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  1. 1,092 downloads
    pompous (0.0.3) Mmm yes, yes indeed. We are most wonderfully productive, indeed. It seems that fancy tea and mono...
  2. 1,958 downloads
    ponch (0.0.2) Simple email analytics for your Rails app
  3. 4,435 downloads
    poncho (0.0.4) Poncho is an API to build REST APIs with a convenient DSL.
  4. 623 downloads
    pond (0.1.0) A simple, generic, thread-safe pool for connections or whatever else
  5. 7,074 downloads
    pondasee (2.0) Your awesome Front-end starter kit for compass.
  6. 8,065 downloads
    ponder (0.2.0) Ponder (Stibbons) is a Domain Specific Language for writing IRC Bots using the EventMachine library.
  7. 3,978 downloads
    pong (0.3.0) Pong is Ruby app that runs ping in the background on several hosts at once, and decorates the res...
  8. 2,532 downloads
    poniard (1.0.1) A dependency injector for Rails, allows you to write clean controllers.
  9. 308 downloads
    ponominalu (0.1.0) Ponominalu API Ruby wrapper
  10. 436 downloads
    pontiac (0.1.5) Gem engine for applications in the system PayPonty
  11. 313 downloads
    pontiac-webhook (0.1.2) Pontiac Webhook Engine
  12. 1,048 downloads
    pontifex (1.0.1) This gem is a solution to ruby quiz #1:
  13. 1,687 downloads
    pontopass ( Gem com funcoes de acesso e gerenciamento do Pontopass
  14. 928,307 downloads
    pony (1.10) Send email in one command: Pony.mail(:to => '', :body => 'hello')
  15. 19,490 downloads
    pony-express (0.9.2) A fast and lightweight mailer for ruby that uses libmimetic for generating mails
  16. 8,312 downloads
    ponyhost (0.3.4) ponyHost lets you to easily create Amazon S3 website buckets, push files to them and make...
  17. 829 downloads
    ponymizer (0.0.2) Generator of random pony names to be used as friendly and fun test data.
  18. 3,572 downloads
    ponytail (0.6.0) Ponytail is a Rails engine that shows the migrations.
  19. 1,681 downloads
    pony-test (0.1.0) Collection of helper methods and Cucumber steps for testing email through Pony
  20. 713 downloads
    ponyup (0.0.2) Ponyup uses fog to manipulate clouds to get the them to the point you want use chef for provision...
  21. 422 downloads
    ponzi (0.0.1) Simple connection manager
  22. 1,563 downloads
    pool_balancing (0.2.0) Given an array of the value of each contestant and the number of pools, this gem can automaticall...
  23. 3,338 downloads
    poolboy (0.1.4) See the status of your Percona Server buffer pool
  24. 1,989 downloads
    poole (0.1.0) This is a gem for creating JS games using Jekyll, Coffeescript, HAML, and SASS
  25. 1,309 downloads
    pooled-curb (0.1.0) When consuming web services, HTTP performance can be greatly improved if you enable keep-alive ...
  26. 935 downloads
    pool_net (0.0.5) A set of rake tasks I commonly use
  27. 860 downloads
    pool_of_entropy (0.0.3) PoolOfEntropy is a PRNG based on cryptographic secure PRNGs, intended to bring back the feeling o...
  28. 46,050 downloads
    poolparty (1.6.9) PoolParty: The easy, open-source, cross-cloud management solution
  29. 6,197 downloads
    pools (0.1.5) Generalized connection pooling
  30. 960 downloads
    poopypants (0.0.1) You know you love wacky names, so give it a try! irb> require 'poopypants';