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  1. 723 downloads
    osu-db (0.1.0) A tool to manipulate osu! beatmap and local scores database.
  2. 10,692 downloads
    osvt (1.8.0) Open Source Version Tracker
  3. 716 downloads
    osx-copy-tags (0.0.2) This gem copies the tags of name-matching files from one directory to another. Directories are gi...
  4. 1,026 downloads
    osx_dict (1.0.0) Dictionary maker for MacOSX
  5. 444 downloads
    osx-free (0.0.1) Because OS X Doesn't have a `free` command
  6. 4,047 downloads
    osxhotkey (0.0.3) HotKey integration with Ruby/Cocoa
  7. 2,324 downloads
    osx_keychain (1.0.0) Provides API and a command line tool to Access the OS X Keychain. The command line tool isn't act...
  8. 1,611 downloads
    osx-plist (1.0.3) osx-plist is a Ruby library for manipulating Property Lists natively using the built-in support i...
  9. 1,583 downloads
    osx_provision (0.9.8) Library for building Mac OSX computer provisioning
  10. 437 downloads
    osx_ruby_dev_install (0.9.1) Library for building Mac OSX computer provisioning
  11. 7,111 downloads
    osxscreenshot (0.0.5) A Ruby wrapper around to easily and programmatically capture screenshots of website...
  12. 798 downloads
    osx-status-bar-app-template (0.0.1) A RubyMotion app template to quickly start a new OS X status bar app
  13. 1,969 downloads
    osxsub (0.1.2) Command line utility for OS X Text Substition Preferences.
  14. 1,104 downloads
    osxtrash (0.1.0) A class for interacting with Mac OS X's trash can. Based on original utility found in osx-trash gem.
  15. 5,474 downloads
    osx-trash (1.0.0) Manipulate the Mac OS X Finder's Trash using Scripting Bridge and RubyCocoa.
  16. 280 downloads
    osx-useradd (0.1.0) useradd is a pretty cool tool. Unfortunately, Apple didn't think so. This is an attempt to creat...
  17. 1,600 downloads
    osxwarranty (0.0.3) retrieves warranty info for macs based on serial number, uses glarizza's warranty script and chil...
  18. 1,503 downloads
    osx_watchfolder (1.0.1) osx_watchfolder is a tiny gem to take advantages of OSX 10.5's folder watching functionality.
  19. 7,775 downloads
    otaku (0.4.0) Dead simple service framework built on eventmachine
  20. 458 downloads
    otask (0.2.2) A CLI for OmniFocus task entry with natural language syntax and fuzzy project/context matching.
  21. 731 downloads
    oterm (1.0.1) A remote terminal that can be used for interacting with an application and invoking operations re...
  22. 645 downloads
    otg-bitmap (1.0.0) Dead simple Ruby Bitmap implementation, used for flags etc...
  23. 1,646 downloads
    otg-microformat (0.0.3) A basic microformat parser for Ruby.
  24. 4,319 downloads
    oth (1.0.9) attempt to make a re-usable Sinatra module for the login/register/forgot stuff
  25. 3,224 downloads
    otherinbox-capybara-webkit ( Headless Webkit driver for Capybara
  26. 4,192 downloads
    otherinbox-classifier ( A general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications.
  27. 11,486 downloads
    otherinbox-crypt19 (1.2.1) Crypt is a pure-ruby implementation of a number of popular encryption algorithms. Block cyphers c...
  28. 5,664 downloads
    otherinbox-mail ( A really Ruby Mail handler.
  29. 835 downloads
    ot-ios-builder ( A set of Rake tasks and utilities for building and releasing iOS apps
  30. 1,581 downloads
    otis (0.0.71) A Ruby Api wrapper framework