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  1. 1,178 downloads
    puppet_facts (0.2.1) Contains facts from many PE and POSS systems
  2. 38,083 downloads
    puppet_forge (1.0.3) Access and manipulate the Puppet Forge API from Ruby.
  3. 439 downloads
    puppet-forge-mirror (0.0.3) Mirror the Puppet Forge by downloading it's modules
  4. 2,105 downloads
    puppet_generator (0.5.7) If you need to build more than one puppet manifests it is quite boring to redo the same step...
  5. 630 downloads
    puppet-graph-petems (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  6. 2,104 downloads
    puppetize (0.1.0) Puppetize is a tool that can generate complete modules from systems
  7. 820,799 downloads
    puppetlabs_spec_helper (0.8.2) Contains rake tasks and a standard spec_helper for running spec tests on puppet modules
  8. 6,207 downloads
    puppet-library (0.17.0) A private Puppet forge
  9. 837,709 downloads
    puppet-lint (1.1.0) Checks your Puppet manifests against the Puppetlabs style guide and alerts you to any discrepan...
  10. 120 downloads
    puppet-lint-absolute_template_path (1.0.0) A new check for puppet-lint that checks all template paths are in the template('example/t...
  11. 275 downloads
    puppet-lint-param-docs (1.0.1) A new check for puppet-lint that validates all class parameters are documented.
  12. 81 downloads
    puppet-lint-roles_and_profiles-check (0.1.0) A puppet-lint plugin to check that: - a node definition declares only a role, - a rol...
  13. 590 downloads
    puppet-lint-trailing_newline-check (1.0.0) Extends puppet-lint to ensure that your manifest files end with newlines.
  14. 577 downloads
    puppet-lint-variable_contains_upcase (1.0.0) Extends puppet-lint to ensure that your variables are all lower case
  15. 225 downloads
    puppet-lint-vim_modeline-check (0.0.3) A puppet-lint plugin to check that manifest files end with a vim modeline as the last line.
  16. 1,267 downloads
    puppet_local (0.1.2) Simple tool for applying puppet modules from single hiera data source file
  17. 54,773 downloads
    puppet-module (0.3.4) The Puppet Module Tool creates, installs and searches for Puppet modules.
  18. 166 downloads
    puppetmodule-netdev_stdlib (0.10.0) NetDev Standard Library provides Puppet types to configure network devices
  19. 1,560 downloads
    puppet_module_packaging (0.2.0) puppet_module_packaging provides some Rake tasks to ease wrapping Puppet modules into pro...
  20. 3,476 downloads
    puppet_module_spec_helper (0.2.0) Contains rake tasks and a standard spec_helper for running spec tests on puppet modules
  21. 10,791 downloads
    puppetmodule-stdlib (4.0.2) This Gem format of the stdlib module is intended to make it easier for _module authors_ to resolv...
  22. 620 downloads
    puppet-newrelic (0.0.1) This gem (horribly) monkey-patches your puppetmaster to add instrumentation with New Relic.
  23. 1,596 downloads
    puppet_pal (1.0.1) A simpler, faster version of librarian-puppet -- pulls specified modules from soure control
  24. 7,654 downloads
    puppet-parse (0.1.0) Parse Puppet modules for classes, defines, parameters and documentation
  25. 13,086 downloads
    puppet-pip (1.0.0) Puppet provider of Python packages via pip.
  26. 560 downloads
    puppet_plugin (0.0.5) Identify yourself as a puppet host and run the according manisfest
  27. 9,139 downloads
    puppet-profiler (0.0.3) Analyses your Puppet runs on a host and returns a list of resources that are slowing down your ...
  28. 5,352 downloads
    puppet-pssh (0.3.2) Puppet parallel-ssh integration
  29. 8,509 downloads
    puppet-qatools (0.4.0) Meta Package for the Puppet Quality Assurance Toolchain
  30. 7,707 downloads
    puppet-rundeck (0.0.9) Provides a resource endpoint for RunDeck from a Puppet Server