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  1. 3,613 downloads
    pictate (0.2.0) Pointless command line tool that attempts to describe the image you give it by automating a googl...
  2. 2,800 downloads
    pictopus (0.1.0) A Rails Engine to dynamically generate images for your application while in development mode.
  3. 3,604 downloads
    pictor (1.0.0) An XMPP Group Chat image search bot in the spirit of Github's Hubot.
  4. 1,204 downloads
    pictos-free (0.0.1) Drew Wilson's Pictos (free) as a Compass and Sass extension
  5. 832 downloads
    pictos-icons (0.2.1) This icon set should cover most use cases :)
  6. 1,544 downloads
    pictrails (0.5.0) A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails on rails, Pictrails can manage several photo galleries.
  7. 2,538 downloads
    picturama (0.0.6) An easy picture gallery based on directory and files
  8. 2,811 downloads
    picturefill (0.1.3) Rails-Wrapper for picturefill.js
  9. 2,553 downloads
    picturefill-rails (0.2.2) Use picturefill with Rails :)
  10. 2,690 downloads
    picture_frame (0.0.4) Draw pretty frames around text.
  11. 1,505 downloads
    picturehouse_uk (2.0.3) An API to pull movie information from the website
  12. 336 downloads
    picturelife (0.0.2) A gem to access the Picturelife API.
  13. 1,557 downloads
    picturepath (0.5.0) Ruby wrapper for submitting virtual tours to using the PicturePath AUI.
  14. 448 downloads
    picture_tag (0.0.3) Rails helper for <picture> tag integrated with Picturefill.
  15. 4,351 downloads
    picture_tag-rails (0.0.5) Rails View Helper picture_tag extension
  16. 5,861 downloads
    piculet (0.2.5) Piculet is a tool to manage EC2 Security Group. It defines the state of EC2 Security Group using ...
  17. 32,068 downloads
    pidfile (0.3.0) false
  18. 20,407 downloads
    pidgin2adium (3.3.0) Pidgin2Adium is a fast, easy way to convert Pidgin (formerly gaim) logs to the Adium format.
  19. 4,688 downloads
    pidify (0.2-i686-linux) This allows a script to check if there is currently another running instance of itself (like a da...
  20. 3,766 downloads
    pidlock (0.2.1) Used for locking processes via PID and file (daemon style).
  21. 7,980 downloads
    pidly (0.1.3) Pidly is a very minimalistic daemon library that doesnt make assumptions. Pidly allows you to con...
  22. 465 downloads
    pidof (0.1) A simple gem to find the pid of a process
  23. 558 downloads
    pid-watcher (0.0.2) Watcher for process
  24. 20,170 downloads
    pie (0.2.13) Pie, a language for developing games and books
  25. 1,411 downloads
    piecemeal (0.0.1) Dont install this, its a placeholder
  26. 3,225 downloads
    piece_pipe (0.2.1) PiecePipe is about breaking your problem into its smallest, most interesting pieces, solving thos...
  27. 433 downloads
    piecon-rails (0.0.1) Gem that includes Piecon (A tiny javascript library for generating progress pie charts in your fa...
  28. 1,084 downloads
    piecss ( Piecss produces little to none output. The only default output that Piecss produces is an optimiz...
  29. 1,616 downloads
    piedesaint (0.1.0) Drop-in web server to serve files and tar'ed directories. Use it as a tool to make available data...
  30. 2,646 downloads
    pie-high (0.2.0) High Charts is one of the best JavaScript charting libraries there is. Here is a straight-forwar...