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  1. 920 downloads
    rack_http_script_name (0.0.2) In case of nginx proxy, I wish to set SCRIPT_NAME to some value, but it sets HTTP_SCRIPT_NAME. So...
  2. 1,519 downloads
    rack-i18n_best_langs (0.3) rack-i18n_best_langs is a Rack middleware component that takes care of understanding what are the...
  3. 9,295 downloads
    rack-i18n_locale_switcher (0.5.2) Detects the current locale from query parameter, path prefix, host or accept header.
  4. 2,248 downloads
    rack-i18n_routes (0.3) rack-i18n_routes is a Rack middleware component that internally re-routes URLS that have been tra...
  5. 555 downloads
    rack-icis_identity_auth (0.1.0) Middleware that allows you to authenticate header-based auth request on ICIS services.
  6. 24,487 downloads
    rack-idempotent (0.2.0) Idempotent Rack middleware
  7. 1,072 downloads
    rack-idle (0.1.0) Automatically shutdown idle Rack servers.
  8. 1,073 downloads
    rack-ie-redirect-fix (0.0.1) Fixes an obscure issue with redirects that happens with IE and SSL
  9. 6,519 downloads
    rackif (0.1.1) Use or don't use Rack apps based on a variety of environment factors.
  10. 1,085 downloads
    rack-if (0.1.2) Use or don't use Rack apps based on a variety of environment factors.
  11. 9,737 downloads
    rack-iframe (0.0.3) Rack middleware for enabling problematic web browsers (Internet Explorer and Safari) to use same ...
  12. 4,715 downloads
    rack-iframe-transport (0.1.3) Rack middleware for iframe-transport hacks.
  13. 1,429 downloads
    rack_image_assets_cache_control (0.2.1) Cache Control Image Assets in rails development
  14. 3,316 downloads
    rack_image_size (0.1.0) Will automatically add image dimensions to any IMG tags in your response if they do not already h...
  15. 1,506 downloads
    rack-img-sizes (0.0.2) Appends image sizes to all img tags
  16. 10,146 downloads
    rack-in-app-purchase (0.1.1) Rack middleware for in-app purchase receipt verification and product listing.
  17. 336 downloads
    rack-info (0.0.1) Rack middleware to add information to request headers or body
  18. 1,648 downloads
    rack-informant (1.1.0) Middleware that reports all requests to an interested party (e.g. for analytics).
  19. 5,512 downloads
    rack-initforthe-facebook (0.0.7) Rack middleware for Facebook applications
  20. 28,106 downloads
    rack-insight (0.5.28) Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware. Based on logical-insight a...
  21. 608 downloads
    rack-instrument (0.0.1) Rack middleware for recording request metrics
  22. 11,869 downloads
    rack-instruments (0.4.0) Rack middleware providing extremely basic instrumentation.
  23. 904 downloads
    rack-ip-authorizer (0.0.4) Basic Rack middleware for Rails 3 to authorize access to path by IP using YML config file
  24. 2,790 downloads
    rack-ip_filter (0.1.0) White and clacklist IPs
  25. 955 downloads
    rack_iphone (1.0.1) Rack Iphone is use for auto login for web app from iphone when activated from home screen shortcu...
  26. 4,369 downloads
    rack_iphone_web_app (0.0.4) iPhone web apps in full screen mode wipe cookies when the browser closes. This gem uses ja...
  27. 3,074 downloads
    rack_ip_restrictor (0.1.2) Restricts requests to specific IP addresses and ranges for specified paths
  28. 2,284 downloads
    rack-ip-whitelist (0.0.2) Rack middleware to quickly add ip whitelisting to your app
  29. 22,583 downloads
    rack-jekyll (0.4.1) Transform your jekyll based app into a Rack application
  30. 691 downloads
    rack-jekyll_dispatch (0.0.1) Rack middleware to serve Jekyll static content.