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  1. 883 downloads
    ponymizer (0.0.2) Generator of random pony names to be used as friendly and fun test data.
  2. 3,827 downloads
    ponytail (0.6.0) Ponytail is a Rails engine that shows the migrations.
  3. 1,711 downloads
    pony-test (0.1.0) Collection of helper methods and Cucumber steps for testing email through Pony
  4. 740 downloads
    ponyup (0.0.2) Ponyup uses fog to manipulate clouds to get the them to the point you want use chef for provision...
  5. 452 downloads
    ponzi (0.0.1) Simple connection manager
  6. 329 downloads
    poodle (0.1.2) A Ruby interface to ABO blood group system.
  7. 1,612 downloads
    pool_balancing (0.2.0) Given an array of the value of each contestant and the number of pools, this gem can automaticall...
  8. 3,507 downloads
    poolboy (0.1.4) See the status of your Percona Server buffer pool
  9. 2,020 downloads
    poole (0.1.0) This is a gem for creating JS games using Jekyll, Coffeescript, HAML, and SASS
  10. 1,332 downloads
    pooled-curb (0.1.0) When consuming web services, HTTP performance can be greatly improved if you enable keep-alive ...
  11. 939 downloads
    pool_of_entropy (0.0.3) PoolOfEntropy is a PRNG based on cryptographic secure PRNGs, intended to bring back the feeling o...
  12. 46,882 downloads
    poolparty (1.6.9) PoolParty: The easy, open-source, cross-cloud management solution
  13. 6,381 downloads
    pools (0.1.5) Generalized connection pooling
  14. 984 downloads
    poopypants (0.0.1) You know you love wacky names, so give it a try! irb> require 'poopypants';
  15. 248 downloads
    poor_man_search (0.0.1) Poor man's search engine module for Rails3 (Arel)
  16. 1,093 downloads
    pop (0.0.1) Seeding helpers
  17. 1,289 downloads
    PoParser (1.0.0) A PO file parser, editor and generator. PO files are translation files generated by GNU/Gettext t...
  18. 4,975 downloads
    popcap (0.9.6) Read & write metadata tags, convert audio files to alternate formats, manage files on the filesys...
  19. 2,055 downloads
    popcorn (1.0.1) Popcorn handles movie library management for you.
  20. 4,992 downloads
    popcornjs-rails (1.5.6) Simple wrapper for HTML5 Video library popcorn.js
  21. 253 downloads
    popcorntime (0.0.2) Wrapper for Popcorn Time remote API
  22. 857 downloads
    popcount (0.0.1) This is library PopCount on Ruby.
  23. 2,035 downloads
    pope (0.0.2) Pope will get the canonical URL for any URL responding with an HTML page that specifies one.
  24. 1,711 downloads
    pope_francis_drumsrgr8forn8 (1.0.0) ig-pay atin-lay anslator-tray
  25. 479 downloads
    popel-active_acl_plus (0.4.6) A flexible, fast and easy to use generic access control system.
  26. 165 downloads
    popel-attachment_fu (1.0.4) Treat an ActiveRecord model as a file attachment, storing its patch, size, content type, etc.
  27. 170 downloads
    popel-exception_notification (1.0.4) The Exception Notifier plugin provides a mailer object and a default set of templates for sending...
  28. 337,828 downloads
    popen4 (0.1.2) POpen4 provides the Rubyist a single API across platforms for executing a command in a child proc...
  29. 1,235,470 downloads
    POpen4 (0.1.4) Open4 cross-platform
  30. 1,001 downloads
    POpen4-mingw (0.1.6-x86-mingw32) Open4 cross-platform