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  1. 1,560 downloads
    riot-rack (0.0.1) Built on top the riot test framework, adds rack specific helpers and macros
  2. 11,567 downloads
    riot_rails (0.0.8) Riot specific test support for Rails apps. Protest the slow app.
  3. 4,714 downloads
    riot-rails (0.1.0) Use the fast, expressive and concise Riot unit-testing framework to test your Rails apps with.
  4. 6,746 downloads
    rip (0.0.5) Rip: Ruby's Intelligent Packaging
  5. 131 downloads
    ripar (0.0.1) Convert series of chained methods from . syntax to block syntax. Like instance_eval but with acce...
  6. 2,194 downloads
    ripdiru (0.2.1) Radiru*Radiru ripper
  7. 514 downloads
    ripe_db_client (0.0.2) Programatical Interface to the RIPE Database API (REST Client) - THIS IS NOT YET READY FOR PRIME ...
  8. 5,275 downloads
    rip_hashrocket (0.1.0) R.I.P. Hash Rocket gem will transform Ruby 1.8 hashrocket syntax into Ruby 1.9 friendly syntax
  9. 120,450 downloads
    ripl (0.7.0) ripl is a light, modular alternative to irb. Like irb, it loads ~/.irbrc, has autocompletion and ...
  10. 2,575 downloads
    ripl-after_rc (0.1.0) This ripl plugin provides a simple way to define blocks which are run after ~/.irbrc is loaded. A...
  11. 12,117 downloads
    ripl-auto_indent (0.2.0) This ripl plugin indents your multi-line Ruby input using ruby_indentation gem.
  12. 4,535 downloads
    ripl-color_error (0.1.1) This ripl plugin allows you to color errors in the console.
  13. 14,635 downloads
    ripl-color_result (0.4.1) This ripl plugin colorizes ripl results.
  14. 8,008 downloads
    ripl-color_streams (0.1.2) This ripl plugin colorizes your stdout and stderr streams.
  15. 6,135 downloads
    ripl-commands (0.2.1) This ripl plugin provides a core group of commands for any ripl shell. It aims to match and surpa...
  16. 3,145 downloads
    ripl-debug (0.2.0) This ripl plugin automatically starts the debugger whenever an evaled input throws an exception. ...
  17. 968 downloads
    ripl-em (0.1.0) Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell - asynchronously of course
  18. 5,495 downloads
    ripl-fresh (0.2.1) Fresh Ruby Enhanced SHell automatically detects, if your current command should be Ruby or a syst...
  19. 1,305 downloads
    ripl-hijack (0.1.0) This ripl plugin gives you a ripl console to any ruby process using hijack.
  20. 7,718 downloads
    ripl-i18n (0.3.2) A ripl plugin that translates ripl to your preferred language. Current supported languages: spani...
  21. 8,569 downloads
    ripl-irb (0.2.3) A ripl plugin that smooths the transition from irb by mocking out IRB. Safely captures all IRB ca...
  22. 1,133 downloads
    ripl-johnson (0.1.0) A full-featured javscript shell based on johnson a.k.a mozilla's tracemonkey. Since this uses rip...
  23. 62,960 downloads
    ripl-multi_line (0.3.1) This ripl plugin allows you to evaluate multiple lines of Ruby code.
  24. 1,123 downloads
    ripl-padrino (0.0.1) ripl for the padrino framework
  25. 8,828 downloads
    ripl-play (0.2.1) A ripl plugin to playback ruby code in ripl coming from files, urls or stdin. Also records a ripl...
  26. 7,447 downloads
    ripl-profiles (0.2.1) This ripl plugin adds a --profile option to ripl that loads profile files in ~/.ripl/profiles bef...
  27. 33,678 downloads
    ripl-rack (0.2.1) This ripl plugin provides a console for rack apps.
  28. 6,336 downloads
    ripl-rails (0.2.0) This provides an alternative to script/console and a ripl Rails plugin to be reused with app-spec...
  29. 9,664 downloads
    ripl-rc (0.2.4) ripl plugins collection, take you want, leave you don't.
  30. 2,714 downloads
    ripl-readline-em (0.2.1) Run EventMachine code in a ripl shell asynchronously with readline editing and completion