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  1. 1,715 downloads
    rhythmruby (0.1.3) represent rhythms as symbolic Strings and write them to MIDI
  2. 4,072 downloads
    ri18n (0.0.4) Ri18n is an internationalization and localization library for Ruby applications.
  3. 26,728 downloads
    riaction (1.4.0) Wrapper for IActionable's restful API and an "acts-as" style interface for models to behave as pr...
  4. 2,572 downloads
    riaction_genie (0.0.3) Engine to manually trigger IActionable events
  5. 281 downloads
    riagent (0.0.2) Provides Ruby on Rails integration for RiakJson (Riak + Solr document store API)
  6. 176 downloads
    riagent-document (0.0.1) Ruby object to JSON document conversion format, for persistence to Riak db
  7. 1,025 downloads
    riak (0.0.1.pre) Ruby adapter for Riak. It gives you access to both jiak & raw interfaces.
  8. 1,323 downloads
    riak-cache (1.0.0) riak-cache is an ActiveSupport::Cache::Store that is backed by Riak. It supports ActiveSupport ve...
  9. 264,587 downloads
    riak-client ( riak-client is a rich client for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It supports the full HT...
  10. 418 downloads
    riak-cs-user-mgmt (0.1.0) `mgmt` is a command-line tool that aids in Riak CS user management.
  11. 702 downloads
    riak-dt-ruby (0.0.1) riak_dt client library
  12. 673 downloads
    riak_json (0.0.4) A Ruby client for Riak Json
  13. 688 downloads
    riak-model (0.0.1.pre) Simple ODM for Riak.
  14. 12,838 downloads
    riakpb (0.3.0) riakpb is an all-ruby protocol buffer client for Riak--the distributed database by Basho.
  15. 11,195 downloads
    riakrest (0.1.7) RiakRest provides structured, RESTful interaction with the HTTP/JSON interface of a Riak[...
  16. 932 downloads
    riak-ruby-ledger (0.0.6) An alternative to Riak Counters with idempotent writes within a client defined window
  17. 2,613 downloads
    riak_sessions (0.2) Riak sessions for Rack based application.
  18. 9,615 downloads
    riak-sessions (0.9.7) riak-sessions is a session store backed by Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It includes s...
  19. 9,405 downloads
    riak-shim (1.1.1) Riak shim for bucket naming and config.
  20. 6,455 downloads
    riaktor ( Riaktor is a Ruby client and object mapper for Riak ( It's brand new and ...
  21. 428 downloads
    riak-yz-query (0.0.1) Arel-style queries for Riak Yokozuna
  22. 4,740 downloads
    rials (3.0.2) Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
  23. 244 downloads
    riaq (0.0.1) Riaq lets you manage queues and workers with Riak.
  24. 21,411 downloads
    rib (1.2.5) Ruby-Interactive-ruBy -- Yet another interactive Ruby shell Rib is based on the design of [ripl]...
  25. 1,418 downloads
    ribbit (0.1.0) A client for Ruby, built with HTTParty
  26. 20,289 downloads
    ribbon (0.8.0) Ruby Object Notation – Inspired by JSON and OpenStruct
  27. 435 downloads
    ribbon-flow (0.0.3) With this gem, you can connect and perform any operation on Ribbon Flow. It supports loading pool...
  28. 613 downloads
    ribeye (0.1.0) A Ruby client to the Beef bloom filter server
  29. 4,506 downloads
    rib_fix (0.1.2) This library provides a basic cross-platform functionality to runarbitrary ruby scripts in backgr...
  30. 2,341 downloads
    rib-heroku (0.8.2) Run a [Rib][] console on Heroku Cedar with your Rib config! [Rib]: