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  1. 1,501,650 downloads
    prawn (1.2.1) Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
  2. 2,997 downloads
    prawn-blank (0.0.3) prawn-blank adds forms to prawn
  3. 671 downloads
    prawn_calendar (1.0.0) This gem provides a function to generate calendars and calendar entries.
  4. 2,163 downloads
    prawn_charts (0.0.5) Library to create line graphs in Prawn
  5. 135 downloads
    prawn-charts (0.0.1.alpha.1) WARNING: Alpha Software. Charting Lib for Prawn. Supports bar, line, and combo charts.
  6. 6,490 downloads
    prawn_cocktail (0.7.1) Simple documents, templates and helpers on top of Prawn.
  7. 1,210 downloads
    prawn_cocktail_rails (0.2.0) Simple documents, templates and helpers on top of Prawn. In Ruby on Rails.
  8. 3,799 downloads
    prawn_commander (0.1.2) Command center for prawn commands that enable logging commands before or without executing them
  9. 399,928 downloads
    prawn-core (0.8.4) Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
  10. 34,553 downloads
    prawn-fast-png (0.2.3) An extension of Prawn that improves the performance when embedding PNG images containing ...
  11. 19,157 downloads
    prawn-fillform (0.0.20) fill text and images through acroform fields
  12. 4,762 downloads
    prawn-flexible-table (0.1.2) An extension to Prawn that provides flexible table support, that means be able to create tables...
  13. 74,865 downloads
    prawn-format (0.2.3) an extension of Prawn that allows inline formatting
  14. 191 downloads
    prawn-forms (0.1) This is the beginnings of a prawn extension for adding interactive forms to PDFs.
  15. 1,323 downloads
    prawn-gmagick (0.0.4) Use GraphicsMagick to load images in a Prawn docuemnt
  16. 6,176 downloads
    prawn-graph (0.0.4) An extension to Prawn that provides the ability to draw basic graphs and charts natively in you...
  17. 602 downloads
    prawn-grouping (0.1.1) Grouping extension for prawn pdf generator
  18. 5,472 downloads
    prawn-js (0.7.1) A small extension to prawn that simplifies embedding JavaScript in your PDF files
  19. 21,018 downloads
    prawn-labels (1.2.0) Prawn/Labels takes the guess work out of generating labels using Prawn
  20. 409,918 downloads
    prawn-layout (0.8.4) An extension to Prawn that provides table support and other layout functionality
  21. 2,400 downloads
    prawn-manual_builder (0.2.0) A tool for writing manuals for Prawn and Prawn accessories
  22. 1,074 downloads
    prawn_oval_text (0.11.1) Adds oval shaped text to Prawn
  23. 3,264 downloads
    prawn_plus (5.0.0) Enhances default Prawn PDF functionality (which includes PDF template handling/rendering).
  24. 3,286 downloads
    prawn-print (0.0.3) Autoprint generated PDFs from Adobe Reader.
  25. 1,793 downloads
    prawn-qr (0.0.2) Prawn-qr is a prawn extension for creating QR Codes inside of a prawn document
  26. 8,810 downloads
    prawn-qrcode (0.2.1) Prawn/QRCode simplifies the generation and rendering of QRCodes in Prawn PDF documents. QR Co...
  27. 104,989 downloads
    prawn_rails (0.0.11) The prawn_rails gem provides a Prawn based view engine for creating PDFs with rails.
  28. 5,791 downloads
    prawn-rails (0.0.2) Prawn Handler for RoR 3.x projects handles and registers pdf formats
  29. 307,304 downloads
    prawn-security (0.8.4) Prawn/Security adds document encryption, password protection, and permissions to Prawn.
  30. 921 downloads
    prawn-shadings (0.1.2) Prawn itself provides only linear and radial gradients. This is the more advanced shadings that P...