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  1. 5,620 downloads
    provideal-migration-helpers (1.1.2) Adds foreign key support for MySQL and PostgreSQL in Rails migrations
  2. 311 downloads
    provideal-moo (1.0.1) A simple Rails plugin/engine as a gem that does nothing. Just for demoing.
  3. 5,435 downloads
    provideal-plugin-utils (0.1.3) A small collection of utilities to deal with assets bundled within Rails plugins/engines.
  4. 165 downloads
    provideal-provideal-migration-helpers (1.0.1) Adds foreign key support for MySQL and PostgreSQL in Rails migrations
  5. 1,181 downloads
    providence (0.1.2) Ready made watchr files for rails projects using rspec and cucumber. Beware the growl. Only tes...
  6. 1,324 downloads
    provideous (0.0.6) Ruby CLI for quickly creating a one off video page
  7. 739 downloads
    provider (0.0.1) Make query easily.
  8. 801 downloads
    provider_one (0.0.0) Take the pain out of dealing with databases in Android by generating fully functional database, c...
  9. 442 downloads
    provider-testing (0.3.2) This framework uses Ruby, Rake and a local instance of the SFCB CIMOM to run tests against CIM pr...
  10. 3,714 downloads
    provincias (0.1.0) Provides a way to easily manage spanish provinces in your apps without creating additional tables...
  11. 1,079 downloads
    provise (0.0.2) CLI for re-signing iOS Apps (.ipa files)
  12. 795 downloads
    provision (0.0.1) Lets one hook a provision for a method
  13. 12,464 downloads
    provisionator (0.0.26) To the cloud!
  14. 1,955 downloads
    provisioner (0.0.2) This command-line tool reduces the amount of time and repetition involved in provisioning new Her...
  15. 1,394 downloads
    provisioning-api (0.0.0) Google ruby library implementation of the provisioning API
  16. 4,950 downloads
    proviso (0.2.0) Proviso is a cli plugin system that focuses on provisioning servers, but you can create plugins f...
  17. 41,982 downloads
    provizioning (0.9.19) Puppet server provisioning tools, recipes and templates
  18. 10,818 downloads
    prowl (0.1.3) Wrapprer for prowl,
  19. 9,669 downloads
    prowler (1.3.1) A plugin/gem that provides access to the Prowl API ( Works with Rails 2 or 3...
  20. 3,843 downloads
    prowl-exception (0.0.5) ["Send", "exception", "summary", "to", "prowl"]
  21. 2,699 downloads
    prowlnotify (0.2.2) Easily send prowl notifications from the command line
  22. 2,016 downloads
    prowlr (0.2.3) Yet another Prowl API gem and command line interface
  23. 12,368 downloads
    prowly (0.3.0) The Prowly gem is a simple wrapper to the Prowl API, you can use it to send messages to your iPho...
  24. 1,592 downloads
    prox (0.0.1) Transparent object proxy based on SimpleDelegator
  25. 204 downloads
    proxbox (0.0.1) Proximity Box Detector. Relationship by closeness.
  26. 9,920 downloads
    proxeze (1.2.1) A basic proxy/delegate framework for Ruby that will allow you to wrap any object with a proxy ins...
  27. 1,286 downloads
    proxie (0.1.1) Proxie is a HTTP proxy server with sqlite-powered storage and web interface for debugging.
  28. 770,910 downloads
    proxies (0.2.1) Proxies can even proxy other proxies
  29. 1,640 downloads
    proxies-scanner (0.0.2) scan proxies list and check if they are valid
  30. 9,855 downloads
    proxifier (1.0.3) Proxifier adds support for HTTP or SOCKS proxies and lets you force TCPSocket to use proxies.