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  1. 5,959 downloads
    poser (1.0.5) A minimal implementation of the presenter pattern.
  2. 1,380 downloads
    poseur (0.1.1) Create fake people, with real-ish addresses.
  3. 6,659 downloads
    posifile (0.2.5) Ruby library to make it easier to read position files.
  4. 3,917 downloads
    positify (0.0.1) Makes anything positive. Works inline and block and you can specify a maximum value. Zero is not ...
  5. 6,700 downloads
    positionable (1.1.1) This extension provides contiguous positionning capabilities to your ActiveRecord models.
  6. 2,110 downloads
    positioned (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  7. 2,352 downloads
    position_inspector (0.0.3) Inspect domain positions in google SERP
  8. 22,149 downloads
    positionrange (0.7.1) Allows one to assign random attributes to ranges and juggle them in lists. Also adds parsing from...
  9. 1,050 downloads
    positronic_brain (0.0.3) A Toolbox of Artificial Intelligence designed to help to solve a wide range of problems
  10. 3,551 downloads
    posix (0.0.5) Wrappers for some posix functions that I couldn't find in the stdlib
  11. 2,000 downloads
    posixlock (0.0.1) Methods to add posix (fcntl based and nfs safe) locking to the builtin File class
  12. 17,867 downloads
    posix_mq (2.1.0) POSIX message queues allow local processes to exchange data in the form of messages. This API is...
  13. 2,956 downloads
    posix-mqueue (0.0.7) posix-mqueue is a simple wrapper around the mqueue(7).
  14. 791 downloads
    posix-semaphore (0.5) Cross-thread, cross-process synchronisation made tolerably easy
  15. 1,882,626 downloads
    posix-spawn (0.3.8) posix-spawn uses posix_spawnp(2) for faster process spawning
  16. 2,660 downloads
    posixtimer (0.2) A class that provides a definable timeout
  17. 1,466 downloads
    poslavu (0.0.2) POSLavu is a hosted point-of-sale system. The `poslavu` gem provides access to the API.
  18. 2,767 downloads
    possessify (1.0.2) Possessify extends the Ruby String class adding functionality to make strings possessive and non-...
  19. 48,123 downloads
    possessive (1.0.1) Rails plugin that lets you get a possessive form of a string for use on sites
  20. 1,366 downloads
    possibly (0.2.0) Maybe monad implementation for Ruby (some might call it Option pattern or Null pattern)
  21. 630 downloads
    post (2.0.4) Small, fast package manager in pure Ruby.
  22. 5,086 downloads
    post2irc (0.9.2) This gem will start a sinatra script that will listen to posts and will publish the contents to a...
  23. 211 downloads
    post2zendesk (0.0.1) Post text or text file as comment to Zendesk ticket.
  24. 652 downloads
    postablr (0.0.1) Postablr a mountable blog engine similar with focus on tumblr entries style
  25. 6,667 downloads
    postage ( Postage is an API developed for handle text files for posts for blogs or anything else.
  26. 102,526 downloads
    postageapp (1.0.23) Gem that interfaces with service to send emails from web apps
  27. 1,003 downloads
    pos-tagger (0.0.0) A simple viterbi part of speech tagger.
  28. 6,176 downloads
    postal (0.3.0) Lyris is an enterprise email service. Postal makes it easy for Ruby to talk to Lyris's API.
  29. 3,884 downloads
    postal_address (0.9.3) International postal address formatting
  30. 804 downloads
    postal-app (0.0.5) Ruby Gem for Postal App