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  1. 7,434 downloads
    publishing_logic (0.2.0) Publishing logic for ActiveRecord models
  2. 16,856 downloads
    publish_my_data (1.3.25) The PublishMyData Rails Engine. Create rails apps with Linked Data functionality.
  3. 34,279 downloads
    publishr (0.9.5) Generates mobi files for Kindle, ebook files for other ebook readers, PDF via LaTex, and static w...
  4. 3,569 downloads
    publishus (0.0.3) Publishus allows active record models and associations to be published and exist both in a 'curre...
  5. 3,538 downloads
    pubmed_search (0.4.0) A PubMed searching library with more features than BioRuby
  6. 59,238 downloads
    pubnub (3.5.3) Ruby anywhere in the world in 250ms with PubNub!
  7. 549 downloads
    pubnub-picklive ( Ruby anywhere in the world in 250ms with PubNub!
  8. 2,040 downloads
    pubnub-publisher (1.0.3) The simplest PubNub gem possible to simply publish events. Nothing more.
  9. 32,073 downloads
    pubnub-ruby (3.4.1) Ruby anywhere in the world in 250ms with PubNub!
  10. 3,574 downloads
    pubsub (0.0.3) PubSub pattern
  11. 844 downloads
    pub_sub (0.0.1) Minimal Publisher/Subscriber
  12. 1,101 downloads
    pubsubhub (0.0.3) PubSubHub allows you to loosen the coupling between components in a system by providing a central...
  13. 15,771 downloads
    pubsubhubbub (0.2.0) Asynchronous PubSubHubbub client for Ruby
  14. 349 downloads
    pubsubstub (0.0.6) Pubsubstub can be added to a rack Application or deployed standalone. It uses Redis to do the Pub...
  15. 1,240 downloads
    puck (1.0.0.pre2) Puck takes your app and packs it along with all your gems and a complete JRuby runtime in a stand...
  16. 3,288 downloads
    puer (0.0.6) Titanium Starter Project Generate Tools build with Ruby, Coffee Script, Backbone.js etc
  17. 796 downloads
    puff (0.3.1) Puff provides Redis integration and instrumentation for Rails.
  18. 31,573 downloads
    puffer (0.1.1) Admin interface builder
  19. 19,709 downloads
    puffer_pages (0.5.1) Puffer pages is integratable rails CMS with puffer admin interface
  20. 23,501 downloads
    puffing-billy (0.2.3) A stubbing proxy server for ruby. Connect it to your browser in integration tests to fake interac...
  21. 1,398 downloads
    pug (0.2.2) Pug is a simple light-weight distributed issue tracker, main purpose is to automatically create r...
  22. 10,060 downloads
    puggernaut (0.2.3) Simple server push implementation using eventmachine and long polling
  23. 1,765 downloads
    pugnacious_juices (1.0.2) It is a clone of Liquid Wars.
  24. 2,382 downloads
    puke (0.0.2) Puke is a minimal grooveshark library for ruby, using the api instead of grooveshark...
  25. 4,605 downloads
    Puke (0.0.2) Puke is a minimal grooveshark library for ruby, using the api instead of grooveshark...
  26. 1,742 downloads
    pukka (1.0.0) Keep your data pukka with these custom ActiveModel validators.
  27. 1,010 downloads
    pull (0.0.2) Easily create Github pull requests from the command line.
  28. 1,201 downloads
    pullable (1.1.0) Update your Git repositories
  29. 4,735 downloads
    pullall (0.1.7) Git Pull from all the repositories that belong to a group you created
  30. 915 downloads
    pullbot (0.0.5) Auto pull git repository and bundle ruby gems