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  1. 2,117 downloads
    pagination_render_logic (0.0.2) Will provide logic for rendering different types of pagination. ex floating digg style pagination
  2. 5,630 downloads
    pagination_scope (0.1.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  3. 3,811 downloads
    paginative (0.0.17) After spending a lot of time screwing around with orphaned objects and every other problem that p...
  4. 62,185 downloads
    paginator (1.2.0) Paginator doesn't make any assumptions as to how data is retrieved; you just have to provide it w...
  5. 22,835 downloads
    pagoda (0.7.8) Pagoda Box User facing interface to improve workflow with Pagoda Box
  6. 18,758 downloads
    pagoda-client (0.2.2) Api client used to talk to pagodabox.
  7. 5,914 downloads
    pagoda-jekyll (0.0.11) Admin interface for Jekyll that makes you comfortable writing
  8. 12,765 downloads
    pagoda-tunnel (0.1.3) Pagodabox container tunnel. Allows users to tunnel into pagodabox db's.
  9. 641 downloads
    pagoid (0.0.1) Standardize paging abstraction
  10. 26,209 downloads
    pagseguro (0.1.13) The official PagSeguro library
  11. 20,068 downloads
    pag_seguro (0.5.5) A ruby gem to handle PagSeguro's API version 2
  12. 5,246 downloads
    pagseguro_catcher (0.1.3) This gem provides a simple way to check and parse the PagSeguro transaction notification.
  13. 6,980 downloads
    pagseguro_client (0.4.2) The library to access the new services from Pagseguro (v2)
  14. 466 downloads
    pagseguro-oficial (2.0.5) Biblioteca oficial de integração PagSeguro em Ruby
  15. 3,063 downloads
    pagseguro-transparente (0.1.3) Integração com o novo checkout transparente do Pagseguro.
  16. 2,743 downloads
    pagseguro_v2 (0.0.9) Ruby gem for interfacing with Pagseguro V2 API.
  17. 5,657 downloads
    pah (0.0.15) A rails application template which born from Startup DEV and now is used to start most projects a...
  18. 110 downloads
    pahagon-mongo-abd (0.14.1) A Ruby driver for the 10gen Mongo DB. For more information about Mongo, see
  19. 572 downloads
    paho-rails ( This is a simple asset gem to add Paho library to rails. Paho is a javascript library to hanle MQ...
  20. 1,117 downloads
    paiement_cic (0.2) Paiement CIC is a gem to ease credit card payment with the CIC / Crédit Mutuel banks system. It'...
  21. 742 downloads
    pain (0.0.3) Based on
  22. 2,544 downloads
    painless_partials (0.1.1) [Rails 3.0+] In case when we need to override some partial which may be plased in some engine-ge...
  23. 191,870 downloads
    paint (0.8.7) Terminal painter / no string extensions / 256 color support / effect support / define custom shor...
  24. 7,912 downloads
    painter (0.1.4) A clean wrapper around the GD2 graphics library, based on gd2-ffi
  25. 3,954 downloads
    pair (0.0.4) Effortless remote pairing
  26. 5,176 downloads
    pairhost (0.0.7) A Vagrant-like command line interface for creating, managing, and using EC2 instances for remote ...
  27. 2,750 downloads
    pairing_shuffler (1.0.0) Assign random pairs from a google docs spreadsheet
  28. 375 downloads
    pairity (0.0.1) Store key pairs (e.g. for SSH connections) in your ENV or in a file
  29. 629 downloads
    pairjour (0.1.0.pre1) pair programming using bonjour and git, originalted as a fork of gitjour
  30. 4,606 downloads
    pairkit (0.1.5) PairKit lets you temporarily expose any ports, on your local computer, to someone else on the Int...