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  1. 86,470 downloads
    plek (1.9.0) Find the right hostname for each service in an environment-dependent manner
  2. 650 downloads
    pleschev-vagrant-hostmaster (0.8.1) vagrant-hostmaster is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and guest...
  3. 2,371 downloads
    plesk (0.0.2) Plesk RPC API wrapper written in Ruby
  4. 16,708 downloads
    plesk_kit (2.2.5) Provision Plesk 11
  5. 270 downloads
    plesk_lib (0.0.1) Add customers, resellers, service plans and subscriptions to plesk via the XML RPC API
  6. 470 downloads
    plessl-llvmruby (0.0.5) Ruby bindings to LLVM
  7. 1,036 downloads
    plessl-wkpdf (0.3.5-universal-darwin) wkpdf renders HTML to PDF using WebKit on Mac OS X. wkpdf is implemented in RubyCocoa.
  8. 2,159 downloads
    plexify (0.2.0) Organize media folders to get ready with media managers
  9. 11,936 downloads
    plex-ruby (1.5.1) Extracts the Plex Media Server API into easy to write ruby code
  10. 2,193 downloads
    plextail (0.0.4) Takes tailed files in a single tail call and sends them through to Heroku Logplex with custom log...
  11. 7,628 downloads
    plexus (0.5.10) This library is based on GRATR and RGL. Graph algorithms currently provided are: * Topological ...
  12. 405 downloads
    plexus-rmmseg (0.1.6) RMMSeg is an implementation of MMSEG Chinese word segmentation algorithm. It is based on two vari...
  13. 815 downloads
    pliable (0.2.1) Pliable makes integrating a Rails project with Schemaless data not so painful
  14. 1,040 downloads
    pline (0.0.3) PLine is a profiler for Ruby1.9.3 and Ruby1.9.2. PLine profiles each line of Ruby method (method ...
  15. 1,231 downloads
    plines (0.5.1) Plines sits on top of Qless and makes it easy to define and run a pipeline of jobs.
  16. 11,530 downloads
    pling (0.3.1) Pling is a notification framework that supports multiple gateways. Currently supported are Androi...
  17. 9,885 downloads
    pling-actionmailer (0.3.0) Pling Gateway to ActionMailer
  18. 9,226 downloads
    pling-mobilant (0.2.0) Pling Gateway to Mobilant
  19. 617 downloads
    plinth (0.0.1.beta.4) Plinth - basic framework
  20. 4,226 downloads
    pliny (0.4.0) Pliny is a set of base classes and helpers to help developers write excellent APIs in Sinatra
  21. 1,308 downloads
    plissken (0.1.0) Have you ever needed to automatically convert JSON-style camelBack or CamelCase hash key...
  22. 761,613 downloads
    plist (3.1.0) Plist is a library to manipulate Property List files, also known as plists. It can parse plist f...
  23. 308 downloads
    plist2 (3.1.0) Plist is a library to manipulate Property List files, also known as plists. It can parse plist f...
  24. 22,211 downloads
    plist4r (1.2.2) Plist4r is for editing Plist files in an easy-to-use, fast, and reliabile way. A comprehensive an...
  25. 950 downloads
    plistr (0.1.0) Fast XML property list reader.
  26. 206 downloads
    plist.utf8 (3.1.1) plist
  27. 20,991 downloads
    plivo (0.3.12) A Ruby gem for interacting with the Plivo Cloud Platform
  28. 2,525 downloads
    plivohelper (0.1) Used to interface with Plivo Telephony Solution from Ruby
  29. 676 downloads
    pljevlja (0.0.4) Klasa koja opisuje Pljevlja
  30. 2,519 downloads
    plllayer (0.0.4) plllayer is an audio playback library for Ruby. It is a Ruby interface to some external media pla...