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  1. 12,432 downloads
    prowly (0.3.0) The Prowly gem is a simple wrapper to the Prowl API, you can use it to send messages to your iPho...
  2. 1,607 downloads
    prox (0.0.1) Transparent object proxy based on SimpleDelegator
  3. 208 downloads
    proxbox (0.0.1) Proximity Box Detector. Relationship by closeness.
  4. 9,945 downloads
    proxeze (1.2.1) A basic proxy/delegate framework for Ruby that will allow you to wrap any object with a proxy ins...
  5. 1,288 downloads
    proxie (0.1.1) Proxie is a HTTP proxy server with sqlite-powered storage and web interface for debugging.
  6. 776,998 downloads
    proxies (0.2.1) Proxies can even proxy other proxies
  7. 1,646 downloads
    proxies-scanner (0.0.2) scan proxies list and check if they are valid
  8. 9,892 downloads
    proxifier (1.0.3) Proxifier adds support for HTTP or SOCKS proxies and lets you force TCPSocket to use proxies.
  9. 836 downloads
    proxify (0.0.1) Create a proxy for any object.
  10. 779 downloads
    proxihash (0.0.1) Hashes for geospatial proximity searches.
  11. 625 downloads
    proximal_records (0.0.2) ActiveRecord extension to find out near by (proximal) previous and next records from the ActiveRe...
  12. 1,346 downloads
    proximity (1.1.0) Rack::Proxy router using Journey
  13. 834 downloads
    proximo (0.0.0) Provides client-side ActiveModel records that consume REST JSON APIs
  14. 1,979 downloads
    proximus (0.0.2) Someday I'll grow up and proxy API calls
  15. 999 downloads
    proxinacci (0.1.0) Proxinacci adds a method to any number returning the nearest fibonacci number
  16. 1,320 downloads
    proxmox (0.0.3) A library to drive a Proxmox host
  17. 785 downloads
    proxmox-rb (0.0.4) A library to interact with proxmox 3.x
  18. 1,876 downloads
    proxtopus (0.0.36) A high-level API for retrieving active proxies.
  19. 4,690 downloads
    proxy (1.3.5) A gem/plugin that allows rails applications to respond to multiple domains and proxied requests
  20. 1,375 downloads
    proxyconf (0.1.0) proxyconf configurates proxy setting for terminal depends on System Preference.
  21. 311 downloads
    proxy_finder (0.0.1) Give proxy_finder a list of proxy servers and it will tell which ones are active.
  22. 6,765 downloads
    proxy_for_template (0.0.7) Allows method calls to be delegated to a template object.
  23. 33,922 downloads
    proxylocal (0.3.1) Proxy your local web-server and make it publicly available over the internet
  24. 46,979 downloads
    proxymachine (1.2.4) ProxyMachine is a simple content aware (layer 7) TCP routing proxy written in Ruby with EventMach...
  25. 7,199 downloads
    proxy_machine (0.0.6) A cool proxy implementation pattern in ruby
  26. 2,422 downloads
    proxy_manager (1.0.1) This is gem for easy usage proxy in your parsers/web-bots. It will manage your proxy list...
  27. 127 downloads
    proxymgr (0.1) Manages Haproxy configuration dynamically
  28. 3,986 downloads
    proxymock (0.0.10) Adds a should_receive! method to rspec that actually calls the method instead of behaving like a ...
  29. 1,425 downloads
    proxy-object (1.0.0) Add proxy methods easily
  30. 3,620 downloads
    proxy_pac_rb (0.3.6) This gem uses a JavaScript runtime to evaulate a proxy auto-config file the same way a browser do...