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  1. 16,148 downloads
    profanalyzer (1.2.0) Analyzes a block of text for profanity. It is able to filter profane words as well.
  2. 1,685 downloads
    profane (0.0.3) A simple, flexible profanity filter.
  3. 31,614 downloads
    profanity_filter (0.1.1) Allows you to filter profanity using basic replacement or a dictionary term.
  4. 569 downloads
    professionali (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for Professionali's API
  5. 2,038 downloads
    proffer (0.10.0) A module to stop Action Controller from copying every instance variable available to an action to...
  6. 12,131 downloads
    profig (0.10) A YAML-based system configuration manager with no central server
  7. 5,415 downloads
    profigure (0.0.4) profigure aims to be a drop in replacement for configuring your apps in a railsy way.
  8. 6,562 downloads
    profile (0.3.3) This tool helps you to define multiple data sets, which you can use later in data profiling
  9. 1,896 downloads
    profile_require (0.0.3) Simple profiling time elapsed in requires This is very useful in large projects. Currently only ...
  10. 601 downloads
    profiler_rails (0.0.1) A profiler for Rails application based on ruby-prof that supports flat, graph and stack output
  11. 852 downloads
    profile_thrift_client (0.0.4) profile_thrift_client is a thrift client of passport
  12. 139 downloads
    profiling-chef-handler (0.0.3) Report on the run time of cookbooks, recipes, and resources
  13. 3,948 downloads
    profit (0.1.7) This is a client/server combination that allows you to profile code and send the results to a rem...
  14. 1,115 downloads
    profitably-abingo (0.1.2) Rails A/B testing. One minute to install. One line to set up a new A/B test. One line to track co...
  15. 1,855 downloads
    profitably-km (1.1.2) KISSmetrics ruby API gem. Forked from
  16. 16,922 downloads
    profitbricks (1.1.1) A Ruby client for the ProfitBricks API.
  17. 8,567 downloads
    profligacy (1.0-jruby) Profligacy The Swing Reducer.
  18. 1,708 downloads
    profound (0.0.4) Use this gem if, like me, you're bad at Photoshop and want to ceate wallpapers like those on "The...
  19. 648 downloads
    progbar (0.0.3) Print progress bar for array iteration
  20. 1,278 downloads
    progenitor (0.0.0) Progenitor is a lightweight gem for building factories, especially useful for testing, but ...
  21. 78 downloads
    program_dataset (0.0.1) This library is called program_dataset.
  22. 4,841 downloads
    program_information (1.0.14) This library is called program_information. It allows you to return the real name and the...
  23. 662 downloads
    programmable-rc_actions (0.0.4) Better actions for resources_controller plugin.
  24. 753 downloads
    programmable_scaffold_rails (0.0.3) This gem should support you when using rails scaffold (or a lot of simple CRUD models/views/contr...
  25. 2,436 downloads
    programmable-ventouse (0.1.5) Various usefull ruby/rails shit
  26. 1,270 downloads
    programr (0.0.1) Ruby interpreter for the AIML
  27. 3,720 downloads
    program-tv (0.0.9) Downloads TV channel schedule in XML format
  28. 302,695 downloads
    progress (3.0.1) Show progress of long running tasks
  29. 720,973 downloads
    progressbar (0.21.0) Ruby/ProgressBar is a text progress bar library for Ruby. It can indicate progress with percentag...
  30. 413,816 downloads
    progress_bar (1.0.3) Give people feedback about long-running tasks without overloading them with information: Use a pr...