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  1. 7,917 downloads
    pr-changelog (0.1.12) With this gem you can generate a changelog using Pull Requests logs on your local branch
  2. 1,032 downloads
    prct09 (1.1.0) creacion de la gema para practica de matrices
  3. 2,241 downloads
    pre (0.0.2) Checks email using RFC2822 compliant parser, Requests MX records for server validation. Supports ...
  4. 8,225 downloads
    preact (1.0.1) API library to allow you to connect and submit messages and actions to Preact
  5. 992 downloads
    pre-action (0.2) a simple aop just for adding pre action before selected methods in class
  6. 2,484 downloads
    preamble (0.0.3) Allows you to add YAML front matter to your templates. Useful for adding metadata to static pages
  7. 135 downloads
    preambular (0.3) Allows you to add YAML front matter to your templates. Useful for adding metadata to static pages
  8. 968 downloads
    pre_and_post_initialize (0.0.2) Adds Object#pre_initialize so that events can occur before and after Object#initialize chain.
  9. 563 downloads
    preboot-sass (0.1.0) Mark Otto's Preboot 2, converted into sass
  10. 350 downloads (0.0.1) CLI for
  11. 2,627 downloads
    precedence (0.8.0) A library for the creation manipulation and analysis of precedence networks.
  12. 607 downloads
    precedent (0.0.2) Precedent is a lightweight markup language for legal documents heavily inspired by Markdo...
  13. 1,074 downloads
    precious (0.0.1) PRECIOUS! SHINY!
  14. 817 downloads
    precious_cargo (0.0.1) PreciousCargo encapsulates a specific best practice when encrypting large (or small) amounts of d...
  15. 9,941 downloads
    preciousss (0.0.13) Several helpers for Ruby on Rails 3
  16. 2,118 downloads
    precis (1.1.0) Watches the Git repositories you tell it to, and then emails you a weekly summary of activity.
  17. 1,095 downloads
    precise_distance_of_time_in_words (0.0.3) This gem offers a more precise "distance_of_time_in_words"
  18. 154 downloads
    precision (0.0.1) Calculate the precision of a anything that can be converted into a decimal.
  19. 112 downloads
    precision-twitter_oauth ( twitter_oauth is a Ruby library for talking to twitter using the new oauth method.
  20. 349 downloads
    precog (1.0.0.pre) Client library for the Precog platform
  21. 63,647 downloads
    pre-commit (0.17.0) A git pre-commit hook written in ruby with a few more tricks up its sleeve
  22. 229 downloads
    pre-commit-checkstyle (0.0.1) Checkstyle linter plugin for pre-commit. Useful for linting Java code.
  23. 559 downloads
    precompiled_haml (0.0.1) Precompile HAML on production to speed up view rendering
  24. 6,217 downloads
    preconditions (0.3.0) The Preconditions library provides a simple set of methods for checking arguments being passed in...
  25. 1,043 downloads
    precssious (0.1.1) Merges CSS files and allows nested declarations
  26. 36,327 downloads
    predicated (0.2.6) Predicated is a simple predicate model for Ruby.
  27. 364 downloads
    PredicateLiteralKit4Ruby (0.0.2) Parse Cappuccino Literal predicated and sort descriptors to arel expressions
  28. 5,438 downloads
    predicates (0.1.5) Truth accessors for Ruby classes and models.
  29. 317 downloads
    predictable (0.0.1) Ruby/Rails DSL for PredictionIO, an open source machine learning server.
  30. 8,207 downloads
    predictionio (0.7.1) PredictionIO is a prediction server for building smart applications. This gem provides convenient...