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  1. 1,726 downloads
    papers (1.2.0) Validate that the licenses used by your Ruby project's dependencies (both gems and javascript lib...
  2. 1,032 downloads
    paper_summary (0.0.3) Summary getter for scientific papers
  3. 1,212 downloads
    papersync (0.1.0) Download your Instapaper content in mobi format.
  4. 861 downloads
    papertime_client (0.0.3) Papertime is a server giving details about Norwegian newspapers. This is a client for connecting ...
  5. 19,194 downloads
    papertrail (0.9.9) Command-line client for Papertrail hosted log management service. Tails and searches app server l...
  6. 1,172,423 downloads
    paper_trail (3.0.1) Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.
  7. 3,409 downloads
    paper_trail_changes (0.0.2) A gem to do various stuff with PaperTrail versions.
  8. 12,892 downloads
    papertrail-cli (0.9.3) Placeholder gem to point to new papertrail gem.
  9. 7,681 downloads
    paper_trail_manager (0.2.0) A user interface for `paper_trail` versioning data in Ruby on Rails 3 applications.
  10. 859 downloads
    papertrail-provisioner (0.0.1) Papertrail + Heroku + Poltergeist
  11. 102 downloads
    paper_trail_without_deprecated (3.0.0.beta1) Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.
  12. 1,211 downloads
    papervision3d (2.1.921) Papervision3D ActionScript 3 source wrapped in a Sprout::Specification for implementation into a ...
  13. 1,654 downloads
    paperwrap (0.0.2) A JRuby wrapper around [MarkdownPapers](
  14. 1,325 downloads
    paperzip (0.0.1) Adds a convenience method to your rails controllers for zipping down a number of paperclip attach...
  15. 5,694 downloads
    papla (0.1.1) Papla is a Ruby gem that allows you to convert numbers into Polish and English words.
  16. 674 downloads
    paprika (0.0.1) Placeholder for gem
  17. 1,821 downloads
    paprite (0.0.3) Just a test, doesn't do anything
  18. 2,449 downloads
    papyrus (0.0.2) Papyrus is a PDF generator plugin for RDoc based on LaTeX. It allows you to turn your project's d...
  19. 972 downloads
    Papy-tools (0.1.3) outils qui permet de transformer les fichiers html géneres par papy en des grilles americaines a...
  20. 1,214 downloads
    par (0.0.1) Par is a lightweight binding for par, a handy Unix tool for formatting paragraphs.
  21. 947 downloads
    para (0.1.1) Run tests in parallel in either Test::Unit-style or RSpec-style.
  22. 4,723 downloads
    parade (0.10.2) Parade is an open source presentation software that consists of a Sinatra web app that serves u...
  23. 1,324 downloads
    paradeiser (0.4.0) Paradeiser is a command-line tool for the Pomodoro Technique. It keeps track of the current pomod...
  24. 518 downloads
    parade-liveruby (0.0.1) Adds the ability to evaluate ruby code live within a Parade presentation
  25. 965 downloads
    parade-preshow (0.0.2) Adds a time configurable preshow to a Parade presentation, allowing you to present images before ...
  26. 7,208 downloads
    paradiso (0.4.3) A simplified mplayer command line interface
  27. 406 downloads
    paragon (0.0.1) Paragon is a Jekyll Powered CMS currently in Development
  28. 628 downloads
    para-grids (0.0.3) 'para', from the greek 'beside' and the latin meaning 'alongside', is a grid system of great simp...
  29. 560 downloads
    parakeet (0.0.0) An IRC bot framework
  30. 2,108,993 downloads
    parallel (1.0.0) Run any kind of code in parallel processes