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  1. 3,506 downloads
    panmind-bigbro (0.8.3) BigBro provides view helpers to generate Analytics code (with the noscript counterpart), test hel...
  2. 1,301 downloads
    panmind-exception_notification (2.3.10) Exception notification by email for Rails apps - 2.3-stable compatible version
  3. 4,223 downloads
    panmind-http_accept_language (1.1.2) Find out which locale the user preferes by reading the languages they specified in their browser
  4. 2,967 downloads
    panmind-recaptcha (1.0.2) ReCaptcha implements view helpers to generate ReCaptcha code, with the noscript counterpart, requ...
  5. 3,732 downloads
    panmind-rtf (0.4.1) Ruby RTF is a library that can be used to create rich text format (RTF) documents. RTF is a text ...
  6. 1,233 downloads
    panmind-ruby-audioinfo (0.1.7) ruby-audioinfo glues together various audio libraries and presents a single API to the developer.
  7. 4,504 downloads
    panmind-sslhelper (0.9.2) SSLHelper provides controller helpers to require/refuse SSL onto specific actions, test helpers t...
  8. 1,227 downloads
    panmind-tarantula (0.3.3) A big hairy fuzzy spider that crawls your site, wreaking havoc
  9. 2,651 downloads
    panmind-usage-tracker (1.0.1) This software implements a Rails 3 Middleware and an EventMachine reactor to store into a databas...
  10. 844 downloads
    panmind-usage-tracker-server (1.1.5) this software implements an EventMachine reactor which stores json-objects received via UDP in a ...
  11. 3,920 downloads
    panmind-zendesk (1.1.0) The plugin implements the HTML generation code for the Zendesk dropbox and the necessary controll...
  12. 425 downloads
    pannier (0.3.0) Pannier is a Ruby tool for the processing of web assets like CSS and JavaScript files. It can be ...
  13. 11,034 downloads
    pano (0.0.9) Split and fuse images for pano
  14. 564 downloads
    panops (0.0.1alpha) A reliable, operable, distributed, self-organizing resource management and integration platform f...
  15. 568 downloads
    panops-core (0.0.1alpha1) This gem contains components absolutely required for interaction with PanOps. For example: the Pa...
  16. 222 downloads
    panops-ui-cli (0.0.1alpha1) This gem contains components related to the PanOps Command Line Interface UI. For example: the pa...
  17. 3,461 downloads
    panoptimon (0.4.5) The All-Seeing System Monitor Daemon
  18. 485 downloads
    panoptimon-collector-mysql_status (0.1.0) collect information from MySQL for use by panoptimon
  19. 872 downloads
    panorama (0.0.1) Panorama provides a templating system, which allows the use of partials and content insertion fro...
  20. 3,713 downloads
    panoramic (0.0.4) Stores rails views on database
  21. 1,413 downloads
    panoramio (0.0.1) Simple Panoramio API client written in Ruby
  22. 10,448 downloads
    panoramio-rb (1.0.4) PanoramioRb gem help you to get geolocated photos from how a Ruby Object.
  23. 2,248 downloads
    panthoot (0.2.1) Provides an Rack/Rails API endpoint for MailChimp callbacks with corresponding ActiveSupport::Not...
  24. 2,037 downloads
    pan_tilt (0.0.6) Pan and Tilt Arduino connected Servos
  25. 457 downloads
    pantry (0.1.0) Pantry is a framework that provides answers to common questions encoutered when setting up a ...
  26. 116 downloads
    pantry-chef (0.1) Add Chef support to a Pantry network.
  27. 111 downloads
    pantry-exec (0.1) Run arbitrary shell commands on a Pantry Client.
  28. 563 downloads
    pants (0.1.0) Pants redirects IO using EventMachine from one input source to many different destinations. In so...
  29. 5,854 downloads
    panztel-actionwebservice (2.3.5) Adds WSDL/SOAP and XML-RPC web service support to Action Pack
  30. 3,618 downloads
    paparazzi (0.2.1) Rsync backup library that takes incremental hourly, daily, etc., snapshots.