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  1. 33,407 downloads
    postgres-copy (0.8.0) Now you can use the super fast COPY for import/export data directly from your AR models.
  2. 105,463 downloads
    postgres_ext (2.2.0) Adds missing native PostgreSQL data types to ActiveRecord and convenient querying extensions for ...
  3. 519 downloads
    postgres_ext-postgis (0.0.6) Adding support for PostGIS types and clean PostGIS querying extensions to ActiveRecord
  4. 90 downloads
    postgres_ext-serializers (0.0.1) Harness the power of PostgreSQL when crafting JSON reponses
  5. 998 downloads
    postgres-fulltext-search-helper (0.1.1) Use postgres' fulltext search with ease
  6. 872 downloads
    postgres_loose_table_counts (0.0.1) Get a rough idea of a model count from pg_class instead of potentially expensive count()
  7. 123,173 downloads
    postgres-pr (0.6.3) A pure Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL (>= 7.4) database
  8. 1,085 downloads
    postgres-pr-opt (0.6.9) A pure Ruby interface to the PostgreSQL (>= 7.4) database.
  9. 7,237 downloads
    postgresql_cursor (0.4.2) PostgreSQL Cursor is an extension to the ActiveRecord PostgreSQLAdapter for very large result set...
  10. 2,754 downloads
    postgresql_lo_streamer (0.1.2) A simple engine of one controller that will use PostgreSQL LO interface and retrieve a large obje...
  11. 1,065 downloads
    postgres_rake (1.0.1) A rake task to kill connections to a Postgres database and remove annoying error messages during ...
  12. 2,009 downloads
    postgres_sequence_support (0.1.0) Easy manipulation of PostgreSQL sequences from ActiveRecord.
  13. 1,064 downloads
    postgression (0.0.2) This is a simple CLI app that talks to the postgression public API, and generates a tempo...
  14. 465 downloads
    postgrestats (1.0.0) Postgrestats is a library that captures important PostgreSQL statistics
  15. 3,750 downloads
    post_haste (0.9.2) A Ruby gem for accessing Washington Post articles and blog posts.
  16. 3,855 downloads
    postie (1.0.2) CLI tool for
  17. 8,190 downloads
    postini (0.2.0) Library to make the Postini SOAP API more palatable
  18. 1,223 downloads
    postino (1.1.4) Postino allows you to generate Italian postal payment forms in PDF format using Prawn.
  19. 2,266 downloads
    post_install (0.0.4) some description from
  20. 1,848 downloads
    post-it (1.1.0) A simple utlity that uses `Sticky` to post messages to Notification Center on ...
  21. 3,136 downloads
    post_json (1.0.13) A Fast and Flexible Document Database by Combining Features of Ruby and PostgreSQL with PLV8
  22. 425 downloads
    post_logs (0.0.1) Gem sends logs by post requests
  23. 2,707 downloads
    postly (0.2.2) API Wrapper and IRB console for
  24. 735 downloads
    postmail (0.0.1) postfix mail to http post
  25. 1,326 downloads
    postman (0.1.0) postman is a ruby daemon for fetching mail for an address via pop3 and then delivering it to a sp...
  26. 1,028 downloads
    postman_pat ( Postman Pat is a Private Mail/Messaging system for users on a webapp. It works in almost the same...
  27. 297,489 downloads
    postmark (1.2.0) Use this gem to send emails through Postmark HTTP API and retrieve info about bounces.
  28. 7,234 downloads
    postmarkdown (0.0.10) A simple Rails blog engine powered by markdown.
  29. 17,716 downloads
    postmark-mitt (0.0.11) This gem will help you take JSON posted to your app from incoming email through Postmark. It will...
  30. 231,685 downloads
    postmark-rails (0.7.0) The Postmark Rails Gem is a drop-in plug-in for ActionMailer to send emails via Postmark, an emai...