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  1. 2,209 downloads
    processingjs-source (0.0.5) Javascript source of processingjs
  2. 1,819 downloads
    procession (0.0.1) Runs a process and blocks until it starts properly
  3. 764 downloads
    processit (1.0.1) ProcessIt
  4. 490 downloads
    process_lock (0.1.1) A simple class to aquire and check process-id file based locks on a unix filesystem.
  5. 216 downloads
    ProcessLock (0.1.3) Locks a method to a single process
  6. 2,297 downloads
    processmaker (0.1.1) A Ruby library to connect to a ProcessMaker instance via web services.
  7. 922 downloads
    process_memory (0.0.1) Adds memory usage info to standart ruby's process module
  8. 1,325 downloads
    process_metrics (0.1.11) A gem that provides utilities to measure a process and its sub tasks.
  9. 1,429 downloads
    process_metrics_activerecord (0.1.15) Store your metrics generated with the 'process_metrics' gem using ActiveRecord
  10. 936 downloads
    process_mgt (0.1.0) High level calls for searching for process ids and killing processes given a string.
  11. 6,890 downloads
    process_monitor (0.2.3) A gem to simplify process/service monitoring.
  12. 1,233 downloads
    process-monitor (0.0.0) This gem gets the status(running/sleeping/defunct) based on a pattern you provide to it. For exam...
  13. 1,550 downloads
    process_monitoring (1.1.0) Holds variable set which is regularly updated and export it to http protocol
  14. 1,894 downloads
    processor (2.1.0) Processor is a tool that helps to iterate over collection and perform complex actions on a result...
  15. 1,324 downloads
    ProcessorPool (1.0.0) Usage would include an upload server, a image and video processing and transcoding server, all no...
  16. 857 downloads
    processo_utilities (0.0.5) Processo Utilities
  17. 3,656 downloads
    ProcessPilot ( Ruby library giving a simple way to pilot an external process' stdin, stdout and stderr in real t...
  18. 5,513 downloads
    process_pool (0.1.3) ProcessPool with interchangeable job queue backends for Ruby
  19. 1,154 downloads
    process-query-language (0.1.0) Process query language (based on plucky)
  20. 5,641 downloads
    processr (0.9.6) Processr is a simple text processing and concatenation library. It takes a number of input string...
  21. 820 downloads
    process_runner (0.0.2) Extremely tiny Ruby gem to asynchronously start independent processes.
  22. 932 downloads
    process_safe_logger (0.1.0) Process-safe Logger supports log rotations in multi-processes safely
  23. 7,970 downloads
    process_shared (0.2.0) FFI wrapper around portable semaphore library with mutex and condition vars built on top.
  24. 7,908 downloads
    process_starter (1.0.13) A gem for Ruby 1.8 to start process in parallel, 1) don't wait for it finish 2) dont inherit io f...
  25. 4,750 downloads
    processwanker (0.0.11) Process monitoring and remote control system
  26. 993 downloads
    processwatch (3.0.9) Process Watch monitors processes and workflows in your Linux system for anomalies or situations w...
  27. 17,142 downloads
    process_watcher (0.4) ProcessWatcher is a cross platform interface for running subprocesses safely. Unlike backticks o...
  28. 593 downloads
    processwrapper (0.0.1) Wrap a daemon process start/stop for testing
  29. 4,172 downloads
    proc-extra (0.0.4) Some extra methods having to do with proc
  30. 2,449 downloads
    procfile_split (0.1.2) Split the Procfile and create rake tasks for heroku deployment