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  1. 1,300 downloads
    padrino-fields (0.3.3) Smart fields for your forms, similar to Formtastic or SimpleForm
  2. 5,144 downloads
    padrino-flash (0.2.0) A plugin for the Padrino web framework which adds support for Rails like flash messages
  3. 4,052 downloads
    padrino-form-errors (0.1.0) Validation errors explanation done in good way for Padrino framework.
  4. 5,619 downloads
    padrino_gelflogger (0.3.0) Log from Padrino to Graylog2
  5. 303,633 downloads
    padrino-gen (0.12.3) Generators for easily creating and building padrino applications from the console
  6. 1,058 downloads
    padrino-goon (0.0.2) Padrino background processing support, Padrino's goons will take care
  7. 345 downloads
    padrino-grape (1.0.0) compatibility module for padrino, to make grape mountable
  8. 499,748 downloads
    padrino-helpers (0.12.3) Tag helpers, asset helpers, form helpers, form builders and many more helpers for padrino
  9. 148 downloads
    padrino-helpers-cj (0.12.2) Tag helpers, asset helpers, form helpers, form builders and many more helpers for padrino
  10. 998 downloads
    padrino-hstore (0.1.1) This gem adds support for hstore to Activerecord (< version 4) on the Padrino framework. It is ba...
  11. 4,756 downloads
    padrino-jbuilder (0.0.8) Adds the jbuilder templating engine to Padrino
  12. 2,981 downloads
    padrino-json (0.0.4) Adds a json_data helper that returns parsed json request data.
  13. 624 downloads
    padrino-lazy (0.0.1alpha) padrino model base generator for the Padrino Ruby Web Framework
  14. 4,199 downloads
    padrino-localization (0.2.0) This gem allows you to localalize your padrino application with ease
  15. 297,797 downloads
    padrino-mailer (0.12.3) Mailer system for padrino allowing easy delivery of application emails
  16. 1,987 downloads
    padrino-multi-json (0.0.4) Simplified way to render json strings in padrino apps
  17. 3,312 downloads
    padrino-performance (0.12.3) A gem for finding performance problems in Padrino by tracking loads and memory consumption.
  18. 2,364 downloads
    padrino-pipeline (0.4.0) The Padrino asset management system allowing frictionless serving of assets
  19. 1,984 downloads
    padrino-relative (0.0.3) Enables relative controller paths in Padrino (for DRYness)
  20. 548 downloads
    padrino-render-for (0.0.1) DRYer rendering method for Padrino, mainly used for templates for controllers
  21. 2,764 downloads
    padrino-responders (0.1.3) This component is used to create slim controllers without unnecessery and repetitive code.
  22. 431 downloads
    padrino-response (0.0.1) Eliminates the repetitive response code in your Padrino controllers
  23. 20,463 downloads
    padrino-routing (0.5.0) Enhances padrino with a named route mapping system allowing for advanced routes
  24. 6,573 downloads
    padrino-rpm (0.6.1) A gem for monitoring Padrino with newrelic rpm
  25. 101 downloads
    padrino-sextant (0.0.1) An easy way to view your routes from internal mounted apps in the browser as an alternative to ru...
  26. 7,666 downloads
    padrino-sprockets (0.0.3) Padrino with Sprockets
  27. 81,858 downloads
    padrino-support (0.12.3) A number of support methods and extensions for Padrino framework
  28. 2,073 downloads
    padrino-validation-html5 (0.2) automatically add client-side validations
  29. 2,766 downloads
    padrino-views (0.4.1) Padriono Plugin to provide a View layer to Padrino.
  30. 4,326 downloads
    padrino-warden (0.1.0) basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with padrino also providing some hooks ...