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  1. 601 downloads
    pangloss (0.1) Pangloss uses a basic Markov chain method to generate new words based on a passed dictionary.
  2. 116,719 downloads
    pango (2.2.0) Ruby/Pango is a Ruby binding of pango-1.x.
  3. 10,380 downloads
    pangolin (0.4.3) Ant is a nice tool for writing Java build scripts, but Rake is nicer. The only thing missing from...
  4. 2,011 downloads
    pangrammic_surplus (1.0.1) Determines the surplus of characters that satisfies a self-enumerating pangram.
  5. 1,885 downloads
    pan_handler (0.0.2) Uses Pandoc to convert html
  6. 650 downloads
    panic (0.0.1) try it out - I dare you
  7. 5,320 downloads
    panic_board_data (1.0.2) Export data for Panic Status Board
  8. 524 downloads
    panier (0.0.6) A gem demonstrating the calculation of sales taxes.
  9. 3,911 downloads
    panini (1.2.0) Panini allows you to generate sentences from a context-free grammar, also known as a CFG.
  10. 794 downloads
    panjiva-oauth2 (0.5.0) A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OAuth gem.
  11. 469 downloads
    panjiva-oauth-plugin (0.4.1) Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer
  12. 602 downloads
    panjiva-pdf-reader (1.3.0) The PDF::Reader library implements a PDF parser conforming as much as possible to the PDF specifi...
  13. 1,186 downloads
    panko (0.0.2) Breadcrumb trails the right way: object-oriented outside the controller.
  14. 2,558 downloads
    panlex_client (0.3.0)
  15. 1,184 downloads
    pan_masker (0.2.3) A simple gem to scan a string, find and mask mastercard, visa, discover and verve credit/debit ca...
  16. 3,747 downloads
    panmind-bigbro (0.8.3) BigBro provides view helpers to generate Analytics code (with the noscript counterpart), test hel...
  17. 1,389 downloads
    panmind-exception_notification (2.3.10) Exception notification by email for Rails apps - 2.3-stable compatible version
  18. 4,548 downloads
    panmind-http_accept_language (1.1.2) Find out which locale the user preferes by reading the languages they specified in their browser
  19. 3,220 downloads
    panmind-recaptcha (1.0.2) ReCaptcha implements view helpers to generate ReCaptcha code, with the noscript counterpart, requ...
  20. 3,987 downloads
    panmind-rtf (0.4.1) Ruby RTF is a library that can be used to create rich text format (RTF) documents. RTF is a text ...
  21. 1,317 downloads
    panmind-ruby-audioinfo (0.1.7) ruby-audioinfo glues together various audio libraries and presents a single API to the developer.
  22. 4,828 downloads
    panmind-sslhelper (0.9.2) SSLHelper provides controller helpers to require/refuse SSL onto specific actions, test helpers t...
  23. 1,311 downloads
    panmind-tarantula (0.3.3) A big hairy fuzzy spider that crawls your site, wreaking havoc
  24. 2,837 downloads
    panmind-usage-tracker (1.0.1) This software implements a Rails 3 Middleware and an EventMachine reactor to store into a databas...
  25. 941 downloads
    panmind-usage-tracker-server (1.1.5) this software implements an EventMachine reactor which stores json-objects received via UDP in a ...
  26. 4,269 downloads
    panmind-zendesk (1.1.0) The plugin implements the HTML generation code for the Zendesk dropbox and the necessary controll...
  27. 1,530 downloads
    pannier (0.6.0) Pannier is a Ruby tool for the processing of web assets like CSS and JavaScript files. It can be ...
  28. 11,767 downloads
    pano (0.0.9) Split and fuse images for pano
  29. 593 downloads
    panops (0.0.1alpha) A reliable, operable, distributed, self-organizing resource management and integration platform f...
  30. 597 downloads
    panops-core (0.0.1alpha1) This gem contains components absolutely required for interaction with PanOps. For example: the Pa...