2) This gem copies the tags of name-matching files from one directory to another. Directories are gi...
  13. 999 downloads
    osx_dict (1.0.0) Dictionary maker for MacOSX
  14. 1,444 downloads
    osx_env (0.1.0) A gem that provides an easy way to write out a shell file and an environment.plist file with your...
  15. 416 downloads
    osx-free (0.0.1) Because OS X Doesn't have a `free` command
  16. 3,975 downloads
    osxhotkey (0.0.3) HotKey integration with Ruby/Cocoa
  17. 2,176 downloads
    osx_keychain (1.0.0) Provides API and a command line tool to Access the OS X Keychain. The command line tool isn't act...
  18. 1,560 downloads
    osx-plist (1.0.3) osx-plist is a Ruby library for manipulating Property Lists natively using the built-in support i...
  19. 1,347 downloads
    osx_provision (0.9.8) Library for building Mac OSX computer provisioning
  20. 380 downloads
    osx_ruby_dev_install (0.9.1) Library for building Mac OSX computer provisioning
  21. 6,988 downloads
    osxscreenshot (0.0.5) A Ruby wrapper around to easily and programmatically capture screenshots of website...
  22. 746 downloads
    osx-status-bar-app-template (0.0.1) A RubyMotion app template to quickly start a new OS X status bar app
  23. 1,895 downloads
    osxsub (0.1.2) Command line utility for OS X Text Substition Preferences.
  24. 1,078 downloads
    osxtrash (0.1.0) A class for interacting with Mac OS X's trash can. Based on original utility found in osx-trash gem.
  25. 5,413 downloads
    osx-trash (1.0.0) Manipulate the Mac OS X Finder's Trash using Scripting Bridge and RubyCocoa.
  26. 250 downloads
    osx-useradd (0.1.0) useradd is a pretty cool tool. Unfortunately, Apple didn't think so. This is an attempt to creat...
  27. 1,552 downloads
    osxwarranty (0.0.3) retrieves warranty info for macs based on serial number, uses glarizza's warranty script and chil...
  28. 1,472 downloads
    osx_watchfolder (1.0.1) osx_watchfolder is a tiny gem to take advantages of OSX 10.5's folder watching functionality.
  29. 7,629 downloads
    otaku (0.4.0) Dead simple service framework built on eventmachine
  30. 396 downloads
    otask (0.2.2) A CLI for OmniFocus task entry with natural language syntax and fuzzy project/context matching.