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  1. 755 downloads
    primus (0.0.0) A regex way of testing prime numbers
  2. 25,494 downloads
    princely (1.4.1) A wrapper for the PrinceXML PDF generation library.
  3. 678 downloads
    prince_merge (0.0.1) A mail merge for developers.
  4. 4,156 downloads
    prince-ruby (0.3.0) PrinceXML is a PDF generator that takes html,css input. This gem is a simple wrapper for use with...
  5. 4,850 downloads
    princess (0.0.5) Princess is an Excel and Excelx spreadsheet reader
  6. 773 downloads
    print_client (0.1.0) Downloads labels from virtusprinter server and sends them to a serial printer
  7. 974 downloads
    printer (0.1.0) Sending commands to a small thermal printer
  8. 2,722 downloads
    printing_labels (0.0.2) create pdf labels sheet defining template and label start point
  9. 3,806 downloads
    printing_press (0.2.2) Used in projects where you need to be able to save drafts of models and allow users to publish th...
  10. 4,991 downloads
    print_json_response (2.0.1) A simple script to grab JSON from a URI and view it in a readable manner. Also, diff the JSON res...
  11. 1,394 downloads
    print-links (0.1.0) Print formatted http links for the passed URL
  12. 128 downloads
    print_out_text (0.0.1) Prints out some text.
  13. 13,555 downloads
    printr (0.6.2) This engine allows you to define printers and templates.
  14. 4,033 downloads
    print_r (1.5.0) This is a print_r() implementation.
  15. 1,068 downloads
    printrun (0.0.1) Quick and dirty print and run of ruby code because I was tired of copying my gist
  16. 1,407 downloads
    print_square (0.0.2) A simple command that validates a square number and prints it in a design
  17. 4,887 downloads
    prioritizable (0.0.5) Prioritizable
  18. 1,079 downloads
    prioritized_ar_mailer (2.1.11) Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you have to send hundreds of me...
  19. 1,058 downloads
    prioritized_ar_mailer_rails3 (2.1.12) ArMailer wrapper for Rails 3 with mail priority
  20. 1,958 downloads
    priority_order_scopes (0.0.2) Flip through Active Record models in order using next and previous scopes and instance methods.
  21. 3,568 downloads
    priority_queue (0.2.0) A simple priority queue in Ruby.
  22. 84,905 downloads
    PriorityQueue (0.1.2) This is a fibonacci-heap priority-queue implementation. That means insert: O(1) decrease_pr...
  23. 966 downloads
    priority_queue_cxx (0.3.4) Fast priority queue implementation (c++ wrapper, see for a comparison with other librar...
  24. 304 downloads
    priority_support (0.0.0) A gem to make customer support more efficient for small startups
  25. 3,718 downloads
    priority_test (0.0.4) Run tests in priority
  26. 2,185 downloads
    priscilla (1.0.3) Don't let your console messages drown in a wall of text, make them stand out
  27. 5,810 downloads
    prism (0.1.0) A Ruby microformat parser and HTML toolkit powered by Nokogiri
  28. 16,684 downloads
    prisma (0.2.4) Simple request stats collector for Rails applications
  29. 2,518 downloads (1.0.0.preview.7) The standard's API library.
  30. 1,183 downloads
    prism-marauder (0.6.4) Command line tool to find services in Prism based on simple queries