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  1. 5,386 downloads
    ppe-dbpediafinder (0.0.3) A small rubygem for dbpedia lookups
  2. 2,231 downloads
    ppe-georuby (1.7.2) GeoRuby provides geometric data types from the OGC 'Simple Features' specification.
  3. 4,938 downloads
    ppe-panoramio (0.0.3) Simple Panoramio API client written in Ruby
  4. 4,780 downloads
    ppe-postgis-adapter (0.7.8) Execute PostGIS functions on Active Record
  5. 3,031 downloads
    ppe-ruby-geonames (0.2.7) Ruby library for Geonames Web Services (
  6. 12,442 downloads
    ppgit (0.7.3) git users' pairs switcher
  7. 2,545 downloads
    ppjson (0.2.0) Pretty print JSON strings by piping or passing them as arguments, without reordering your keys
  8. 30,534 downloads
    ppl (2.3.1) ppl is a command-line address book using vCard & git for storage and synchronisation
  9. 514 downloads
    pp_login (0.0.3) This gem will Add an engine to handle loging in with paypal, getting user info and logging ...
  10. 1,389 downloads
    Pport (0.1.1) A ruby extension for interfacing with a parallel port.
  11. 3,408 downloads
    ppp (1.0.1) Ruby-PPP is a Ruby language binding of PPP (Perfect Paper Passwords). PPP is a library designed t...
  12. 1,108 downloads
    pprb (0.9.0) PPRB is a code preprocessor and text templating engine with minimalistic syntax and strong emphas...
  13. 2,077 downloads
    ppscr (1.0.1) Simple utility that PPs the given object to /dev/tty to ensure it gets to the screen
  14. 371 downloads
    pp-stats (0.0.3) Command line ruby program that generates stats for Puppet module(s)
  15. 1,963 downloads
    ppy (0.0.6) A helper tool to pretty print YAML data.
  16. 1,918 downloads
    pqa (1.6) PQA does practical query analysis; it produces HTML reports on slowest queries, most frequent que...
  17. 6,089 downloads
    pqdl (0.3.2) Download Pocket Queries from your command line
  18. 17,573 downloads
    pqueue (2.0.2) A priority queue is like a standard queue, except that each inserted elements is given a certain ...
  19. 3,330 downloads
    pr (0.0.6) Form and Presenter libraries for interfacing the public with Rails
  20. 485 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-active_record_connectionless (1.0.2) This gem provides connectionless active_record models useful for testing
  21. 485 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-active_record_geocodable (1.0.4) Allow any active record model to be geocoded by geokit gem and contain geodata
  22. 1,510 downloads
    pr0d1r2-capybara (0.3.7) Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It simulates how a user ...
  23. 5,980 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-geokit (1.4.1) Geokit Gem
  24. 315 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-geokit-cache (1.0.2) Caching support in database for locations geocoded by andre/geokit-gem
  25. 171 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-geokit-cached (0.1.1) Caching support to Geokit. It prevents from exceeding limit of queres to geocoding services.
  26. 491 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-paperclip-time-stamped (1.0.2) Allow to use time-stamped urls from paperclip attachments
  27. 2,049 downloads
    Pr0d1r2-resource_controller (0.6.6) Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
  28. 3,548 downloads
    pr2gpx (0.2.1) Converts Winlink position reports sent or received with Airmail into GPX tracks or waypoints.
  29. 2,881 downloads
    pra (1.5.1) Command Line utility to make you aware of open pull-requests across systems at all times.
  30. 403 downloads
    prac09 (0.0.1) Clases que permiten gestionar matrices densas y dispersas de manera distinta