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  1. 1,477 downloads
    rack-docunext-content-length (0.0.1) Computes the final length of a Rack response body and adds an HTTP header with the value.
  2. 201 downloads
    rackdog-agent (0.0.1) Longer description. Optional.
  3. 345 downloads
    rack-doge (0.0.1) Analyze timing and process info from your Rack stack.
  4. 272 downloads
    rack-domain (1.0.0) This Rack middleware allows you to run specific apps when the request domain matches a gi...
  5. 1,616 downloads
    rack-domain_redirect (0.1.1) Rack::DomainRedirect is a tiny rack middleware for redirecting to the configurable domain. If us...
  6. 1,379 downloads
    rack_doubles (1.0.0) Rack middleware for creating faking responses for HTTP web services that an application under tes...
  7. 208 downloads
    rack-easou (1.0) Render 400 error whenever a request's %-encoding is malformed
  8. 16,638 downloads
    racked (1.0.3) Allows you to manage your rackspace hosted mailboxes, eg. create a new mailbox.
  9. 1,649 downloads
    rack-embed (0.0.1) Rack::Embed embeds small images via the data-url (base64) if the browser supports it.
  10. 413 downloads
    rack-emoji (0.1.0) Easily setup emoji for use with rack app.
  11. 231 downloads
    rack-empty-body-fix (0.0.1) Rack Middleware to fix MSIE empty POST body issue.
  12. 3,162 downloads
    rack-emstream (0.1.4) Super-simple Rack streaming with Thin
  13. 525 downloads
    rack_encoding_scrubber (0.3) Removes invalid %-encoding
  14. 1,040 downloads
    rack-ensure_proper_host (0.1.0) Rack middleware for ensuring only proper hosts get passed to your application
  15. 2,195 downloads
    rack-entrance (0.1.0) A tiny middleware that determines whether this request was from the internal network or not.
  16. 5,554 downloads
    rack-env (0.1.3) load environment variables from .env or specified file.
  17. 1,428 downloads
    rack_environment (0.0.1) Rack environment is a rails plugins that lets you define some environments and add some html just...
  18. 5,852 downloads
    rack-environment (1.2.0) Rack middleware to set ENVironment variables around your app.
  19. 13,683 downloads
    rack-environmental (1.3.1) Rack::Environmental indicates which environment your web application is running in (...
  20. 2,658 downloads
    rack-env-notifier (0.0.6) Middleware that displays the custom notification for every html page. Designed to work both in pr...
  21. 1,669 downloads
    racker (0.1.6) Racker allows for hierarchical template definitions for Packer.
  22. 2,059 downloads
    rack-ermahgerd (0.0.3) Rack::Ermahgerd is a simple Rack middleware that translates the content of a web page into Ermahg...
  23. 5,460 downloads
    rack_errorpage (1.0.0) Simple Rack Middleware catching exceptions and rendering the error page of your choice
  24. 2,517 downloads
    rack-escapee (0.1.1) middleware to let you know when escaped html tags are being rendered, so you can fix them
  25. 5,452 downloads
    rack-esi (0.2.0) Rack-ESI is a Nokogiri based ESI middleware implementation for Rack with support for include tags...
  26. 8,761 downloads
    racket (1.0.11) Ruby Gem for reading and writing raw packets
  27. 1,058 downloads
    racket2 (1.0.9) Ruby Gem for reading and writing raw packets
  28. 267 downloads
    rack-etag (3.0.0) Writes ETag to responses
  29. 21,513 downloads
    rack-evil_robot (0.1.0) Detect robots that are ignoring your robots.txt file and give them the middle finger
  30. 5,566 downloads
    rack-exception_notifier (0.3.5) Rack middleware to send email when exceptions are raised