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  1. 485 downloads
    resque-clues (0.1.0) Adds event publishing and job tracking ability to Resque
  2. 1,053 downloads
    resque_cmdline (0.0.2) resque_cmdline: simple command-line client for resque workers
  3. 709 downloads
    resque_coalmine (0.0.1) Sends exceptions to
  4. 18,641 downloads
    resque-concurrent-restriction (0.5.9) A resque plugin for limiting how many of a specific job can run concurrently
  5. 930 downloads
    resque-crashlog (0.1.0) A handler for Resque's failure backend that will send exceptions through to Uses you...
  6. 6,475 downloads
    resqued (0.7.11) Daemon of resque workers
  7. 755 downloads
    resque-data (0.0.1) Make Resque data accessible via HTTP.
  8. 3,014 downloads
    resque-data-warehouse (0.1.2) A Resque plugin. Allows you to use Redis to queue up and then Resque to process transactions ...
  9. 1,088 downloads
    resque-dedup (0.0.1) A Resque plugin for ensuring that the same job does not get enqueued multiple times
  10. 1,929 downloads
    resque_def (0.0.3) Defining Resque boilerplate since 2013
  11. 815 downloads
    resque_delay (0.0.2) Allow execute methods in background without adding new jobs. Like .delay method in DelayedJob
  12. 1,304 downloads
    resque-delay (0.5.0) Enable send_later support for Resque
  13. 2,907 downloads
    resque-delayable (1.0.2) Run class methods or methods on activerecord, mongomapper objects later through resque
  14. 4,257 downloads
    resque-delayed (1.2.0) Enqueue jobs that will only appear for processing after a specified delay or at a particular time...
  15. 1,051 downloads
    resque-delay-with-mongoid (0.0.2) Enable send_later support for Resque. Includes support for mongoid backends. Based on the origina...
  16. 1,334 downloads
    resque_delivery (0.0.2) With ResqueDelivery, you can send ActionMailer messages asynchronously with Resque.
  17. 11,572 downloads
    resque-director (2.2.4) resque plugin for automatically scaling workers based on the amount of time it takes a job to go ...
  18. 7,834 downloads
    resque-durable (1.1.0) Resque queue backed by database audits, with automatic retry
  19. 57,884 downloads
    resque-dynamic-queues (0.8.1) A resque plugin for specifying the queues a worker pulls from with wildcards, negations, or dynam...
  20. 6,706 downloads
    resque_empty_queue (0.0.3) resque_empty_queue is an extension to the Resque queue system runs a job after a queue has been e...
  21. 773 downloads
    resque-enqueue-arity (0.0.1) Validates the number of job arguments when queueing a job with Resque
  22. 2,290 downloads
    resque-enqueue-lock-timeout (0.4.0) A Resque plugin. Adds locking, with optional timeout/deadlock handling to resque jobs. Usi...
  23. 4,885 downloads
    resque-enqueue-logger (0.0.6) Resque plugin that adds simple logging after enqueueing a job.
  24. 43,114 downloads
    resque-ensure-connected (0.2.0) ensure active record connections are valid before performing resque background jobs
  25. 40,488 downloads
    resque-exceptional (0.2.2) resque-exceptional provides a Resque failure backend that sends exceptions raised by jobs to ...
  26. 1,610 downloads
    resque_exception_notification (0.0.1) Use exception_notification to send resque exception emails
  27. 1,468 downloads
    resque-exponential-backoff (0.1.1) A resque plugin that adds retry/exponential backoff functionality to your resque jobs. Simply ex...
  28. 2,830 downloads
    resque_extensions (0.0.6) An extension to Resque that makes it act more like Delayed::Job
  29. 9,389 downloads
    resque-failed-job-mailer (0.0.3) Gem that sends mail in case of resque job failure
  30. 19,452 downloads
    resque-fairly (1.1.0) Normally resque processes queues in a fixed order. This can lead to jobs in queues at the end of...