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  1. 1,000 downloads
    porth-plist (0.0.1) Plain Old Ruby Template PLIST handler
  2. 402 downloads
    porticor_bombarder (0.0.3) Encrypt activerecord attributes with Porticor's encrypted keys management.
  3. 166 downloads
    portion_control (0.0.1) A gem to allow a RESTful API to provide a given resource at various levels of completeness, or "w...
  4. 4,566 downloads
    portmidi (0.0.6) An ffi wrapper around the cross platform midi library portmidi, part of the portmedia framework
  5. 2,085 downloads
    portpublisher (0.0.2) the portpublisher makes a local port from your computer publicly available
  6. 744 downloads
    portugal (0.0.3) ActiveRecord migrations without Rails
  7. 859 downloads
    portuguese_validators (0.1.3) Validators for portuguese NIB, NIF, BI and phone.
  8. 549 downloads
    portunes (0.0.1) Portunes was greek god of keys, doors. This "portunes" manages SSH access for service accounts vi...
  9. 550 downloads
    portunes_server (0.0.1) Portunes was greek god of keys, doors. This "portunes" manages SSH access for service accounts vi...
  10. 10,754 downloads
    port_upgrade (0.1.2) Cleanly upgrade your MacPorts.
  11. 3,478 downloads
    portvcs (0.0.3) FreeBSD ports commits history viewer that doesn't require neither local ports tree nor CVS checko...
  12. 1,499 downloads
    poscvt (0.1) Position Converter is a ruby gem to gonvert positions (latitude/longitude) between different unit...
  13. 23,828 downloads
    pose (3.2.0) Pose ('Polymorphic Search') allows fulltext search for ActiveRecord objects.
  14. 33,178 downloads
    poseidon (0.0.4) A Kafka ( producer and consumer
  15. 1,219 downloads
    poseidon-api (0.0.2) An API to interact with the Poseidon system
  16. 3,072 downloads
    poseidon_cluster (0.1.1) Cluster extensions for Poseidon, a producer and consumer implementation for Kafka >= 0.8
  17. 248 downloads
    poseidon_rdf (2.0.0) POSEIdON (short for “Pimp your Objects with SEmantic InformatiON”) is a small library that lets y...
  18. 6,245 downloads
    poser (1.0.5) A minimal implementation of the presenter pattern.
  19. 1,467 downloads
    poseur (0.1.1) Create fake people, with real-ish addresses.
  20. 6,949 downloads
    posifile (0.2.5) Ruby library to make it easier to read position files.
  21. 4,094 downloads
    positify (0.0.1) Makes anything positive. Works inline and block and you can specify a maximum value. Zero is not ...
  22. 7,091 downloads
    positionable (1.1.1) This extension provides contiguous positionning capabilities to your ActiveRecord models.
  23. 2,217 downloads
    positioned (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  24. 2,481 downloads
    position_inspector (0.0.3) Inspect domain positions in google SERP
  25. 22,965 downloads
    positionrange (0.7.1) Allows one to assign random attributes to ranges and juggle them in lists. Also adds parsing from...
  26. 1,138 downloads
    positronic_brain (0.0.3) A Toolbox of Artificial Intelligence designed to help to solve a wide range of problems
  27. 3,767 downloads
    posix (0.0.5) Wrappers for some posix functions that I couldn't find in the stdlib
  28. 144 downloads
    posix-fileutils (0.0.1) FileUtils library
  29. 2,076 downloads
    posixlock (0.0.1) Methods to add posix (fcntl based and nfs safe) locking to the builtin File class
  30. 18,655 downloads
    posix_mq (2.1.0) POSIX message queues allow local processes to exchange data in the form of messages. This API is...