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  1. 1,323 downloads
    paginary (0.0.1.pre2) Simple, view-based pagination for Rails, built on top of Active Record 3 awesomeness.
  2. 226 downloads
    paginatable (0.0.1) Pagination helper for ActiveRecord models. Provides a mixin that adds helpful named scopes for pa...
  3. 15,307 downloads
    paginate (3.0.0) Paginate collections using SIZE+1 to determine if there is a next page. Includes ActiveRecord and...
  4. 9,260 downloads
    paginate_alphabetically (0.2.3) Provides a list of available letters, and a way of fetching the records for each letter.
  5. 1,128 downloads
    paginate_cached (1.01) Provides a helper method which will memoize result generation using the cache, and return the pag...
  6. 8,785 downloads
    paginated_table (0.0.9) Provides AJAX paginated, sorted tables in rails with will_paginate and arel
  7. 5,035 downloads
    paginate_me (0.0.5) for more information, please visit the homepage or for a fu...
  8. 604 downloads
    paginater (0.0.5) gem for foo pagination features in Grape
  9. 6,070 downloads
    paginate-responder (1.4.1) A Rails pagination responder with link header support.
  10. 3,245 downloads
    paginate-simple (0.1.2) It is just a plain Pagination module that provides pagination logic.
  11. 16,579 downloads
    pagination (0.3.3) Trying to make the pagination world a better place
  12. 1,689 downloads
    pagination_ajax (1.0.5) Designed to provide basic pagination functionality using ajax with minimal effort. ...
  13. 2,185 downloads
    pagination_render_logic (0.0.2) Will provide logic for rendering different types of pagination. ex floating digg style pagination
  14. 5,761 downloads
    pagination_scope (0.1.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  15. 4,473 downloads
    paginative (0.0.17) After spending a lot of time screwing around with orphaned objects and every other problem that p...
  16. 64,234 downloads
    paginator (1.2.0) Paginator doesn't make any assumptions as to how data is retrieved; you just have to provide it w...
  17. 23,745 downloads
    pagoda (0.7.8) Pagoda Box User facing interface to improve workflow with Pagoda Box
  18. 19,440 downloads
    pagoda-client (0.2.2) Api client used to talk to pagodabox.
  19. 6,264 downloads
    pagoda-jekyll (0.0.11) Admin interface for Jekyll that makes you comfortable writing
  20. 13,240 downloads
    pagoda-tunnel (0.1.3) Pagodabox container tunnel. Allows users to tunnel into pagodabox db's.
  21. 132 downloads
    pago_efectivo (0.0.1) SOAP client to use Pago Efectivo
  22. 675 downloads
    pagoid (0.0.1) Standardize paging abstraction
  23. 26,770 downloads
    pagseguro (0.1.13) The official PagSeguro library
  24. 20,821 downloads
    pag_seguro (0.5.5) A ruby gem to handle PagSeguro's API version 2
  25. 5,431 downloads
    pagseguro_catcher (0.1.3) This gem provides a simple way to check and parse the PagSeguro transaction notification.
  26. 7,314 downloads
    pagseguro_client (0.4.2) The library to access the new services from Pagseguro (v2)
  27. 543 downloads
    pagseguro-oficial (2.0.5) Biblioteca oficial de integração PagSeguro em Ruby
  28. 3,560 downloads
    pagseguro-transparente (0.1.3) Integração com o novo checkout transparente do Pagseguro.
  29. 2,976 downloads
    pagseguro_v2 (0.0.9) Ruby gem for interfacing with Pagseguro V2 API.
  30. 6,410 downloads
    pah (0.0.17) A rails application template which born from Startup DEV and now is used to start most projects a...