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  1. 1,233 downloads
    procedural_transactions (0.0.1) Procedural interface to ActiveRecord transactions.
  2. 11,992 downloads
    procemon (2.0.0) Lasso for Methods! You can hook up processes before and after to existing method objects, it's l...
  3. 1,420 downloads
    proceso (0.2.2) Easiest way to retrieve the process information
  4. 1,123 downloads
    proceso-rails (0.2.4) Proceso Middleware for Rails
  5. 483 downloads
    process (0.0.1) The library is used to list all process and do operations on them.
  6. 853 downloads
    process_builder (1.1.0) Simple object-oriented wrapper around Process.spawn and Open3
  7. 1,609 downloads
    process-builder (1.0.1) DEPRECATED - This gem has been replaced by process_builder
  8. 912 downloads
    process_command (0.1.0) Interprocess communication with command for ruby
  9. 1,027 downloads
    process_control (0.1.0) Process Control is a wrapper to allow easy control for any external daemon type process. The Pro...
  10. 2,023 downloads
    process-daemon (0.5.5) `Process::Daemon` is a stable and helpful base class for long running tasks and daemons. Provides...
  11. 1,434 downloads
    process-group (0.2.1) Manages a unix process group for running multiple processes, keeps track of multiple processes a...
  12. 951 downloads
    processingjs (0.0.1) Ruby Processingjs is a bridge to the JS Processingjs compiler.
  13. 2,465 downloads
    processingjs-source (0.0.5) Javascript source of processingjs
  14. 3,297 downloads
    procession (0.0.1) Runs a process and blocks until it starts properly
  15. 855 downloads
    processit (1.0.1) ProcessIt
  16. 1,118 downloads
    process_lock (0.1.2) A simple class to aquire and check process-id file based locks on a unix filesystem.
  17. 447 downloads
    ProcessLock (0.1.3) Locks a method to a single process
  18. 2,716 downloads
    processmaker (0.1.1) A Ruby library to connect to a ProcessMaker instance via web services.
  19. 1,010 downloads
    process_memory (0.0.1) Adds memory usage info to standart ruby's process module
  20. 2,494 downloads
    process_metrics (0.1.11) A gem that provides utilities to measure a process and its sub tasks.
  21. 2,822 downloads
    process_metrics_activerecord (0.1.15) Store your metrics generated with the 'process_metrics' gem using ActiveRecord
  22. 1,022 downloads
    process_mgt (0.1.0) High level calls for searching for process ids and killing processes given a string.
  23. 7,351 downloads
    process_monitor (0.2.3) A gem to simplify process/service monitoring.
  24. 1,316 downloads
    process-monitor (0.0.0) This gem gets the status(running/sleeping/defunct) based on a pattern you provide to it. For exam...
  25. 1,891 downloads
    process_monitoring (1.1.0) Holds variable set which is regularly updated and export it to http protocol
  26. 2,297 downloads
    processor (2.1.0) Processor is a tool that helps to iterate over collection and perform complex actions on a result...
  27. 1,412 downloads
    ProcessorPool (1.0.0) Usage would include an upload server, a image and video processing and transcoding server, all no...
  28. 1,306 downloads
    processo_utilities (0.0.5) Processo Utilities
  29. 4,518 downloads
    ProcessPilot ( Ruby library giving a simple way to pilot an external process' stdin, stdout and stderr in real t...
  30. 5,844 downloads
    process_pool (0.1.3) ProcessPool with interchangeable job queue backends for Ruby