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  1. 14,478 downloads
    protobuf-activerecord (3.1.0) Provides the ability to create Active Record objects from Protocol Buffer messages and vice versa.
  2. 2,770 downloads
    protobuf-closure-library (0.1.6) A wrapper for native protocol buffer javascript compiler which generates closure libr...
  3. 1,134 downloads
    protobuf_descriptor (1.1.2) Wraps the protobuf FileDescriptorSet messages with happy features like type name resolution and t...
  4. 1,397 downloads
    protobuffer (0.0.0) ProtoBuffer::Converter can be inherited by a class and then multiple `structure` blocks define ea...
  5. 2,766 downloads
    protobuf-generate (0.2.3) A simple PEG parser, AST and template based approach to code generation.
  6. 1,559 downloads
    protobuf-jars ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  7. 11,647 downloads
    protobuf-rspec (1.0.0) Protobuf RSpec helpers for testing services and clients. Meant to be used with the protobuf gem. ...
  8. 478 downloads
    protobuf_spec (0.3.1) Leverages json_spec to test structured protocol buffers with json data modeling
  9. 6,637 downloads
    protocol (1.0.1) This library offers an implementation of protocols against which you can check the conformity of ...
  10. 2,663 downloads
    protocolist (1.0.0) Simple activity feeds solution for Rails applications. Gives a flexible way to build activity fee...
  11. 212 downloads
    proto_config (0.0.1.alpha) Coordinate a group of objects with a single configuration
  12. 4,982 downloads
    protocool (0.1.0) Decides whether to use TLS encryption or not on a per-environment basis in Rails. Usually people ...
  13. 3,583 downloads
    protoform (0.1.2) Generates a basic skeleton for a Mirah Android application
  14. 722 downloads
    protoj (0.1.0) Allows user to define a JSON's schema with ruby object.
  15. 2,437 downloads
    protojson (0.2.0) A Ruby gem for Google's Protocol Buffers messages using three different encodings JSON ...
  16. 8,523 downloads
    protokoll (0.5.3) Rails 4 gem to enable creation of a custom autoincrement Time based string on a model defined by ...
  17. 1,830 downloads
    protolif-acts_as_taggable_on_steroids (2.1.2) Based on fork of a fork of a fork of acts_as_taggable by DHH. Updated for Rails 3.2
  18. 12,926 downloads
    protolink (0.2.11) A Ruby API for interfacing with Protonet, the next-gen internet infrastructure. Truly social and ...
  19. 4,764 downloads
    protomsg (0.8.0) Protocol Message Buffers for C. This gem generates C socket code for reading and writing messages...
  20. 5,322 downloads
    proton (0.3.6) Proton lets you create static websites from a bunch of files written in HAML, Textile, Sass, or a...
  21. 1,827 downloads
    protoncouch (1.0) It's a simple and efficient CouchDB client written on Ruby. Current solutions like CouchRest are ...
  22. 6,163 downloads
    ProtonCouch (1.0) It's a simple and efficient CouchDB client written on Ruby. Current solutions like CouchRest are ...
  23. 3,188 downloads
    protopack (0.0.7) Create objects from object definitions stored as files, like test fixtures, only intended for pr...
  24. 8,147 downloads
    protoplasm-blocking-client (0.1.8) A blocking client for a Protoplasm server.
  25. 985 downloads
    protoplasm-client (0.0.1) The protoplasm client.
  26. 7,986 downloads
    protoplasm-em-server (0.1.8) A protoplasm server backed by EventMachine.
  27. 962 downloads
    protoplasm-server (0.0.1) The protoplasm server.
  28. 1,420 downloads
    protopuffs (0.3.0) A new implementation of Protocol Buffers in Ruby
  29. 471 downloads
    prototypal (0.0.1) Prototypal Ruby objects
  30. 9,956 downloads
    prototype (2.0.0) prototype