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  1. 825 downloads
    rack-git (0.0.1) rack application (not a middleware) serves contents in a git repository directly
  2. 6,422 downloads
    rack-git_sha (1.2.0) Serve up the current git commit SHA from rack
  3. 2,684 downloads
    rack-git-up (0.0.1) Rack app to pull blobs from git and return them in the response, based on rack static
  4. 3,514 downloads
    rack-git-version (0.0.3) Adds your git ref to the HTTP headers
  5. 2,475 downloads
    rack_global_session (0.3) A port of has_global_session to Rack middleware.
  6. 2,585 downloads
    rack-goggles (1.1.0) See a "pretty" version of your API. Goggles installs a little tiny Sinatra app on a URL prefix a...
  7. 2,527 downloads
    rack-golden_frill (0.1.2) Generates on-demand 'ribbony' links that protrude to the left or right of active links
  8. 7,289 downloads
    rack-golem (0.1.3) A Controller middleware that is fairly basic. I would say it is a sort of Ramaze for kids
  9. 30,963 downloads
    rack-google_analytics (1.0.2) Embeds Google Analytics tracking code in the bottom of HTML documents
  10. 95,449 downloads
    rack-google-analytics (1.2.0) Simple Rack middleware for implementing google analytics tracking in your Ruby-Rack based project...
  11. 2,517 downloads
    rack-google-custom-search (0.1.1) Simple rack middleware to copies google custom search script
  12. 620 downloads
    rack-googlemarketplace (0.0.1.pre1) Write a gem description
  13. 1,135 downloads
    rack-graphite (1.1.0) Simple Rack middleware for logging request counts/timing information
  14. 3,158 downloads
    rack_grid (0.0.4) Rack helper for presenting MongoDB GridFS Files
  15. 12,188 downloads
    rack-gridfs (0.4.1) Rack middleware for creating HTTP endpoints for files stored in MongoDB's GridFS
  16. 2,044 downloads
    rack-gridfs-thumb (0.2.0) Rack middleware for resizing images served via Rack::GridFS
  17. 1,098 downloads
    rack_grid_thumb (0.0.3) Auto-create thumbnails when used with rack_grid
  18. 2,886 downloads
    rack-gsub (0.1.0) This is a Rack middleware wrapper for gsub. You can replace text on your web page wi...
  19. 903 downloads
    rack_guarantee_trailing_new_line (0.1.0) Adds a trailing new line to all Rack responses
  20. 2,883 downloads
    rack_gyazo (0.1.2) A Rack Application for
  21. 1,320 downloads
    rack_gzfile (0.2.0) Rack::File meets gzip_static
  22. 267 downloads
    rack-gzip-file (0.0.1) Extends Rack::File and Rack::Static with gzip pre-compression optimization support. Also supports...
  23. 117 downloads
    rack-hackery (0.0.2) A small collection of Rack hacks.
  24. 1,991 downloads
    rack-halt (0.0.2) Prevent matched paths from subsequent middleware calls
  25. 3,524 downloads
    rack-handler-apache (0.0.2) A rack-handler like gem for apache/passenger
  26. 121 downloads
    rack-handler-racer (0.1.3) Rack adapter for Racer webserver, see for more information
  27. 13,278 downloads
    rack-handlers (0.7.0) Unicorn family Rack handlers for you. Mostly for `rails s`.
  28. 622 downloads
    rack-haproxy_status (0.8.1) This app will return 503 if a config file contains "off", which will tell HAproxy to drop this no...
  29. 622 downloads
    rack-hard-copy (0.0.3) Rack Middle to creating static copies of rendered endpoints and reload them. It equates to a stat...
  30. 1,460 downloads
    rack_hashed_cookie_session (0.0.2) Hashed cookie-based session store for Rack