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  1. 1,795 downloads
    profitably-km (1.1.2) KISSmetrics ruby API gem. Forked from
  2. 15,699 downloads
    profitbricks (1.1.1) A Ruby client for the ProfitBricks API.
  3. 8,190 downloads
    profligacy (1.0-jruby) Profligacy The Swing Reducer.
  4. 1,513 downloads
    profound (0.0.4) Use this gem if, like me, you're bad at Photoshop and want to ceate wallpapers like those on "The...
  5. 530 downloads
    progbar (0.0.3) Print progress bar for array iteration
  6. 1,220 downloads
    progenitor (0.0.0) Progenitor is a lightweight gem for building factories, especially useful for testing, but ...
  7. 3,786 downloads
    program_information (1.0.12) This library is called program_information. It allows you to return the real name and the...
  8. 649 downloads
    programmable_scaffold_rails (0.0.3) This gem should support you when using rails scaffold (or a lot of simple CRUD models/views/contr...
  9. 1,185 downloads
    programr (0.0.1) Ruby interpreter for the AIML
  10. 3,279 downloads
    program-tv (0.0.9) Downloads TV channel schedule in XML format
  11. 247,189 downloads
    progress (3.0.0) Show progress of long running tasks
  12. 661,097 downloads
    progressbar (0.21.0) Ruby/ProgressBar is a text progress bar library for Ruby. It can indicate progress with percentag...
  13. 354,057 downloads
    progress_bar (1.0.2) Give people feedback about long-running tasks without overloading them with information: Use a pr...
  14. 2,596 downloads
    progress_bar_snapshot (0.0.4) Generats png images of progress bars, useful for web pages or use in pdf files.
  15. 4,627 downloads
    progressbar_zobar ( Fork of progressbar that allows changing the progress bar's title and total while still in progress.
  16. 3,929 downloads
    progression (0.0.3) progression provides a set of simple utility classes and a DSL for measuring an objects progress ...
  17. 4,142 downloads
    progressions-basepath ( By adding a .base file to your application base dir, helps you augment $LOAD_PATH, auto-require f...
  18. 6,283 downloads
    progressions-g (1.3.1) The Kernel.g that works like Kernel.p on growl :)
  19. 1,331 downloads
    progressions-postly (0.2.2) API Wrapper and IRB console for
  20. 1,334 downloads
    progressions-translator (0.0.3) Takes a set of keys in Yaml format and translates them through Google Translate.
  21. 2,196 downloads
    progressive_io (1.0.0) A wrapper for IO objects that allows a callback to be set which is called when an object is read ...
  22. 1,257 downloads
    progress-logger (1.0.0) Simple gem for regular progress logging in a long-running loop, log every N actions, or based on ...
  23. 7,685 downloads
    progress-meter (0.4.2) Print progress reports for loops, like the Smart::Comments package in perl.
  24. 10,253 downloads
    progress-monitor (2.1.3) Patches some each and collect functions of certain classes (Array, Hash, Integer) to report progress
  25. 884 downloads
    progress_tracker (0.1.1) A very simple API for logging and retreiving the progress of a given background task using Redis.
  26. 1,369 downloads
    progress_upload_field (0.0.1) use 'progress_upload_field' in your view, next your file_field
  27. 10,404 downloads
    progstr-filer (0.8.11) Progstr Filer is a developer-friendly file and attachment hosting service that lets you easily bu...
  28. 7,805 downloads
    progstr-ruby (1.0.6) Progstr Logger application logging service API client library.
  29. 21,070 downloads
    proj4rb (0.4.3) Proj4rb is a ruby binding for the Proj.4 Carthographic Projection library, that supports conv...
  30. 9,639 downloads
    project (1.3.0) Project aims to make working with multiple projects as simple as possible. By registering project...