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  1. 3,456 downloads
    rack-jetty (0.2.0) Allows you to use Jetty as a Rack adapter in JRuby. Compatible with rackup and rails' Rack support.
  2. 1,414 downloads
    rackjour (0.1.8) Distribute your rack apps across the network with bonjour
  3. 6,880 downloads
    rack-jquery (2.1.0) jQuery CDN script tags and fallback in one neat package. Current version is for jQuery v2.1.0
  4. 1,029 downloads
    rack-jquery-helpers (0.0.1) Helpers for the rack-jquery, rack-jquery_ui, and rack-jquery_ui-themes libraries.
  5. 6,436 downloads
    rack-jquery_ui (3.0.0) jQuery-UI CDN script tags and fallback in one neat package. Current version is for jQuery-UI v1.10.3
  6. 4,313 downloads
    rack-jquery_ui-themes (3.0.0) jQuery-UI themes CDN script tags and fallback in one neat package. Current version is for jQuery-...
  7. 2,613 downloads
    rack_jruby_profiling (1.0.0) Rack middleware for running profiling JRuby applications
  8. 11,103 downloads
    rackjson (0.4.2) A rack end point for storing json documents.
  9. 507 downloads
    rack-json (0.5.1) Rack middleware for parsing json
  10. 694 downloads
    rack-json-api-version (0.0.2) Middleware to extract the API version from request headers. Check documentation for details
  11. 921 downloads
    rack-json-logs (1.1) Rack::JsonLogs is a gem that helps log sanely in production.
  12. 71,532 downloads
    rack-jsonp (1.3.1) A Rack middleware for providing JSON-P support.
  13. 26,128 downloads
    rack-jsonp-middleware (0.0.10) A Rack JSONP middleware
  14. 435 downloads
    rack-json-prettifier (0.0.3) Middleware for prettifying JSON, should not be used in production.
  15. 13,505 downloads
    rack-jsonp-tools (0.4.1) A collection of rack middlewares helping you add JSONP to your app
  16. 6,461 downloads
    rack-jsonr (0.2.7) A Rack middleware for providing enhanced JSONP-type access, but with get, post, put, and delete v...
  17. 2,030 downloads
    rack-json_schema (1.1.4) JSON Schema based Rack middlewares
  18. 534 downloads
    rack-json_stringify (0.0.3) This Rack middleware takes any JSON response and format all the values (but null) to string whene...
  19. 636 downloads
    rack-jsonz (0.0.3) A rack middleware that outputs status when you hit /jsonz.
  20. 256 downloads
    rack-jwt-token-auth (0.0.2) JWT-based token authentication middleware for Rack.
  21. 10,164 downloads
    rack-ketai (0.2.4) A Rack Middleware for Japanese mobile-phones
  22. 3,307 downloads
    rack-key_value_logger (0.4.1) Structured, key-value logging for your rack apps. Inspired by lograge.
  23. 1,193 downloads
    rack-killswitch (1.0.0) Live broadcast on app showing fire and blood everywhere? Image hosting site flooded with pornogra...
  24. 3,460 downloads
    rack_konami (1.0.0) Mixes the Konami code + JQuery to add Konami code effects to your app
  25. 1,275 downloads
    rack-lacquer (0.0.3) Ruby driven ESI for non-production environments
  26. 2,283 downloads
    rack-large-uploads (0.0.2) Rack middleware for handling large file uploads. Integrates nicely with the Nginx upload module: ...
  27. 852 downloads
    rack-latency (0.0.4) Measure and report latency to external hosts.
  28. 1,141 downloads
    rack-lazy-load (0.0.0) Make your website faster by deferring loading of images.
  29. 876 downloads
    rack-leakin (0.0.1) Rack middleware that detect and handle memory leaks
  30. 20,170 downloads
    rack-legacy (1.0.0) Rack legacy is a rack handler to help your run legacy code side-by-side on your rack serv...