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  1. 2,137 downloads
    resque-retry-on-lock (0.0.3) A Resque plugin. If you want only one instance of your job running at a time, but want to re-enqu...
  2. 4,791 downloads
    resque-rollbar (0.0.4) Resque failure backend for Rollbar
  3. 2,314 downloads
    resque_safe (0.0.8) Coverts hash and ActiveRecord objects to minimal repersentations for resque to use
  4. 1,148,325 downloads
    resque-scheduler (2.5.5) Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to schedule ...
  5. 2,666 downloads
    resque-send-later (0.1.0) A Resque plugin. Implements an approximation of DelayedJob's send_later on resque. Has a litt...
  6. 19,462 downloads
    resque-sentry (1.2.0) A failure backend for Resque that sends events to Sentry
  7. 1,405 downloads
    resque-serial (0.0.4) Resque serial jobs
  8. 925 downloads
    resque-serializable (0.0.2) Adds support for serializable arguments in a Resque job. Serializable arguments can be passed to ...
  9. 278 downloads
    resque_signal_from_child (1.25.1) Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on...
  10. 12,723 downloads
    resque-sliders (0.2.3) Resque-Sliders is a plugin for Resque that enables you to control multiple hosts' running...
  11. 589 downloads
    resque_sliding_window (0.0.1) Sliding Window unique-job workflow for Resque jobs
  12. 2,819 downloads
    resque-smtp (0.2.0) Deliver mail in a resque job
  13. 2,227 downloads
    resque_solo (0.1.0) Resque plugin to add unique jobs
  14. 271,372 downloads
    resque_spec (0.15.0) RSpec matchers for Resque
  15. 673 downloads
    resque-squash (0.0.1) A Resque failure backend for
  16. 2,636 downloads
    resque-stats (0.1.1) If you want to graph the workload created by your different Resque jobs, extend them with this pl...
  17. 1,273 downloads
    resque_statsd (0.1.2) Resque plugin that pushes the job statistics to statsd
  18. 3,474 downloads
    resque-statsd (0.0.1) Will add a counter for enqueuing, performing, failing and timing Jobs
  19. 314,726 downloads
    resque-status (0.4.2) resque-status is an extension to the resque queue system that provides simple trackable jobs. It ...
  20. 5,730 downloads
    resque_stuck_queue (0.5.1) where the wild things are. err, when resque gets stuck
  21. 3,233 downloads
    resque-swapper (0.1.2) Swapping tool for Resque server on runtime.
  22. 1,977 downloads
    resque-tabber (0.0.1) Adds an arbitrary tab to resque-web which goes wherever you want
  23. 2,421 downloads
    resque-task (0.0.3) Helper for listing and viewing resque tasks at their various stages
  24. 2,543 downloads
    resque-telework (0.3.2) Telework is a Resque plugin aimed at controlling Resque workers from the web UI. It makes it ea...
  25. 3,170 downloads
    resque_template ( This resque plugin enables you to customize the views.
  26. 29,982 downloads
    resque-throttle (0.3.0) resque-throttle is an extension to the resque queue system that restricts the frequency in which ...
  27. 2,448 downloads
    resque-timeframe (0.2.0) resque-timeframe is an extension to resque queue system that allow the execution at configured time.
  28. 195 downloads
    resque-timely (0.1.0) Set time limits on Resque jobs per Job class.
  29. 54,984 downloads
    resque-timeout (1.0.0) Resque plugin allowing long-running jobs to automatically fail after a specified time.
  30. 1,662 downloads
    resque_to_cloudwatch (1.4.0) Submit Resque queue lengths to Cloudwatch