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  1. 172 downloads
    revolutionhealth-masochism (0.0.1) ActiveRecord connection proxy for master/slave connections
  2. 502 downloads
    revolutionhealth-metricks (0.4.2) Metricks is a fork of the metric_fu project and adds support for additional code analysis tools
  3. 334 downloads
    revolutionhealth-metrics (0.0.10) metrics allows one to track the performance of particular controllers, database calls, and other ...
  4. 2,305 downloads
    revolver (1.1.1) A fixed-size LIFO data structure
  5. 169 downloads
    revo-metric_fu (1.1.5) Code metrics from Flog, Flay, RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi and Rails' stats task
  6. 4,437 downloads
    revo-nokogiri (1.4.1-java) Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri's many features is the abil...
  7. 3,250 downloads
    revo-paper_trail (1.4.3) Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.
  8. 1,725 downloads
    revo-remit (0.2.3) An API for using the Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS).
  9. 1,480 downloads
    revo-seed-fu (1.0.0) Seed Fu is an attempt to once and for all solve the problem of inserting and maintaining seed dat...
  10. 34,463 downloads
    revo-ssl_requirement (1.1.0) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  11. 171 downloads
    revo-version_fu (1.0.0) version_fu is a ActveRecord versioning gem that takes advantage of the new dirty attribute checki...
  12. 3,527 downloads
    revo-webrat ( Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. ...
  13. 2,560 downloads
    revrise (0.0.3) Track events and gain insightful actionable metrics through RevRise
  14. 244 downloads
    revs-utils (2.0.0) Shared methods and functions used by revs-indexer, pre-assembly and bulk metadata loading code.
  15. 1,738 downloads
    revue (1.0.2) A gem for creating and fetching code reviews via the website
  16. 2,073 downloads
    revup (0.2.0) A simple deploy tool, packaged as a rake task. Currently targeted for
  17. 1,388 downloads
    Revver4R (0.1.0) A simple Ruby interface for Revver's api.
  18. 5,565 downloads
    rev-websocket (0.1.3) Rev-WebSocket is a WebSocket server implementation based on Rev, a high performance event-driven ...
  19. 7,768 downloads
    reward_station (0.0.8) Reward Station is a client library for
  20. 1,027 downloads
    reward_station-gilman (0.0.7) Reward Station is a client library for
  21. 178 downloads
    rewinder (0.0.1) Rewinder goes back through the git history of your site and creates a timelapse video showing how...
  22. 206 downloads
    rewire (0.1.0) Perfect to process lots of data using several processors or machines and low memory.
  23. 11,579 downloads
    rewrite (0.3.0) Syntactic metaprogramming for Ruby
  24. 1,341 downloads
    rewritepclint (0.0.5) adapted pclint output to our directory structure.
  25. 371 downloads
    rewriter (0.0.1) Ruby code rewriter. Currently just a proof of concept.
  26. 1,486 downloads
    rewrite-tester (0.0.6) This tool was built to do full integration testing of HTTP requests
  27. 18,961 downloads
    rewritten (0.15.0) Rewritten is a lookup-based rewriting engine that rewrites requested URLs on the fly. The...
  28. 17,735 downloads
    rews (0.5.5) an email focussed Ruby client for Exchange Web Services atop Savon
  29. 214,745 downloads
    rex (2.0.4) Rex provides a variety of classes useful for security testing and exploit development.
  30. 1,812 downloads
    rex11 (0.1.1) Ruby Library for REX11 Warehouse Management System