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  1. 5,567 downloads
    rack-datamapper-session (0.3) Datamapper session for any Rack based application. Don't forget to automigrate.
  2. 8,155 downloads
    rack_dav (0.3.1) WebDAV handler for Rack.
  3. 349 downloads
    rack_dav_sp ( WebDAV handler for Rack.
  4. 358 downloads
    rack-deadline (1.0.0) rack-deadline is a simple rack middleware that automatically clears sessions that have been open ...
  5. 22,039 downloads
    rack-debug (2.0.0) Rack::Debug is a middleware that provides a simple interface to ruby-debug. Helps debug apps runn...
  6. 2,046 downloads
    rack-debug19 (1.4.2) Rack::Debug adds a middlerware interface to ruby-debug
  7. 323 downloads
    rack-defense (0.2.0) A rack middleware for throttling and filtering requests
  8. 767 downloads
    rack-delay (0.2.0) A simple rack middleware to slowdown response
  9. 8,058 downloads
    rack-denyie (1.1.3) Rack middleware that denies specified versions of IE.
  10. 283 downloads
    rack-deployed (0.0.1) View your rack-based web applications Git SHA at /site/sha
  11. 4,924 downloads
    rack-detailed_request_logger (0.1.3) Log requests to your rack app along with the raw post data
  12. 4,830 downloads
    rack_detect_platform (0.0.2) Very simple Rack middleware to set an env variable based on user agent
  13. 3,043 downloads
    rack_detect_robots (0.0.3) Rack Middleware for detecting robots
  14. 680 downloads
    rack-devfavicon (0.1.0) A rack middleware to show gray-scaled favicon on development
  15. 727 downloads
    rack-devise_cookie_auth (0.1.0) Rack middleware to log in from a "remember me" Devise cookie.
  16. 20,934 downloads
    rack-dev-mark (0.7.3) Differentiate development environment from production
  17. 995 downloads
    rack-digestif (0.1) A rack middleware that ensures Sprockets assets are served regardless of whether the asset digest...
  18. 17,559 downloads
    rack_direct (0.1.15) RackDirect allows you to easily perform integration tests between multiple Rails websites, by lau...
  19. 1,431 downloads
    rack-directory-index (0.1.0) Acts like DirectoryIndex is set to index.html for all public folders in Heroku.
  20. 815 downloads
    rack-directory-indexes (0.0.1) Sets the list of resources to look for, when the client requests a directory name
  21. 419 downloads
    rack-disable_css_animations (0.1.1) Rack middleware to disable CSS animations sitewide. Useful for making acceptance tests quicker an...
  22. 1,474 downloads
    rack-docunext-content-length (0.0.1) Computes the final length of a Rack response body and adds an HTTP header with the value.
  23. 198 downloads
    rackdog-agent (0.0.1) Longer description. Optional.
  24. 340 downloads
    rack-doge (0.0.1) Analyze timing and process info from your Rack stack.
  25. 232 downloads
    rack-domain (1.0.0) This Rack middleware allows you to run specific apps when the request domain matches a gi...
  26. 1,613 downloads
    rack-domain_redirect (0.1.1) Rack::DomainRedirect is a tiny rack middleware for redirecting to the configurable domain. If us...
  27. 1,374 downloads
    rack_doubles (1.0.0) Rack middleware for creating faking responses for HTTP web services that an application under tes...
  28. 202 downloads
    rack-easou (1.0) Render 400 error whenever a request's %-encoding is malformed
  29. 16,601 downloads
    racked (1.0.3) Allows you to manage your rackspace hosted mailboxes, eg. create a new mailbox.
  30. 1,646 downloads
    rack-embed (0.0.1) Rack::Embed embeds small images via the data-url (base64) if the browser supports it.