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  1. 310 downloads
    piggybak_simple_variants (0.1.2) You define variants, you assign a variant to a product and... it's done!
  2. 721 downloads
    piggybak_stripe (0.0.2) Integration of Stripe payment gateway for use with Piggybak
  3. 5,551 downloads
    piggybak_taxonomy (0.2.1) Piggybak Taxonomy - navigation support for Piggybak.
  4. 11,570 downloads
    piggybak_variants (0.1.3) Advanced variant support for Piggybak.
  5. 1,136 downloads
    piggybank (0.0.4) Periodically downloads and stores exchange rates so that they can be calculated for a given point...
  6. 2,133 downloads
    piggy_latin (0.1.1) Take a phrase and turn it into pig latin
  7. 1,002 downloads
    piginzoo_test (0.0.1) This is just a test gem
  8. 1,169 downloads
    pig_latin (0.0.2) Anslatetray ouryay Ailsray appway otay Igpay Atinlay!! (Translate your Rails app to Pig Latin!) I...
  9. 1,964 downloads
    piglatinize (0.0.1) Takes a string of words delimited by spaces and transforms it into Pig Latin
  10. 278 downloads
    pig_latin_translator (1.0.0) Pig Latin translator.
  11. 14,106 downloads
    piglet (0.3.0) Piglet aims to look like Pig Latin while allowing for things like loops and control of flow that ...
  12. 2,601 downloads
    piglop-ovh-rb (0.1.4) ovh-rb helps you to use the OVH SOAPI in a ruby way
  13. 3,808 downloads
    piglop-prawn ( Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
  14. 2,049 downloads
    pig-media-server (0.3.2) Pig Media Server
  15. 9,636 downloads
    pigment (0.2.3) A rgb color gem, with a list of 750 different colors defined within 869 names.
  16. 599 downloads
    pigments (0.0.1) Mixing colors.
  17. 1,046 downloads
    pig-spec (0.0.2) PigSpec is a PigUnit-like program implemented in Ruby. It can be easily included into RSpec for r...
  18. 1,338 downloads
    pihsi (0.2.1) Pihsi is a open source toolkit for Speech Recognition based on PocketSphinx.
  19. 183 downloads
    pijaz-sdk (0.1) This SDK contains the basic libraries to interact with the Pijaz synthesizer platform. See http:/...
  20. 66,304 downloads
    pik (0.2.8) Pik is a tool to manage multiple versions of ruby on Windows. It can be used from the Windows co...
  21. 909 downloads
    pika (0.0.4) Download files from xspf playlists
  22. 1,268 downloads
    pikachu (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  23. 22,613 downloads
    pikaday-gem (1.2.0) Include the Pikaday datepicker from @dbushell in your Rails projects
  24. 582 downloads
    pike (0.0.3) Painless deployment automation, that doesn't suck
  25. 1,226 downloads
    pikelet (1.1.1) Pikelet is a type of small pancake popular in Australia and New Zealand. Also, a flat-file databa...
  26. 1,263 downloads
    piki_doc ( extended HikiDoc to able to plug plugins.
  27. 23,168 downloads
    pikl (0.3.0) Pikl is an image librarry for JPEG, PNG and Bitmap.Pikl's API is designed to process the image ea...
  28. 2,211 downloads
    pil (0.3.0) Checks a given plaintext password against an inclusion list of common passwords. Returns TRUE if ...
  29. 133 downloads
    pilcrow (1.0.0) Automatically inserts non-with spaces between words in text from STDIN
  30. 494 downloads
    pile (0.1.0) pile provides classes for updating, reading, and writing CSV files that consist of a header and a...