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  1. 165 downloads
    pjstadig-rena (0.0.1) Rena is a Ruby library for manipulating RDF files.
  2. 324 downloads
    pjstadig-rubyrdf (0.0.2) A Resource Description Framework (RDF) library for Ruby.
  3. 3,847 downloads
    pk (0.0.6) Command line tool to collect and print public keys.
  4. 16,447 downloads
    pkcs11 (0.2.4) This module allows Ruby programs to interface with "RSA Security Inc. PKCS #11 Cryptographic Toke...
  5. 3,862 downloads
    pkcs11_protect_server (0.2.3) This module allows Ruby programs to use vendor extensions for Safenet Protect Server.
  6. 1,358 downloads
    pkg (0.0.1) PKG turns your app into an rpm/deb package.
  7. 188,635 downloads
    pkg-config (1.1.5) pkg-config can be used in your extconf.rb to properly detect need libraries for compiling Ruby na...
  8. 1,385 downloads
    pkghub-api (0.0.3) Gem for accessing the API
  9. 1,097 downloads
    pkglookup (0.1.1) Packages lookup Looks up packages on PyPI, CPAN, RubyGems, NPM, Maven Central, Clojars, GitHub, ...
  10. 2,095 downloads
    pkg_noisrev (0.0.2) A fast way to summarize installed versions of FreeBSD packages.
  11. 15,067 downloads
    pkgr (1.4.0) Embeds your app dependencies (e.g. a specific ruby version and you gems in the case of Rails apps...
  12. 515 downloads
    pkgr-deb-s3 (0.6.0) Easily create and manage an APT repository on S3.
  13. 5,721 downloads
    pkgwat (0.1.4) pkgwat checks your Gemfile.lock to make sure all your gems are packaged in F...
  14. 23,374 downloads
    pkg-wizard (0.1.29) Tools to manage,create and build distribution packages
  15. 456 downloads
    pki (0.0.1) Public Key Infrastructure
  16. 178 downloads
    pk-machinist (1.0.3) Fixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.
  17. 1,657 downloads
    pk-merb_facebooker (0.0.4) Merb plugin that makes facebooker work with merb...
  18. 324 downloads
    pk-merb_history (0.0.2) Merb plugin that provides history management for user actions (URLs).
  19. 166 downloads
    pk-merb_messenger (0.0.1) Merb plugin that provides messaging/notifications functionality: from email and XMPP to AMPQ and ...
  20. 5,009 downloads
    pk-merb_sequel (1.0.8) Merb plugin that provides support for Sequel and Sequel::Model
  21. 293 downloads
    pkoch-httmultiparty (0.3.6a) HTTMultiParty is a thin wrapper around HTTParty to provide multipart uploads.
  22. 317 downloads
    pkoch-spork-testunit (0.0.7a) Test Unit runner for spork
  23. 586 downloads
    pkoch-switchboard (0.1.1b) A toolkit for assembling XMPP clients and interacting with XMPP servers.
  24. 171 downloads
    pkondzior-sequel_nested_set (0.9.9) Nested set implementation, ported from the Awesome Nested Set Active Record plugin.
  25. 443 downloads
    pkpk (0.0.1) A logging pattern to find those 'p''s
  26. 469 downloads
    pkp_physics (0.0.0) PKP::Physics module; Uses 'Prior Knowledge' as needed.
  27. 329 downloads
    pk-twitter_oauth (0.2.2) twitter_oauth is a Ruby library for talking to twitter using the new oauth method.
  28. 470 downloads
    pkwde-has_set (0.0.4) A simple Gem to enable any `ActiveRecord::Base` object to store a set of attributes in a set like...
  29. 169 downloads
    pkwde-renum (1.0.2) Renum is a Ruby enum implementation
  30. 172 downloads
    pkwde-url_signer (0.2.0) The UrlSigner class was designed to create tamper-proof URLs, that can only be generated and vali...