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  1. 141 downloads
    pluginaweek-encrypted_strings (0.3.2) Dead-simple string encryption/decryption syntax
  2. 271 downloads
    pluginaweek-enumerate_by (0.4.3) Adds support for declaring an ActiveRecord class as an enumeration
  3. 139 downloads
    pluginaweek-has_emails (0.3.0) Demonstrates a reference implementation for sending emails with logging and asynchronous support ...
  4. 141 downloads
    pluginaweek-has_messages (0.4.0) Demonstrates a reference implementation for sending messages between users in ActiveRecord
  5. 136 downloads
    pluginaweek-has_phone_numbers (0.2.0) Demonstrates a reference implementation for handling phone numbers in ActiveRecord
  6. 140 downloads
    pluginaweek-has_ratings (0.3.0) Demonstrates a reference implementation for handling ratings in ActiveRecord
  7. 140 downloads
    pluginaweek-memorable_strings (0.1.0) Generates strings that can be easily remembered
  8. 140 downloads
    pluginaweek-module_creation_helper (0.2.0) Adds a helper method for creating new modules and classes at runtime
  9. 139 downloads
    pluginaweek-polymorphic_identity (0.1.0) Dynamically generates aliases for polymorphic ActiveRecord associations based on their class names
  10. 137 downloads
    pluginaweek-preferences (0.3.1) Adds support for easily creating custom preferences for ActiveRecord models
  11. 136 downloads
    pluginaweek-smart_field_constraints (0.1.1) Intelligently applies a maxlength attribute for text fields based on column constraints and valid...
  12. 274 downloads
    pluginaweek-state_machine (0.8.0) Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
  13. 133 downloads
    pluginaweek-styled_inputs (0.1.1) Adds automated styling of input fields with css classes in Rails
  14. 134 downloads
    pluginaweek-table_helper (0.2.1) Adds a helper method for generating HTML tables from collections in Rails
  15. 134 downloads
    pluginaweek-tiny_mce_helper (0.3.0) Adds helper methods for creating the TinyMCE initialization script in Rails
  16. 140 downloads
    pluginaweek-validates_as_email_address (0.2.3) Adds support for validating the format/length of email addresses in ActiveRecord
  17. 82,604 downloads
    pluginfactory (1.0.8) PluginFactory is a mixin module that turns an including class into a factory for its derivatives,...
  18. 4,989 downloads
    plugin-loader (0.4.0) plugin-loader can be used to extend a program written in ruby by using plugins. Plugins can be ...
  19. 44,690 downloads
    plugin_manager (1.5) A Ruby plugin loader
  20. 783 downloads
    plugin_migrations (0.1.2) Adds support for plugin-based migrations
  21. 285 downloads
    plugin_migrator (0.0.1) Migration of plugins DB migrations easily.
  22. 15,734 downloads
    plugin_test_helper (0.3.1) Simplifies plugin testing by creating an isolated Rails environment that simulates its usage in a...
  23. 434 downloads
    plugin_try (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  24. 5,207 downloads
    plugman (1.0.2) Plugman is a plugin manager that supports event driven communication with plugins. It handles the...
  25. 1,048 downloads
    PlugStorm (0.0.1) PlugStorm is a on-demand hosted Storm Cloud to host your massive big data computations in realtime.
  26. 140 downloads
    plukevdh-activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter (1.2.1) Oracle enhanced adapter for ActiveRecord
  27. 956 downloads
    plumber (0.0.1) Plumber is a library for creating and updating ActiveRecord models from external data
  28. 1,432 downloads
    plumbing (1.0.0) Plumbing is a simple Gem that allows the execution of an arbitrary system command, & subsequent t...
  29. 1,914 downloads
    plumcube (0.0.9) turn a list into a 3D object of any shape and size... as long as that shape is a cube
  30. 10,339 downloads
    plumnailer (0.1.4) Rank images on an HTML page for use as a thumbnail