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  1. 5,879 downloads
    quasi (0.0.6) A gem for Low Discrepancy Sequences
  2. 376 downloads
    quassertions (0.1.457) Custom assertions functions. This is the beginning of a small lightweight BDD project. Currently,...
  3. 273 downloads
    quay (0.0.1) automation for docker dev environments
  4. 325 downloads
    qubits (0.0.2) A set of Ruby functions for use in quantum computing.
  5. 2,238 downloads
    qubole_rails_sql_views (0.10.3) Adds support for using SQL views within ActiveRecord
  6. 366 downloads
    quby-mongoid (2.0.0) Mongoid database adapter for the Quby questionnaire engine
  7. 845 downloads
    qu-cmdwrapper (1.0.5) A wrapper for command-line tools, mostly are bioinformatics related tools
  8. 416 downloads
    qudea (0.0.1) Qudea API
  9. 1,990 downloads
    qu-delayed ( Qu::Delayed is basic sheduler for Qu queue system.
  10. 4,756 downloads
    que (0.8.0) A job queue that uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.
  11. 17,733 downloads
    quebert (2.0.3) A worker queue framework built around beanstalkd
  12. 420 downloads
    queen (0.0.1) English spelling and grammer verficiation tool. Queen will help you keep code and comment...
  13. 6,163 downloads
    queencheck (1.0.0) QueenCheck is random test library. Inspired by QuickCheck library in Haskell.
  14. 2,204 downloads
    Queen_Of_Diamonds (0.4-mswin32) A library for creating Windows-like card games.
  15. 429 downloads
    que_mailer (0.0.2) Asynchronous mail delivery using que
  16. 522 downloads
    quench (0.0.1) Use TCP Tunnels between two firewalled machines. Primarily used for ssh access to a machine insid...
  17. 1,038 downloads
    quercle (0.0.1) Converts JSON hash representing SQL conditions into an array suitable for ActiveRecord or DataMap...
  18. 3,255 downloads
    queri (1.0.3) Queuemetrics Reporting Interface
  19. 1,584 downloads
    querinator (0.0.2) manages and presents flash card data
  20. 4,103 downloads
    querobolsa-bootstrap-sass (0.2.4) Twitter's Bootstrap, converted to Sass and ready to drop into Rails or Compass
  21. 1,375 downloads
    query (0.1.22) This GEM is designed to work for Chinese SEOers who need to fetch query and parse results from al...
  22. 965 downloads
    query_28io (0.0.2) This gem allows to run public queries on
  23. 1,523 downloads
    queryable (1.0.1) Queryable is a module that encapsulates query building so you don't have to tuck scopes inside yo...
  24. 1,271 downloads
    queryable_array (0.0.1) QueryableArray is intended to store a group of objects which share the same attributes allowing t...
  25. 1,328 downloads
    queryable_with (0.1.0) Tie query parameters to scopes, or create dynamic scopes on the fly. Define sets of reusable scop...
  26. 1,062 downloads
    queryalize (0.0.1) Queryalize lets you use Rails 3 to build queries just like with ActiveRecord::QueryMethods, ...
  27. 5,682 downloads
    query-analyzer (0.1.1) Run explain on all the sql queries rails generates.
  28. 34,819 downloads
    querybuilder (1.2.3) QueryBuilder is an interpreter for the "pseudo sql" language. This language can be used for t...
  29. 15,554 downloads
    query_diet (0.5.2) Rails database query counter that stays out of your way
  30. 3,395 downloads
    query-interface-client (1.2.0) Client for the radar query interface