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  1. 1,659 downloads
    resque-top (0.0.1) top for Resque
  2. 1,979 downloads
    resqueue-metadata (0.0.2) Store a hash of any metadata against your queues in resque
  3. 14,543 downloads
    resque_ui (3.2.4) A Rails UI for Resque for managing workers, failures and schedules.
  4. 5,319 downloads
    resque-uniq (0.0.11) A Resque plugin to ensure only one job instance is queued or running at a time.
  5. 1,023 downloads
    resque-unique (0.1.0) A Resque plugin. If you want only one instance of your job queued at a time, extend it with this ...
  6. 2,266 downloads
    resque-unique-job (0.0.1) A Resque plugin for unique jobs
  7. 2,875 downloads
    resque-uniqueue (0.3.1) Unique Resque queues using redis 1.6.0 scripting, sets and not much else
  8. 97,969 downloads
    resque_unit (0.4.8) Test::Unit support for resque job queueing
  9. 4,655 downloads
    resque_utils (0.0.4) Provides extra help cap commands for use with Resque, requeuing jobs, mass deleting jobs
  10. 4,662 downloads
    resque-uuid (0.1.2) Generates a UUID for Resque jobs as they are enqueued
  11. 2,279 downloads
    resque-waiting-room (0.1.3) Throttle your Resque jobs
  12. 34,065 downloads
    resque-web (0.0.6) A Rails-based frontend to the Resque job queue system.
  13. 1,509 downloads
    resque-web_no_act (0.2.3) A stripped version of the Resque web interface that's safe to use by not so trustworthy personnel...
  14. 692 downloads
    resque_worker_heartbeat (0.2.0) Gives Resque workers a heartbeat to allow dead worker detection
  15. 19,892 downloads
    resque-workers-lock (2.0.0) A Resque plugin. Two or more jobs with the same lock cannot be processed simultaneously by multip...
  16. 158 downloads
    resqutils (0.0.1) Utilities for using Resque in a Rails app
  17. 6,668 downloads
    ress (0.0.11) Progressively enhance the mobile user experience of your Rails application.
  18. 1,436 downloads
    ressbo (1.0.0) Ruby Apple Address Book Interface and Tools
  19. 417,588 downloads
    rest (2.7.2) Rest client wrapper that chooses best installed client.
  20. 11,754 downloads
    restafari (0.7.9) Helper class to work with the restful apis
  21. 163 downloads
    restafarian (0.0.1.pre) Expose fully RESTful HTTP APIs including code-on-demand so client can intelligent present most ap...
  22. 6,461 downloads
    restalk (0.1.4) Makes migrating from Beanstalk to resque (or back again) super-simple. Other backends welcome.
  23. 6,295 downloads
    restapi (0.0.5) Maintain your API documentation up to date!
  24. 3,526 downloads
    rest_api ( An easy to use, no configuration API client!
  25. 4,185 downloads
    restapi_doc (0.0.5) REST API doc generates an easy way to create a twitter style document for your RESTful interface....
  26. 1,710 downloads
    rest_area (2.1.1) RestArea adds a restfull controller and api to any Rails Application, simply add the gem and whit...
  27. 113 downloads
    restart (1.0.1) Runs your shell command, then re-runs it any time filesystem change is detected. For example, "re...
  28. 1,992 downloads
    restartable (0.2.2) Run code, Ctrl-C to restart, once more Ctrl-C to stop
  29. 3,325 downloads
    restart_notifier (0.1.2) Notify each time a computer (server) restarts to the receiver emails. It's useful to quickly repo...
  30. 2,649 downloads
    restarts (1.0.3) restarts.rb implements a new method Kernel#raise_condition which is similar to Kernel#raise for t...