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  1. 1,216 downloads
    package-report (0.0.4) Analyze package upgrade options on debian based systems.
  2. 2,160 downloads
    package_tracker (0.0.3) PackageTracker is a ruby gem for fetching the status of a packages(UPS, FedEx, etc...) with a sim...
  3. 6,163 downloads
    packaging_rake_tasks (1.1.0) Rake tasks to allow easy packaging ruby projects in git for Build Service or other packaging service
  4. 431 downloads
    packagit (0.0.0) Build packages
  5. 3,198 downloads
    packed_fields (0.0.3) to access hashed fields more easily
  6. 5,105 downloads
    packed-model (0.1.8) Used to minimize storage space required to store list of data
  7. 4,477 downloads
    packed_struct (0.4.2) Cleans up the string mess when packing items (in Array#pack) and unpacking items (in String#unp...
  8. 162 downloads
    packer-config (0.0.3) Building the Packer JSON configurations in raw JSON can be quite an adventure. There's limited fa...
  9. 130,138 downloads
    packet (0.1.15) Packet, A Pure Ruby library for Event Driven Network Programming.
  10. 931 downloads
    packetcount (0.0.0) IP packet counter for console, uses pcaprub.
  11. 138,691 downloads
    packetfu (1.1.10) PacketFu is a mid-level packet manipulation library for Ruby. With it, users can read, parse, and...
  12. 4,782 downloads
    packet_io (0.4.3) define packet based protocols in a declarative fashion
  13. 728 downloads
    packman (0.0.1) Test Minefold funpacks
  14. 4,435 downloads
    packmule (0.4.2) Packmule makes packaging projects into archives easier than ever.
  15. 33,038 downloads
    packnga (1.0.1) Packnga is a library to translate to many languages by YARD.
  16. 648 downloads
    packo (0.0.1.alpha.2) A really flexible package manager, inspired by portage and pacman.
  17. 26,696 downloads
    packr (3.2.1) Ruby version of Dean Edwards' JavaScript compressor
  18. 8,760 downloads
    packrat (0.1.6) Packrat is a gem for merging all css rules to inline for html emails and files.
  19. 5,548 downloads
    pack_rat (1.1.2) Helper method to simplify Rails caching, do Russian-doll caching outside your views
  20. 1,115 downloads
    packr-rails (0.0.1) Rails Asset Pipeline transformer for javascript compession/obfuscation using Packr.
  21. 828 downloads
    packsnap (0.0.1) MessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library. It enables to exchange stru...
  22. 283 downloads
    packup (0.0.1.pre) This gem provides a simple DSL for making MSI packages.
  23. 1,377 downloads
    pacman (0.0.1) Log parser for large Apache logs
  24. 4,152 downloads
    pacmine (0.1.3) * pacmine is a small tool to get a list of the packages a person maintains from
  25. 1,054 downloads
    pacojp-skutil (0.0.8) Server Kanri(administration) Util
  26. 1,934 downloads
    pacpdf (0.0.3) Write some pacmen. to load, you have to export RUBYOPT=-Ku
  27. 966 downloads
    pacproxy (0.0.6) A proxy server works with proxy.pac
  28. 1,543 downloads
    pacstream (0.9) This library is designed to assist with using the PACSTREAM electronic ordering service used by t...
  29. 37,253 downloads
    pact (1.3.3) Enables consumer driven contract testing, providing a mock service and DSL for the consumer proje...
  30. 5,853 downloads
    pact_broker (1.3.0) A server that stores and returns pact files generated by the pact gem. It enables head/prod cross...