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  1. 506 downloads
    remove_file_suffix (1.0.1) This library is called remove_file_suffix. This simple module allows you to remove file ...
  2. 294 downloads
    remove_html (1.0.0) This library is called remove_html
  3. 7,301 downloads
    remove_stale_gems (1.0.2) Remove gems for which last use time is too old
  4. 692 downloads
    remove_turbolinks (1.0.1) A Ruby on Rails gem that provides a generator for removing Turbolinks from a project.
  5. 1,045 downloads
    remove_white_border (1.0.0) This is a command line tool for removing the white border around an image, often created by scann...
  6. 1,412 downloads
    remq (0.0.4) Remq is a Redis-based protocol for building fast, durable message queues. The Remq proto...
  7. 702 downloads
    remq-rb (0.0.2) Redis Message Queue (ReMQ) is a message queue backed by the awesome key-value store, Redis.
  8. 993 downloads
    remreq (0.1.0) Remote require capabilities.
  9. 412 downloads
    remvee-exifr (0.10.8) EXIF Reader is a module to read EXIF from JPEG images.
  10. 546 downloads
    remvee-mini_magick ( Uses command-line ImageMagick tools to resize, rotate, and mogrify images.
  11. 7,973 downloads
    remy (0.0.10) Easy chef deployment
  12. 17,243 downloads
    rename (1.0.2) This library allows you to rename rails application using a single command
  13. 1,186 downloads
    rename2mac (0.9.6) Rename folderful of filenames to Mac OS X supported format (UTF8-MAC). Mac OS X use only.
  14. 695 downloads
    rename_app (0.0.3) This gem will rename your application
  15. 9,252 downloads
    Renamer (0.5.2) Renamer is a tool that makes it easy to rename any number of files on any filesystem without know...
  16. 271 downloads
    renaudb-batfish (0.1.1) Just a bunch of functions.
  17. 919 downloads
    rencdec (0.0.1) Created to fill a need in supplying two arrays (a,b) of varying size and representing a third arr...
  18. 1,927 downloads
    rench (0.1.2) Keep all the files you use often in a Toolbox. Then easily grab them (or anyones) with Rench.
  19. 399 downloads
    renchap-wowr (0.5.3) Wowr is a Ruby library for accessing data in the World of Warcraft Armory. It provides an object-...
  20. 1,054 downloads
    rencode (0.0.0) Code from diferent sources to UT8 or code text to acute
  21. 341 downloads
    rencode-ruby (1.0.0) This implementation aims to be complient with the Connelly Barnes implementation of rencode, vers...
  22. 1,335 downloads
    rencrypt (0.0.2) A way to encrypt/decrypt data using PKI
  23. 1,021 downloads
    rend (0.0.2) Zend Framework components ported to Ruby
  24. 2,391 downloads
    rend-acl (0.0.5) A port of Zend_Acl with modifications made to bring the API more inline with Ruby conventions.
  25. 1,139 downloads
    rend-core (0.0.2) Zend Framework components ported to Ruby -- Core Gem.
  26. 3,851 downloads
    render (0.1.0) Simple management of API calls.
  27. 3,466 downloads
    render_404 (0.0.15) Auto rendering 404 errors for Rails App
  28. 1,389 downloads
    render_any (0.0.3) Automaticaly render an appropriate response.
  29. 22,933 downloads
    render_anywhere (0.0.9) Out of the box, Rails will render templates in a controller context only. This gem allows for cal...
  30. 2,016 downloads
    render-as-markdown (0.0.6) RenderAsMarkdown is a small Ruby gem featuring simple to use objects to turn data into Markd...