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  1. 47,073 downloads
    puppet-module (0.3.4) The Puppet Module Tool creates, installs and searches for Puppet modules.
  2. 795 downloads
    puppet_module_packaging (0.2.0) puppet_module_packaging provides some Rake tasks to ease wrapping Puppet modules into pro...
  3. 2,920 downloads
    puppet_module_spec_helper (0.2.0) Contains rake tasks and a standard spec_helper for running spec tests on puppet modules
  4. 5,796 downloads
    puppetmodule-stdlib (4.0.2) This Gem format of the stdlib module is intended to make it easier for _module authors_ to resolv...
  5. 470 downloads
    puppet-newrelic (0.0.1) This gem (horribly) monkey-patches your puppetmaster to add instrumentation with New Relic.
  6. 434 downloads
    puppet_pal (0.0.3) A simpler, faster version of librarian-puppet -- pulls specified modules from soure control
  7. 6,185 downloads
    puppet-parse (0.1.0) Parse Puppet modules for classes, defines, parameters and documentation
  8. 11,374 downloads
    puppet-pip (1.0.0) Puppet provider of Python packages via pip.
  9. 5,567 downloads
    puppet-profiler (0.0.2) Analyses your Puppet runs on a host and returns a list of resources that are slowing down your ...
  10. 4,453 downloads
    puppet-pssh (0.3.2) Puppet parallel-ssh integration
  11. 7,359 downloads
    puppet-qatools (0.4.0) Meta Package for the Puppet Quality Assurance Toolchain
  12. 6,365 downloads
    puppet-rundeck (0.0.7) Provides a resource endpoint for RunDeck from a Puppet Server
  13. 1,530 downloads
    puppet-rundeck-2013 (0.0.12) Provides a resource endpoint for RunDeck from a Puppet Server
  14. 508 downloads
    puppetry (0.0.0.init) puppetry
  15. 2,071 downloads
    puppetry_toolbox (0.0.5) Puppetry is a command line tool that aims at easing and uniforming development of Puppet...
  16. 3,369 downloads
    puppetsdb (0.0.6) A simple interface to Puppet's ENC stored on Amazon's SimpleDB
  17. 48,333 downloads
    puppet-syntax (1.2.0) Syntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates
  18. 1,867 downloads
    puppet-testing (0.0.3) Testing puppet using kvm and cucumber
  19. 602 downloads
    puppet_transplant (0.0.3) Relocate puppet to use a different default confdir and vardir
  20. 1,929 downloads
    puppi (0.0.3) Puppi is a Puppet module that lets sysadmins standardize, manage and automate the deployment of w...
  21. 970 downloads
    puppy (1.0.2) Puppy is a tiny gem to perform easy object tracing and debugging.
  22. 15,450 downloads
    pupu (0.2.1) Pupu is a plugin system for media like mootools plugins, icon sets etc. It knows dependencies and...
  23. 252 downloads
    purbach (0.0.1) faye pub/sub mesasging integration for rails.
  24. 31,041 downloads
    purchase (1.0.15) A software model in Ruby for the greenhouse gas emissions of a purchase
  25. 560 downloads
    purdypatch (0.0.2) A tool for improving the format of git-format-patch emails, making them easier to review.
  26. 19,724 downloads
    purdytest (1.0.0) Purdytest extends minitest with pretty colors. Simply require minitest, then require purdytest, ...
  27. 5,534 downloads
    pure (0.2.2) Pure imports aspects of the pure functional paradigm into Ruby.
  28. 2,501 downloads
    pure-bootstrap-rails (2.3.2) Pure Bootstrap Rails is Ruby gem that makes easy using Bootstrap framework in your rails app
  29. 6,278 downloads
    purecss ( Pure CSS ( toolkit for Rails Asset Pipeline
  30. 2,108 downloads
    pure-css-rails (0.4.2) Pure CSS for Rails Asset Pipeline