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  1. 5,410 downloads
    prawn-js (0.7.1) A small extension to prawn that simplifies embedding JavaScript in your PDF files
  2. 20,300 downloads
    prawn-labels ( Prawn/Labels takes the guess work out of generating labels using Prawn
  3. 403,578 downloads
    prawn-layout (0.8.4) An extension to Prawn that provides table support and other layout functionality
  4. 1,886 downloads
    prawn-manual_builder (0.2.0) A tool for writing manuals for Prawn and Prawn accessories
  5. 1,057 downloads
    prawn_oval_text (0.11.1) Adds oval shaped text to Prawn
  6. 3,087 downloads
    prawn_plus (5.0.0) Enhances default Prawn PDF functionality (which includes PDF template handling/rendering).
  7. 3,175 downloads
    prawn-print (0.0.3) Autoprint generated PDFs from Adobe Reader.
  8. 1,754 downloads
    prawn-qr (0.0.2) Prawn-qr is a prawn extension for creating QR Codes inside of a prawn document
  9. 8,509 downloads
    prawn-qrcode (0.2.1) Prawn/QRCode simplifies the generation and rendering of QRCodes in Prawn PDF documents. QR Co...
  10. 102,599 downloads
    prawn_rails (0.0.11) The prawn_rails gem provides a Prawn based view engine for creating PDFs with rails.
  11. 5,617 downloads
    prawn-rails (0.0.2) Prawn Handler for RoR 3.x projects handles and registers pdf formats
  12. 303,208 downloads
    prawn-security (0.8.4) Prawn/Security adds document encryption, password protection, and permissions to Prawn.
  13. 886 downloads
    prawn-shadings (0.1.2) Prawn itself provides only linear and radial gradients. This is the more advanced shadings that P...
  14. 2,036 downloads
    prawn_shapes (1.1.0) Adds additional vector shapes to Prawn
  15. 108,672 downloads
    prawn-svg (0.16.0) SVG renderer for Prawn PDF library
  16. 785 downloads
    prawn-table (0.1.0) Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
  17. 2,937 downloads
    prawn-templates (0.0.3) Prawn::Templates allows using PDFs as templates in Prawn
  18. 62,953 downloads
    prawnto (0.1.1) Support .prawn templates as Prawn::Document content
  19. 43,973 downloads
    prawnto_2 (0.2.6) Simple PDF generation using the prawn library.
  20. 547 downloads
    prawntocat (0.1.0) Print out your GitHub Issues!
  21. 154 downloads
    praxis (0.0.1) API Framework
  22. 895 downloads
    prayer_times (0.1.2) Calculates Muslim prayers times in given settings
  23. 7,611 downloads
    pr-changelog (0.1.12) With this gem you can generate a changelog using Pull Requests logs on your local branch
  24. 993 downloads
    prct09 (1.1.0) creacion de la gema para practica de matrices
  25. 2,218 downloads
    pre (0.0.2) Checks email using RFC2822 compliant parser, Requests MX records for server validation. Supports ...
  26. 7,950 downloads
    preact (1.0.1) API library to allow you to connect and submit messages and actions to Preact
  27. 968 downloads
    pre-action (0.2) a simple aop just for adding pre action before selected methods in class
  28. 2,409 downloads
    preamble (0.0.3) Allows you to add YAML front matter to your templates. Useful for adding metadata to static pages
  29. 107 downloads
    preambular (0.3) Allows you to add YAML front matter to your templates. Useful for adding metadata to static pages
  30. 941 downloads
    pre_and_post_initialize (0.0.2) Adds Object#pre_initialize so that events can occur before and after Object#initialize chain.