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  1. 2,564 downloads
    piglop-ovh-rb (0.1.4) ovh-rb helps you to use the OVH SOAPI in a ruby way
  2. 3,755 downloads
    piglop-prawn ( Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
  3. 1,970 downloads
    pig-media-server (0.3.2) Pig Media Server
  4. 9,379 downloads
    pigment (0.2.3) A rgb color gem, with a list of 750 different colors defined within 869 names.
  5. 564 downloads
    pigments (0.0.1) Mixing colors.
  6. 1,028 downloads
    pig-spec (0.0.2) PigSpec is a PigUnit-like program implemented in Ruby. It can be easily included into RSpec for r...
  7. 1,081 downloads
    pihsi (0.2.1) Pihsi is a open source toolkit for Speech Recognition based on PocketSphinx.
  8. 155 downloads
    pijaz-sdk (0.1) This SDK contains the basic libraries to interact with the Pijaz synthesizer platform. See http:/...
  9. 64,932 downloads
    pik (0.2.8) Pik is a tool to manage multiple versions of ruby on Windows. It can be used from the Windows co...
  10. 890 downloads
    pika (0.0.4) Download files from xspf playlists
  11. 1,249 downloads
    pikachu (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  12. 21,627 downloads
    pikaday-gem (1.2.0) Include the Pikaday datepicker from @dbushell in your Rails projects
  13. 365 downloads
    pike (0.0.3) Painless deployment automation, that doesn't suck
  14. 1,037 downloads
    pikelet (1.1.1) Pikelet is a type of small pancake popular in Australia and New Zealand. Also, a flat-file databa...
  15. 1,247 downloads
    piki_doc ( extended HikiDoc to able to plug plugins.
  16. 22,858 downloads
    pikl (0.3.0) Pikl is an image librarry for JPEG, PNG and Bitmap.Pikl's API is designed to process the image ea...
  17. 2,123 downloads
    pil (0.3.0) Checks a given plaintext password against an inclusion list of common passwords. Returns TRUE if ...
  18. 99 downloads
    pilcrow (1.0.0) Automatically inserts non-with spaces between words in text from STDIN
  19. 471 downloads
    pile (0.1.0) pile provides classes for updating, reading, and writing CSV files that consist of a header and a...
  20. 3,209 downloads
    pilfer (1.0.2) pilfer uses rblineprof to measure how long each line of code takes to execute and the number of t...
  21. 3,650 downloads
    pilgrim (0.1.7) Choose countries, states and cities via Ajax
  22. 13,222 downloads
    pilha (0.2.2) A ruby wrapper to the Stack Exchange (Stack Overflow and friends) API.
  23. 1,733 downloads
    piliponi (1.1.0) Philippine Mobile Phone Formatter
  24. 474 downloads
    pilite (0.0.2) Rubygem for sending commands to 'Pi-LITE' board through serial port communication
  25. 7,906 downloads
    pillboxr (0.9.0) Pillboxr is a Ruby wrapper for the National Library of Medicine Pillbox API Service located at ht...
  26. 2,654 downloads
    pill_chart (1.1.0) Create little svg pill charts
  27. 1,438 downloads
    pillow (0.5.0) Ruby HTTP client that takes full advantage of HTTP.
  28. 418 downloads
    pilu-terror (0.3.0) Terror the micro feed aggregator
  29. 2,274 downloads
    pimento (0.0.2) Draw graphics using Mac OS X GUI Components
  30. 14,010 downloads
    Pimki (1.8.200) Pimki in a Personal Information Manager based on Instiki's Wiki technology. Besides all the rich ...