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  1. 238 downloads
    pluginaweek-state_machine (0.8.0) Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
  2. 117 downloads
    pluginaweek-styled_inputs (0.1.1) Adds automated styling of input fields with css classes in Rails
  3. 119 downloads
    pluginaweek-table_helper (0.2.1) Adds a helper method for generating HTML tables from collections in Rails
  4. 118 downloads
    pluginaweek-tiny_mce_helper (0.3.0) Adds helper methods for creating the TinyMCE initialization script in Rails
  5. 123 downloads
    pluginaweek-validates_as_email_address (0.2.3) Adds support for validating the format/length of email addresses in ActiveRecord
  6. 82,469 downloads
    pluginfactory (1.0.8) PluginFactory is a mixin module that turns an including class into a factory for its derivatives,...
  7. 4,965 downloads
    plugin-loader (0.4.0) plugin-loader can be used to extend a program written in ruby by using plugins. Plugins can be ...
  8. 44,431 downloads
    plugin_manager (1.5) A Ruby plugin loader
  9. 775 downloads
    plugin_migrations (0.1.2) Adds support for plugin-based migrations
  10. 277 downloads
    plugin_migrator (0.0.1) Migration of plugins DB migrations easily.
  11. 15,661 downloads
    plugin_test_helper (0.3.1) Simplifies plugin testing by creating an isolated Rails environment that simulates its usage in a...
  12. 424 downloads
    plugin_try (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  13. 5,168 downloads
    plugman (1.0.2) Plugman is a plugin manager that supports event driven communication with plugins. It handles the...
  14. 1,040 downloads
    PlugStorm (0.0.1) PlugStorm is a on-demand hosted Storm Cloud to host your massive big data computations in realtime.
  15. 123 downloads
    plukevdh-activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter (1.2.1) Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord
  16. 949 downloads
    plumber (0.0.1) Plumber is a library for creating and updating ActiveRecord models from external data
  17. 1,424 downloads
    plumbing (1.0.0) Plumbing is a simple Gem that allows the execution of an arbitrary system command, & subsequent t...
  18. 1,887 downloads
    plumcube (0.0.9) turn a list into a 3D object of any shape and size... as long as that shape is a cube
  19. 10,285 downloads
    plumnailer (0.1.4) Rank images on an HTML page for use as a thumbnail
  20. 1,387 downloads
    plumr (0.1) A builder for shell pipelines with Rake integration
  21. 7,675 downloads
    plunger (0.0.8) Ruby Wrapper for Rietveld Code Review, hosted on Google App Engine
  22. 12,568 downloads
    plunk (0.3.11) Human-friendly query language for Elasticsearch
  23. 1,727 downloads
    plunk_it (0.0.3) This gem gives you a command line tool to keep your code in sync with plunks you publish at http:...
  24. 651 downloads
    plupload4rails (1.0.1) This gem integrates Plupload 2.1.0 with the Rails asset pipeline.
  25. 532 downloads
    plupload-assets (0.0.1) plupload for rails3 assets pipeline
  26. 26,465 downloads
    plupload-rails (1.2.1) This gem integrates Plupload 2.1.1 with the Rails asset pipeline.
  27. 4,099 downloads
    plupload-rails3 (0.0.7) Plupload lets you upload multiple files at a time and even allows drag and drop from the local fi...
  28. 639 downloads
    plupload-rails4 (0.0.1) This gem integrates Plupload 1.5.7 with the Rails 4.0 asset pipeline.
  29. 2,500 downloads
    plur (0.1.0) Opinionated development workflow and commonly used tools for Ruby on Rails based development.
  30. 618 downloads
    plural (0.1.0) A gem to pluralize words.