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  1. 318 downloads
    rack_dav_sp ( WebDAV handler for Rack.
  2. 201 downloads
    rack-deadline (1.0.0) rack-deadline is a simple rack middleware that automatically clears sessions that have been open ...
  3. 20,731 downloads
    rack-debug (2.0.0) Rack::Debug is a middleware that provides a simple interface to ruby-debug. Helps debug apps runn...
  4. 1,913 downloads
    rack-debug19 (1.4.2) Rack::Debug adds a middlerware interface to ruby-debug
  5. 536 downloads
    rack-delay (0.2.0) A simple rack middleware to slowdown response
  6. 7,335 downloads
    rack-denyie (1.1.3) Rack middleware that denies specified versions of IE.
  7. 117 downloads
    rack-deployed (0.0.1) View your rack-based web applications Git SHA at /site/sha
  8. 4,416 downloads
    rack-detailed_request_logger (0.1.3) Log requests to your rack app along with the raw post data
  9. 4,511 downloads
    rack_detect_platform (0.0.2) Very simple Rack middleware to set an env variable based on user agent
  10. 2,640 downloads
    rack_detect_robots (0.0.3) Rack Middleware for detecting robots
  11. 345 downloads
    rack-devfavicon (0.0.1) A rack middleware to show gray-scaled favicon on development
  12. 591 downloads
    rack-devise_cookie_auth (0.1.0) Rack middleware to log in from a "remember me" Devise cookie.
  13. 855 downloads
    rack-digestif (0.1) A rack middleware that ensures Sprockets assets are served regardless of whether the asset digest...
  14. 15,864 downloads
    rack_direct (0.1.15) RackDirect allows you to easily perform integration tests between multiple Rails websites, by lau...
  15. 1,301 downloads
    rack-directory-index (0.1.0) Acts like DirectoryIndex is set to index.html for all public folders in Heroku.
  16. 681 downloads
    rack-directory-indexes (0.0.1) Sets the list of resources to look for, when the client requests a directory name
  17. 1,328 downloads
    rack-docunext-content-length (0.0.1) Computes the final length of a Rack response body and adds an HTTP header with the value.
  18. 185 downloads
    rack-doge (0.0.1) Analyze timing and process info from your Rack stack.
  19. 1,396 downloads
    rack-domain_redirect (0.1.1) Rack::DomainRedirect is a tiny rack middleware for redirecting to the configurable domain. If us...
  20. 1,076 downloads
    rack_doubles (1.0.0) Rack middleware for creating faking responses for HTTP web services that an application under tes...
  21. 14,799 downloads
    racked (1.0.3) Allows you to manage your rackspace hosted mailboxes, eg. create a new mailbox.
  22. 1,504 downloads
    rack-embed (0.0.1) Rack::Embed embeds small images via the data-url (base64) if the browser supports it.
  23. 200 downloads
    rack-emoji (0.1.0) Easily setup emoji for use with rack app.
  24. 2,638 downloads
    rack-emstream (0.1.4) Super-simple Rack streaming with Thin
  25. 900 downloads
    rack-ensure_proper_host (0.1.0) Rack middleware for ensuring only proper hosts get passed to your application
  26. 1,445 downloads
    rack-entrance (0.0.4) A tiny middleware that determines whether this request was from the internal network or not.
  27. 4,496 downloads
    rack-env (0.1.3) load environment variables from .env or specified file.
  28. 1,296 downloads
    rack_environment (0.0.1) Rack environment is a rails plugins that lets you define some environments and add some html just...
  29. 5,293 downloads
    rack-environment (1.2.0) Rack middleware to set ENVironment variables around your app.
  30. 12,101 downloads
    rack-environmental (1.3.1) Rack::Environmental indicates which environment your web application is running in (...