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  1. 59,813 downloads
    resque-meta (2.0.1) A Resque plugin. If you want to be able to add metadata for a job to track anything you want, ex...
  2. 1,078 downloads
    resque-methodize (1.0.1) Resque-Methodize is a plugin for the Resque job library that allows easy triggering of in...
  3. 22,658 downloads
    resque-metrics (0.1.1) A simple Resque plugin that times and saves some simple metrics for Resque jobs back into redis. ...
  4. 453 downloads
    resque-mission (1.0.0) resque-mission adds Missions (multi-step jobs) to Resque
  5. 21,822 downloads
    resque-mock (0.1.1) Mock resque with threads
  6. 2,569 downloads
    resque-mods (1.0.4) A set of extensions for resque jobs
  7. 6,683 downloads
    resque-mongo ( Resque-mongo is a fork of resque that uses mongo as a queue backend. Resque is a Redis-b...
  8. 5,075 downloads
    resque-mongo-groups (0.6.3) Provides a way of keeping track of batches of jobs, completion status, start time etc. using a Mo...
  9. 2,131 downloads
    resque-mongo-scheduler (2.0.3) Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque Mongo. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to sch...
  10. 1,437 downloads
    resque-monitoring (0.0.3) A gem that includes some monitorings to resque and plugins
  11. 40,735 downloads
    resque-multi-job-forks (0.4.2) When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your after_fork ...
  12. 10,499 downloads
    resque-multiple-failure-backend (1.1.1) Individual failed queue for each queue you have
  13. 11,355 downloads
    resque-multi-step (2.0.8) Provides multi-step tasks with finalization and progress tracking
  14. 1,267 downloads
    resque-noti-failure (0.2.0) Send resque failure to noti ( notification
  15. 1,196 downloads
    resque-oink (0.0.1) Resque extension to identify jobs which significantly increase VM heap size using oink
  16. 177 downloads
    resque_optimized_retry (0.0.1) Gem para dar retry de forma otimizada nos jobs que falharam do Resque
  17. 2,995 downloads
    resque-pagerduty (0.1.1) resque-pagerduty provides a Resque failure backend that triggers a Pagerduty incident when an...
  18. 15,404 downloads
    resque-pause (0.1.0) A Resque plugin to add functionality to pause resque jobs through the web interface. Using a `pa...
  19. 2,039 downloads
    resque-pertry (1.0.3) Adds persistence to Resque jobs, and retry properties
  20. 2,962 downloads
    resque-picky_worker (0.0.3) Resque worker that evaluates queues and chooses which one to pull jobs from
  21. 1,721 downloads
    resque-poll (1.0.0) A resque-based web poller
  22. 318,464 downloads
    resque-pool (0.3.0) quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitoring th...
  23. 205 downloads
    resque-pool-diet (0.3.1) quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitoring th...
  24. 4,058 downloads
    resque-pool-dynamic (0.1.3) A class to dynamically manage number of processes and status in the resque pool with a command-li...
  25. 350 downloads
    resque-pool-vinted (0.4.0.rc1) quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitoring th...
  26. 2,668 downloads
    resque-priority (0.1.1) Provides Resque with three levels of (named) priority for a single queue.
  27. 3,060 downloads
    resque-priority-jobs (0.2.2) resque plugin to have priority in the queue
  28. 13,679 downloads
    resque-progress (1.0.1) A Resque plugin that provides helpers for progress updates from within your jobs. For example: ...
  29. 3,792 downloads
    resque-pubsub (0.2.0) A Resque plugin. Provides a lightweight publish/subscribe messaging system, with message pers...
  30. 2,853 downloads
    resque-queueable (0.5.7) An Active Record model can be defined as 'queueable'. That adds extensions to add any method to t...