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  1. 983 downloads
    overcast (0.0.1) Play with hex colors. Darken colors, lighten colors, find the right contrast based on a color.
  2. 158 downloads
    overcast_api (0.0.2) RubyGem for retrieving information from the Overcast Network website
  3. 21,626 downloads
    overcommit (0.18.0) Utility to install, configure, and extend Git hooks
  4. 4,175 downloads
    overdrive (0.1.2) An RSS frontend for transmissions. It defines a basic DSL that allows you decide what you do once...
  5. 6,841 downloads
    overdrive_metadata ( Generate marc records from Overdrive provided metadata spreadsheets.
  6. 698 downloads
    overflow (0.1.0) Overflow is a class to overflow calculated as C language in Ruby.
  7. 1,944 downloads
    overider (0.1) class A def hello "hello" end end # Later, I want to overide cl...
  8. 868 downloads
    overlaps (0.1.0) Overlaps aids in finding shared overlaps between a set of Range or Range-like objects.
  9. 13,990 downloads
    overlay (2.3.0) Overlay one or more external repositories on a running Rails application
  10. 5,634 downloads
    overlay_me (0.13.4) loaded dynamically over any web page, this will help you to overlay designer's work on your DOM r...
  11. 1,196 downloads
    overlib-rails (0.0.2) overLIB JavaScript popup library for the asset pipeline
  12. 1,248 downloads
    overload (0.0.1) Allows instance methods to be overloaded. Also functions with inheritance. Methods o...
  13. 3,651 downloads
    overlook (0.0.4) Generators
  14. 34,510 downloads
    overlord (3.0.2) Code to interact with the google ajax apis on the server and the client.
  15. 3,690 downloads
    overmind_client (0.0.6) This is client library for padma-Overmind-ws
  16. 644 downloads
    overnight (0.1.2) Mundane stopwatch with a cool name. Will be possible to use for logging time slightly easier than...
  17. 348 downloads
    overpunch (1.0.1) Simple module for parsing and formatting numbers in signed overpunch format.
  18. 331 downloads
    overriaktion (0.0.1.beta1) Client gem for the Overriak service.
  19. 4,139 downloads
    overridable (0.3.2) Overridable is a pure ruby library which helps you to make your methods which are defined in clas...
  20. 287 downloads
    overridden (0.0.1) Soon
  21. 5,302 downloads
    override (0.0.10) Override is the essence of the stubbing concept: it takes an object, a hash of methods/results, a...
  22. 2,510 downloads
    override_active_record_dynamic_finders (0.0.2) Overrides dynamic finders in ActiveRecord module to use new Activerecord relation metho
  23. 2,036 downloads
    override_kernel (1.0.0) OverrideKernel changes Kernel functions from nasty wildebeasts into fluffy, harmless bunnies. Cur...
  24. 789 downloads
    overrides (0.10.0) Helps during refactoring (method renaming) to assure methods expected to be overriding another ...
  25. 1,055 downloads
    overseer (0.0.1) A testing framework in Ruby for educational purpose
  26. 247 downloads
    oversight (0.1.0) Keeping tabs on your organization's employees
  27. 20,891 downloads
    oversip (2.0.0) OverSIP is an async SIP proxy/server programmable in Ruby language. Some features of OverSIP are:...
  28. 2,781 downloads
    oversip-mod-mysql (0.2.0) oversip-mod-mysql provides an easy to use MySQL connector for OverSIP proxy.
  29. 2,003 downloads
    oversip-mod-postgresql (0.2.0) oversip-mod-postgresql provides an easy to use PostgreSQL connector for OverSIP proxy.
  30. 844 downloads
    overtime (1.0.0) Time.parse can parse 'overtime' time format