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  1. 285 downloads
    pkoch-httmultiparty (0.3.6a) HTTMultiParty is a thin wrapper around HTTParty to provide multipart uploads.
  2. 310 downloads
    pkoch-spork-testunit (0.0.7a) Test Unit runner for spork
  3. 562 downloads
    pkoch-switchboard (0.1.1a) A toolkit for assembling XMPP clients and interacting with XMPP servers.
  4. 120 downloads
    pkondzior-sequel_nested_set (0.9.9) Nested set implementation, ported from the Awesome Nested Set Active Record plugin.
  5. 411 downloads
    pkpk (0.0.1) A logging pattern to find those 'p''s
  6. 438 downloads
    pkp_physics (0.0.0) PKP::Physics module; Uses 'Prior Knowledge' as needed.
  7. 240 downloads
    pk-twitter_oauth (0.2.2) twitter_oauth is a Ruby library for talking to twitter using the new oauth method.
  8. 353 downloads
    pkwde-has_set (0.0.4) A simple Gem to enable any `ActiveRecord::Base` object to store a set of attributes in a set like...
  9. 122 downloads
    pkwde-renum (1.0.2) Renum is a Ruby enum implementation
  10. 126 downloads
    pkwde-url_signer (0.2.0) The UrlSigner class was designed to create tamper-proof URLs, that can only be generated and vali...
  11. 593 downloads
    pl (0.0.1) Simple gem for polish variety
  12. 2,600 downloads
    place (0.1.1) Extract information from Polarion and turns it into easy manageable ruby objects. Those ob...
  13. 1,585 downloads
    placebo (1.0.0) You can add me to your Gemfile and hope something gets fixed.
  14. 829 downloads
    placed (0.0.1) This gem provides very basic functionalities to interact with Google Places API.
  15. 9,267 downloads
    placefinder (0.2.2) The simplest ruby wrapper for placefinder's API.
  16. 1,358 downloads
    placehold (1.0.0) A simple gem to generate placeholder images
  17. 9,364 downloads
    placeholder (0.0.6) Easy image placeholders via
  18. 504 downloads
    placeholder_avatars (0.0.1) Simply display a random list of placeholder avatars.
  19. 9,704 downloads
    placeholder-gem (3.0.2) Include Placeholder.js in your Rails projects
  20. 2,612 downloads
    placeholder_image (0.1.1) Generate placeholder images of various sizes, colors, and text colors.
  21. 3,267 downloads
    placeholdit (0.0.3) A Rails view helper for placeholder images via
  22. 1,579 downloads
    placehold_it (0.0.2) A lightweight gem to facilitate use of image placeholders from
  23. 1,065 downloads
    placeimg (0.0.4) PlaceImg lets you easily add placeholder images to your HTML by generating images with RMagick an...
  24. 2,124 downloads
    placekitten (1.1.0) A small library to generate placekitten images.
  25. 1,056 downloads
    place_kitten (0.0.1) Small helper for using the service from a ruby app
  26. 3,149 downloads
    placemaker (0.0.3) placemaker is a Ruby client for the Yahoo Placemaker API. It uses the nokogiri and curb ...
  27. 3,385 downloads
    places (0.0.1) Use this to access the Google Places API in your Ruby application
  28. 661 downloads
    placesearch (0.0.1) Lookup Google Place API
  29. 5,252 downloads
    placid (0.0.7) Placid is an ActiveRecord-ish model using a REST API for storage. The REST API can be any...
  30. 1,762 downloads
    plagiarism (0.1.3) Search for plagiarism and check your content for originality with Copyscape