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  1. 1,318 downloads
    proceso-rails (0.2.4) Proceso Middleware for Rails
  2. 625 downloads
    process (0.0.1) The library is used to list all process and do operations on them.
  3. 904 downloads
    process_builder (1.1.0) Simple object-oriented wrapper around Process.spawn and Open3
  4. 1,702 downloads
    process-builder (1.0.1) DEPRECATED - This gem has been replaced by process_builder
  5. 964 downloads
    process_command (0.1.0) Interprocess communication with command for ruby
  6. 1,079 downloads
    process_control (0.1.0) Process Control is a wrapper to allow easy control for any external daemon type process. The Pro...
  7. 2,550 downloads
    process-daemon (0.5.5) `Process::Daemon` is a stable and helpful base class for long running tasks and daemons. Provides...
  8. 665 downloads
    process_exists (0.1.3) Sends a null signal to a process or a group of processes specified by pid to check if it exists.
  9. 1,757 downloads
    process-group (0.2.1) Manages a unix process group for running multiple processes, keeps track of multiple processes a...
  10. 1,001 downloads
    processingjs (0.0.1) Ruby Processingjs is a bridge to the JS Processingjs compiler.
  11. 2,606 downloads
    processingjs-source (0.0.5) Javascript source of processingjs
  12. 3,347 downloads
    procession (0.0.1) Runs a process and blocks until it starts properly
  13. 900 downloads
    processit (1.0.1) ProcessIt
  14. 1,416 downloads
    process_lock (0.1.2) A simple class to aquire and check process-id file based locks on a unix filesystem.
  15. 558 downloads
    ProcessLock (0.1.3) Locks a method to a single process
  16. 2,934 downloads
    processmaker (0.1.1) A Ruby library to connect to a ProcessMaker instance via web services.
  17. 1,061 downloads
    process_memory (0.0.1) Adds memory usage info to standart ruby's process module
  18. 3,049 downloads
    process_metrics (0.1.11) A gem that provides utilities to measure a process and its sub tasks.
  19. 3,468 downloads
    process_metrics_activerecord (0.1.15) Store your metrics generated with the 'process_metrics' gem using ActiveRecord
  20. 1,074 downloads
    process_mgt (0.1.0) High level calls for searching for process ids and killing processes given a string.
  21. 7,615 downloads
    process_monitor (0.2.3) A gem to simplify process/service monitoring.
  22. 1,368 downloads
    process-monitor (0.0.0) This gem gets the status(running/sleeping/defunct) based on a pattern you provide to it. For exam...
  23. 2,066 downloads
    process_monitoring (1.1.0) Holds variable set which is regularly updated and export it to http protocol
  24. 2,519 downloads
    processor (2.1.0) Processor is a tool that helps to iterate over collection and perform complex actions on a result...
  25. 1,463 downloads
    ProcessorPool (1.0.0) Usage would include an upload server, a image and video processing and transcoding server, all no...
  26. 1,531 downloads
    processo_utilities (0.0.5) Processo Utilities
  27. 4,845 downloads
    ProcessPilot ( Ruby library giving a simple way to pilot an external process' stdin, stdout and stderr in real t...
  28. 6,030 downloads
    process_pool (0.1.3) ProcessPool with interchangeable job queue backends for Ruby
  29. 1,287 downloads
    process-query-language (0.1.0) Process query language (based on plucky)
  30. 6,263 downloads
    processr (0.9.6) Processr is a simple text processing and concatenation library. It takes a number of input string...