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  1. 2,045 downloads
    popstar ( Popstar lets you add rules to determine your rails models popularity.
  2. 2,016 downloads
    popthis (0.3) Run a pop server serving up the current dir.
  3. 1,052 downloads
    popular (0.7.1) Friendship gem for Rails/ActiveRecord. Popular saves time when developing social apps
  4. 986 downloads
    populate (0.0.2) Populates your development database with fake data
  5. 9,488 downloads
    populate-me (0.0.22) ALPHA !!! Populate Me is relatively complete but simple CMS. It includes a Rack middleware for pu...
  6. 1,996 downloads
    population (0.0.9) Population for rails apps.
  7. 162,064 downloads
    populator (1.0.0) Mass populate an Active Record database.
  8. 5,544 downloads
    populator3 (0.2.7) Mass populate an Active Record database.
  9. 4,411 downloads
    populr (0.1.13) Gem for interacting with the API that allows you to create and publish one-page website...
  10. 3,983 downloads
    popup (0.0.9) popup operation for all windows version.
  11. 2,510 downloads
    porch (0.0.2) The porch is for looking out at your YARD
  12. 901 downloads
    porcupine (0.2.1) JRuby wrapper for Hystrix
  13. 3,459 downloads
    pori (0.0.4) A command line tool for Bitbucket to create, delete private repositories.(only git)
  14. 32,871 downloads
    pork_sandwich (0.4.23) Ideal for pulling Twitter search tweets, tweets from a twitter account, twitter account info, twi...
  15. 747 downloads
    porn (0.0.3) Hello World and display the current system time. Just a silly gem with an interesting name create...
  16. 9,096 downloads
    poro (0.1.8) Plain Ol' Ruby Objects (PORO) is a persistence engine that can use nearly any persistence...
  17. 65 downloads
    porom (0.0.1) Pure Old Ruby Object Model - tool to decouple application from data storage and presentation
  18. 1,040 downloads
    poro_plus (1.0.2) Simple methods to make POROs more fun.
  19. 1,145 downloads
    poro_repository (0.2.0) Library for storing plain old ruby objects to the file system
  20. 414 downloads
    porpoise_external_actions (0.0.1) An API client for the Purpose Platform
  21. 1,211 downloads
    port (0.9.0-x86-linux) Low-level port access from ruby on Linux.
  22. 7,266 downloads
    portablecontacts (0.1.0) A client library for the portable contacts standard
  23. 3,345 downloads
    portable-hole (1.0.3) Portable Hole is an extension to ActiveRecord that adds EAV functionality to a model via a polymo...
  24. 1,997 downloads
    portable_model (1.1.0) Enables exporting and importing an ActiveRecord model's records.
  25. 1,231 downloads
    portal (0.0.1) The cake is a lie!
  26. 1,480 downloads
    portalign (0.1.1) Easily set and unset your current IP as an allowed ingress for a given EC2 security group. This a...
  27. 1,258 downloads
    portal-ruby (0.0.2) Binding for Portal's Infranet and Oracle Telco Billing
  28. 2,585 downloads
    port-a-query (0.1.1) Simple helper for generating portable SQL expressions.
  29. 952 downloads
    portarius (0.0.2) A doorman for your Rack application. Checks if REMOTE_USER matches the subdomain. Requires some a...
  30. 2,699 downloads
    porteo (0.1.2) Send all messages that you want in any protocol, its ready to send mail messages, twitts and sms ...