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  1. 2,927 downloads
    restfulness (0.3.0) Simple REST server that focuses on resources instead of routes.
  2. 229 downloads
    restful_objects (0.0.1) This gem is a framework for implementing Restful Objects servers.
  3. 1,273 downloads
    restful_press (0.0.1) Restful Press is an automated service for converting your app's views into PDFs.
  4. 14,767 downloads
    restful_query (0.3.6) RestfulQuery provides a simple interface in front of a complex parser to parse specially formatte...
  5. 1,106 downloads
    restful_query-rails3 (0.4) Rails3 Version of RestfulQuery, provides a simple interface in front of a complex parser to parse...
  6. 580 downloads
    restful_resource (0.0.9) A simple activerecord inspired rest resource base class implemented using rest-client
  7. 1,996 downloads
    restful_route_version (0.0.3) Versioning your routes in Rails3
  8. 5,701 downloads
    restful_serializer (0.1.5) This library is used to decorate ActiveRecord with methods to assist in generating Restful conten...
  9. 1,460 downloads
    restful_spec (1.0.1) Restful spec is an easy way to add a machine readable, comprehensive specification to your apis, ...
  10. 14,517 downloads
    restfulx (1.3.1) RestfulX: The RESTful Way to develop Adobe Flex and AIR applications
  11. 64,365 downloads
    rest-graph (2.0.3) A lightweight Facebook Graph API client We have moved the development from rest-graph to [rest-c...
  12. 10,878 downloads
    resthome (0.8.0) Simple wrapper class generator for consuming RESTful web services
  13. 817 downloads
    restify (0.1.1) An experimental hypermedia REST client that uses parallel, keep-alive and pipelined requests by d...
  14. 1,727 downloads
    restility (0.0.4) Generates REST documentation in Docbook and HTML format.
  15. 2,563 downloads
    rest-in-motion (0.0.3) See the summary..
  16. 5,110 downloads
    rest_in_peace (0.2.1) Minimal web framework with a focus on simplicity. Powered by Sinatra and DataMapper
  17. 1,274 downloads
    rest-in-peace (2.0.1) Let your api REST in peace.
  18. 13,805 downloads
    rest_in_place (2.5.0) REST in Place is an AJAX Inplace-Editor that talks to RESTful controllers.
  19. 596 downloads
    rest_in_place_bootstrap_slider (0.0.2) An AJAX Inplace-Editor + Bootstrap-Slider for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline
  20. 177 downloads
    rest_ip (0.1.0) Query IP address location based on various online restful services. Such as, sina i...
  21. 4,693 downloads
    restis-client (0.1.2) durable topic subscriber implementation
  22. 2,638 downloads
    restivus (0.0.3) Restivus eats CSV files and spits out fully-documented RESTful endpoints.
  23. 1,772 downloads
    restivus-gis (0.0.4) Restivus eats CSV,SHP,KML files and spits out fully-documented RESTful endpoints.
  24. 9,891 downloads
    rest_kat (0.0.14) The generated source code is a layer on top of the iOS REST framework
  25. 4,466 downloads
    restkit-generate (0.3) A model generator for iOS RestKit (Rails-like)
  26. 270 downloads
    restless (0.0.1) The restless gem is coming soon!
  27. 834 downloads
    restless_router (0.0.3) Many web services lack hypermedia or consistent routing. This gives a single place to house route...
  28. 4,750 downloads
    restly (0.0.1.alpha.7) Allows your app to authenticate a resource with oauth
  29. 48,920 downloads
    rest_model (0.3.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  30. 15,508 downloads
    rest-more (3.2.0) Various REST clients such as Facebook and Twitter built with [rest-core][]. [rest-core]: https:/...