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  1. 1,746 downloads
    retjilp (0.5) Retjilp logs into your account, scans all the tweets from your following list or another defined ...
  2. 5,985 downloads
    retlang ( Retlang is a high performance C# threading library. The library is intended for use in message ba...
  3. 3,706 downloads
    retmx ( Library for work with .tmx of, generic work, see doc
  4. 145 downloads
    retoo-ruby_gettext_extractor (0.2.1) Alternative and more powerful gettext parser for ruby files. It covers some special cases which t...
  5. 135 downloads
    retoo-rudoku (0.1.1) Rudoku is a simple Sudoku solver.
  6. 137 downloads
    retoo-rvincenty (0.0.0) rvincenty is a pure ruby implementation of Thaddeus Vincenty's formulae
  7. 4,926 downloads
    retort (0.0.6) An rTorrent xmlrpc wrapper written in ruby
  8. 142 downloads
    retr0h-that (0.0.0) A gem which used to read the last update of my blog.
  9. 3,536 downloads
    re_track (0.5.2) Track HTTP-Referrers in Rails using Mongoid/MongoDB
  10. 2,966 downloads
    retreat (0.1.2) retreat allows you to easily start new coderetreat iterations in different languges. Starting po...
  11. 2,889 downloads
    retreval (0.1.2) README ====== This is a simple API to evaluate information retrieval results. It allows you to l...
  12. 356,494 downloads
    retriable (1.4.1) Retriable is an simple DSL to retry a code block if an exception should be raised. This is especi...
  13. 339 downloads
    retrier (1.0.0) Retries a code block the given number of times
  14. 53,499 downloads
    retries (0.0.5) Retries is a gem for retrying blocks with randomized exponential backoff.
  15. 605 downloads
    retrieval_lite (1.1.0) Lightweight gem for document retrieval using tf-idf based algorithms for Ruby
  16. 300 downloads
    retrieval_lite_rails (1.0.0) Generator for TF-IDF Document Retrieval in Rails apps using the lightweight RetrievalLite gem.
  17. 1,051 downloads
    retriever (0.1.0) Retriever allows caching of the result of a block. It currently supports ruby memory storage...
  18. 143 downloads
    retro (0.0.1) gem install retro
  19. 12,393 downloads
    retroactive_module_inclusion (1.2.5) This gem circumvents the "dynamic module include" (aka "double inclusion") problem, which is the ...
  20. 832 downloads
    retrobot (0.3.1) Bot for twitter, which tweets a word that you've tweeted just 1 year ago
  21. 6,084 downloads
    retrograph (0.5.1) Retrograph is a software scanline renderer which simulates a late-era 8-bit display. Its graphic...
  22. 3,857 downloads
    retrograph_easy (0.2) Retrograph/EASY is a simple API built atop Retrograph, a software renderer which simulates a late...
  23. 846 downloads
    retroserver (0.0.3) Experimental -- Lightweight Ruby Web Server
  24. 805 downloads
    retrotoolkit (0.0.1) Gem designed to help with retro-engineering, especially can bus
  25. 8,588 downloads
    retry (0.1.0) easily retry blocks of code
  26. 654,775 downloads
    retryable (1.3.6) Kernel#retryable, allow for retrying of code blocks.
  27. 48,700 downloads
    retryable-rb (1.1.0) Easy to use DSL to retry code if an exception is raised.
  28. 4,370 downloads
    retryable_record (0.3.0) Retries an operation on an ActiveRecord until no StaleObjectError is being raised.
  29. 4,211 downloads
    retry_block (1.2.0) Take control of unstable or indeterminate code with retry_block
  30. 7,764 downloads
    retry-handler (0.2) Easy retry handling