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  1. 1,137 downloads
    plsql_deploy_util (0.0.1) PL/SQL Deployment Utilities. PlSqlPackageDeployer uses the ruby-plsql gem to execute sql read fr...
  2. 1,518 downloads
    plsql_unit_test (0.2.0) Monkey patches Test::Unit::TestCase to add some additional assert methods, a global database_inte...
  3. 1,126 downloads
    plu (0.0.3) Price look-up codes made easy
  4. 103 downloads
    pluck (0.0.0.pre) Pluck is a command-line tool to help Linux Kernel Engineers.
  5. 752 downloads
    pluckeroid (0.0.2) Pluck for ActiveRecord on steroids
  6. 493,552 downloads
    plucky (0.6.6) Thin layer over the ruby driver that allows you to quickly grab hold of your data (pluck it!).
  7. 6,462 downloads
    pluct (0.1.6) json-schema hypermedia client
  8. 3,753 downloads
    pludoni-capistrano (0.0.5) Some common tasks for capistrano
  9. 523 downloads
    pludoni-simple_captcha (0.1.6) SimpleCaptcha is available to be used with Rails 3 or above and also it provides the backward com...
  10. 259 downloads
    pludoni-spec (0.0.2) Alles was man so braucht zum testen
  11. 6,376 downloads
    plugems (1.1.6) Dependency-management framework built on top of Ruby On Rails
  12. 2,723 downloads
    plugems_deploy (0.2.0) Plugems deployment scripts
  13. 3,452 downloads
    pluggability (0.4.0) Pluggability is a mixin module that turns an including class into a factory for its derivatives, ...
  14. 1,453 downloads
    pluggable (0.3.0) Pluggable classes are automatically registered from classes that subclass from <classname>::Plugi...
  15. 3,233 downloads
    pluggable_js (2.0.0) A solution for Rails of how to load page specific javascript and pass data.
  16. 77 downloads
    pluggable_lite (0.0.1) PluggableLite is a module to help you to create pluggable architecture. it's easy to use and sinc...
  17. 2,391 downloads
    plugger (0.0.4) A simple thing that loads plugins
  18. 5,517 downloads
    plugin (1.1) Plugins is a general purpose plugin handler for Ruby. (Note: This has nothing to do with Rails pl...
  19. 12,201 downloads
    pluginator (1.1.0) Rubygems plugin system using Gem.find_files.
  20. 82,007 downloads
    pluginfactory (1.0.8) PluginFactory is a mixin module that turns an including class into a factory for its derivatives,...
  21. 4,859 downloads
    plugin-loader (0.4.0) plugin-loader can be used to extend a program written in ruby by using plugins. Plugins can be ...
  22. 43,892 downloads
    plugin_manager (1.5) A Ruby plugin loader
  23. 743 downloads
    plugin_migrations (0.1.2) Adds support for plugin-based migrations
  24. 247 downloads
    plugin_migrator (0.0.1) Migration of plugins DB migrations easily.
  25. 15,359 downloads
    plugin_test_helper (0.3.1) Simplifies plugin testing by creating an isolated Rails environment that simulates its usage in a...
  26. 393 downloads
    plugin_try (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  27. 5,009 downloads
    plugman (1.0.2) Plugman is a plugin manager that supports event driven communication with plugins. It handles the...
  28. 1,012 downloads
    PlugStorm (0.0.1) PlugStorm is a on-demand hosted Storm Cloud to host your massive big data computations in realtime.
  29. 924 downloads
    plumber (0.0.1) Plumber is a library for creating and updating ActiveRecord models from external data
  30. 1,393 downloads
    plumbing (1.0.0) Plumbing is a simple Gem that allows the execution of an arbitrary system command, & subsequent t...