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  1. 386 downloads
    pivotal-cli (0.0.4) Simple command line tool for working with Pivotal Stories
  2. 586 downloads
    pivotal_db (0.1.0.pre) Pull a Pivotal Tracker project into an sqlite DB and provides basic search functionality through ...
  3. 5,635 downloads
    pivotal_doc (1.4.1) Automated release notes for apps hosted on Allows release ...
  4. 24,251 downloads
    pivotal-github (1.2.2) Add commands for Pivotal Tracker-GitHub integration
  5. 49,823 downloads
    pivotal_git_scripts (1.1.4) These scripts are helpers for managing developer workflow when using git repos hosted on GitHub.
  6. 432 downloads
    pivotal-integration ( Provides a set of additional Git commands to help developers when working with Pivotal Tracker
  7. 4,511 downloads
    pivotalprinter (0.3.2) Generate nice story cards from pivotaltracker.
  8. 1,435 downloads
    pivotal_reporter (0.7.2) Pivotal Reporter is a Rails Mountable Engine that injects a reporting overlay for rails applicati...
  9. 4,465 downloads
    pivotal_reporting (1.1.2) Please see the README. This tool generates some reports that could be useful if you're managing a...
  10. 1,039 downloads
    pivotalrpx-bcms_feeds (1.0.12) A BrowserCMS module which fetches, caches and displays RSS/Atom feeds
  11. 2,672 downloads
    pivotal-sass (0.0.3) Pivotal branding as SASS
  12. 5,593 downloads
    pivotal_shell (0.2.1) A command-line client for Pivotal Tracker
  13. 8,529 downloads
    pivotal-slacker (1.9.1) If you're overwhelmed with or tired of using the Pivotal Tracker web UI, use this!
  14. 9,620 downloads
    pivotal-stories (0.3.3) list all my pivotal stories
  15. 4,564 downloads
    pivotal_sync (0.1.2) Read from the Pivotal Tracker v4 api. Next version will include pushing.
  16. 20,638 downloads
    pivotal_to_pdf (1.4.0) Convert Pivotal Tracker Stories to 4x6 PDF for printing so that you can stick the card to your st...
  17. 3,741 downloads
    pivotal_to_pdf-formatters (0.1) The gem is a collection of possible formatters for the pivotal_to_pdf gem
  18. 948 downloads
    pivotal-to-trello (0.1.2) Pulls stories from Pivotal Tracker and imports them into Trello
  19. 16,897 downloads
    pivotal_tracker (0.3.0) Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker V3 API
  20. 136,206 downloads
    pivotal-tracker (0.5.12) Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API
  21. 3,265 downloads
    pivotal-tracker-api (0.1.6) A ruby gem to communicate with the Picotal Tracker API v5
  22. 2,738 downloads
    pivotal-tracker-client (0.2.0) A client that listens to Pivotal Tracker activities and notifies them with Growl.
  23. 1,355 downloads
    pivotal-tracker-console (0.0.1) A simple console application to interact with Pivotal Tracker
  24. 1,753 downloads
    pivotal-tracker-fox (0.5.13) Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API
  25. 830 downloads
    pivotal-tracker-speedchart (0.0.3) Create speedchart from pivotal tracker
  26. 1,013 downloads
    pivotal_workstation_cookbook (0.0.1) Packaged as a gem for use with soloist.
  27. 5,059 downloads
    pivotcli (0.0.5) CLI for Pivotal Tracker powered by pivotal_tracker: jsmestad/pivotal-tracker
  28. 4,655 downloads
    pivot_table (0.2.0) Transform an ActiveRecord-ish data set into a pivot table of objects
  29. 2,472 downloads
    pivotxt (0.1.1) Pivotxt lets you easily create stories in Pivotal Tracker from a simple text file.
  30. 1,525 downloads
    piwik (0.0.2) A simple Ruby client for the Piwik API