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  1. 4,127 downloads
    progressions-basepath ( By adding a .base file to your application base dir, helps you augment $LOAD_PATH, auto-require f...
  2. 6,277 downloads
    progressions-g (1.3.1) The Kernel.g that works like Kernel.p on growl :)
  3. 1,325 downloads
    progressions-postly (0.2.2) API Wrapper and IRB console for
  4. 1,329 downloads
    progressions-translator (0.0.3) Takes a set of keys in Yaml format and translates them through Google Translate.
  5. 2,184 downloads
    progressive_io (1.0.0) A wrapper for IO objects that allows a callback to be set which is called when an object is read ...
  6. 1,251 downloads
    progress-logger (1.0.0) Simple gem for regular progress logging in a long-running loop, log every N actions, or based on ...
  7. 7,660 downloads
    progress-meter (0.4.2) Print progress reports for loops, like the Smart::Comments package in perl.
  8. 10,217 downloads
    progress-monitor (2.1.3) Patches some each and collect functions of certain classes (Array, Hash, Integer) to report progress
  9. 870 downloads
    progress_tracker (0.1.1) A very simple API for logging and retreiving the progress of a given background task using Redis.
  10. 1,363 downloads
    progress_upload_field (0.0.1) use 'progress_upload_field' in your view, next your file_field
  11. 10,353 downloads
    progstr-filer (0.8.11) Progstr Filer is a developer-friendly file and attachment hosting service that lets you easily bu...
  12. 7,775 downloads
    progstr-ruby (1.0.6) Progstr Logger application logging service API client library.
  13. 20,985 downloads
    proj4rb (0.4.3) Proj4rb is a ruby binding for the Proj.4 Carthographic Projection library, that supports conv...
  14. 9,603 downloads
    project (1.3.0) Project aims to make working with multiple projects as simple as possible. By registering project...
  15. 191 downloads
    project_106 (1.0.0) Error and Exception Tracking.
  16. 535 downloads
    project3v3 (0.0.1) Full description here
  17. 1,343 downloads
    project_btorretta (0.0.3) api ticket checker
  18. 313 downloads
    project_bullseye (0.0.4)
  19. 3,745 downloads
    projectdx_activemerchant ( Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  20. 10,802 downloads
    projectdx_pipeline (1.3.6) Common pipeline tasks and libraries to be used for all components of the ProjectDX platform
  21. 1,266 downloads
    projectdx-subdomain_routes (0.3.2) SubdomainRoutes add subdomain conditions to the Rails routing system. Routes may be restric...
  22. 2,407 downloads
    project-fifo-ruby (0.3.2) A simple incomplete project-fifo client API
  23. 285 downloads
    project-generator (0.1.0a) A project generation script.
  24. 829 downloads
    project_group (0.1.1) project_group
  25. 1,991 downloads
    project-health (0.0.3) Library for calculating project health report and analysis based on GitHub Activity data
  26. 642 downloads
    project_honeypot (0.3.1) Project-Honeypot provides a programatic interface to the Project Honeypot services. It can be use...
  27. 18,585 downloads
    project-honeypot (0.1.2) Project-Honeypot provides a programatic interface to the Project Honeypot services. It can be use...
  28. 619 downloads
    project_honeypot_rails (0.1.0) project_honeypot_rails provides integration between project_honeypot and rails 3 to prevent s...
  29. 606 downloads
    project_id (0.2.0) Simple tool to create project id for builds on the build server
  30. 446 downloads
    projectile (0.0.1) Simple RubyMotion JSON model layer