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  1. 34,888 downloads
    overlord (3.0.2) Code to interact with the google ajax apis on the server and the client.
  2. 3,796 downloads
    overmind_client (0.0.6) This is client library for padma-Overmind-ws
  3. 676 downloads
    overnight (0.1.2) Mundane stopwatch with a cool name. Will be possible to use for logging time slightly easier than...
  4. 387 downloads
    overpunch (1.0.1) Simple module for parsing and formatting numbers in signed overpunch format.
  5. 335 downloads
    overriaktion (0.0.1.beta1) Client gem for the Overriak service.
  6. 4,183 downloads
    overridable (0.3.2) Overridable is a pure ruby library which helps you to make your methods which are defined in clas...
  7. 302 downloads
    overridden (0.0.1) Soon
  8. 5,353 downloads
    override (0.0.10) Override is the essence of the stubbing concept: it takes an object, a hash of methods/results, a...
  9. 2,542 downloads
    override_active_record_dynamic_finders (0.0.2) Overrides dynamic finders in ActiveRecord module to use new Activerecord relation metho
  10. 2,066 downloads
    override_kernel (1.0.0) OverrideKernel changes Kernel functions from nasty wildebeasts into fluffy, harmless bunnies. Cur...
  11. 819 downloads
    overrides (0.10.0) Helps during refactoring (method renaming) to assure methods expected to be overriding another ...
  12. 1,069 downloads
    overseer (0.0.1) A testing framework in Ruby for educational purpose
  13. 262 downloads
    oversight (0.1.0) Keeping tabs on your organization's employees
  14. 21,359 downloads
    oversip (2.0.0) OverSIP is an async SIP proxy/server programmable in Ruby language. Some features of OverSIP are:...
  15. 2,842 downloads
    oversip-mod-mysql (0.2.0) oversip-mod-mysql provides an easy to use MySQL connector for OverSIP proxy.
  16. 2,046 downloads
    oversip-mod-postgresql (0.2.0) oversip-mod-postgresql provides an easy to use PostgreSQL connector for OverSIP proxy.
  17. 858 downloads
    overtime (1.0.0) Time.parse can parse 'overtime' time format
  18. 759 downloads
    overtime-queries (0.0.1) Run time based queries over a git repository
  19. 504 downloads
    overtimer (0.1.0) Calculates employee payroll info based on California laws (overtime, doubletime, etc)
  20. 2,457 downloads
    overwatch (0.2.1) overwatch is the command-line interface to the Overwatch monitoring suite
  21. 2,094 downloads
    overwatch-cli (0.1.1) overwatch-cli is the command-line interface to the Overwatch monitoring suite
  22. 1,148 downloads
    overwatch-collection (0.1.1) overwatch-collection is a Redis-backed statistical time series collection application designed to...
  23. 17,872 downloads
    ovfparse ( Uses net/* libraries and nokogiri xml parser to reach out and retrieve .ovf or .ova packages and ...
  24. 1,483 downloads
    ovh-rb (0.1.1) OvhRb helps you to use the OVH SOAPI in a ruby way
  25. 844 downloads
    ovh-rest (0.0.3) OVH REST API interface
  26. 2,987 downloads
    ovh_savoni (1.59.0) Super easy access to OVH SoAPI for Ruby >1.9
  27. 11,795 downloads
    ovh_soapi (0.0.12) Ruby client for OVH Soapi.
  28. 243 downloads
    ovirt (0.2.0) Ovirt provides a simple Object Oriented interface to the REST API of oVirt and RHEV-M servers.
  29. 11,250 downloads
    ovirt_metrics (1.0.1) OvirtMetrics is an ActiveRecord-based gem for reading the oVirt History database.
  30. 225 downloads
    ovirt_provision_plugin (0.0.1) This plugin monitors oVirt provision for new host and perform related API calls to ovirt-engine.